Nemesis as he originally appeared

Nemesis as he currently appears

RaceFormerly human
OccupationWizard and terrorist
Voice ActorFrank Welker
First AppearanceSeason 8
UniverseCartoon Show

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Nemesis is a sinister, hiccuping creature shrouded in a purple robe who is an evil wizard like Gargamel, only more powerful. He is constantly trying to steal the Long Life Stone, which is the magical artifact that grants the Smurfs their extremely long lifespans.

He was once a handsome human, but after a magic accident he became so grotesque that people are horrified at the sight of his face. The only one that can't be affected to his ugliness is Clockwork Smurf. He keeps his hood up unless he purposely intends to scare people. Like Gargamel is Papa Smurf's archenemy, Nemesis is very much like this to Grandpa Smurf. Originally he had a calm, detached nature when hunting Grandpa, calling him "Old Blue" and saying that it would be easier if Grandpa simply surrendered the Long Life Stone. After falling into the cursed water he becomes more irrational, but still composed enough to strategize, removing his hood only when he needs to intimidate his enemies. He also has everlasting hiccups which gets on the nerves of other people. He was voiced by Frank Welker.


The character appears in "Grandpa's Nemesis" and "Archives Of Evil".


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