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"Painter And Poet" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Promo for the episode on many DVD releases.

A group of Smurfs are happily painting a Smurf house while singing the Smurf song, until Poet the village muse starts reciting a poem that's forming inside his head, accidentally splattering Hefty's tail with paint in the process. Hefty tells him to look where he's painting, but Poet is on a roll now -- he paints a stripe on a wall and decides to compose "Ode To A Stripe".

Meanwhile, Painter the village artist is painting a picture of a door, some windows, and a walkway on a blank wall of the house, which ends up confusing Clumsy as he carries buckets of paint toward what he thinks is the front of the house. Painter is upset because Clumsy has ruined his masteurpiesa, but Hefty says it's all Painter's fault for painting the side of the house like that. Frustrated by what he thinks is his fellow Smurfs' lack of appreciation for art, Painter decides to leave. Hefty also tells Poet to go back to work, but Poet can't go back to painting when he's inspired to compose a poem.

Soon Papa Smurf appears to check up on the work. Poet asks Papa Smurf how he could compose poetry when all the other Smurfs keep yelling at him, and Painter also asks the same about painting his masteurpiesas. Papa Smurf tells them that there's a time and a place for everything, so once they are done with their work that morning, he will have the village hold an art fair where they can display Poet's poetry and Painter's paintings. This excites the two creative Smurfs enough to thank Papa Smurf for allowing it to happen.

Later on at the fair, a group of Smurfs gather around to hear Poet's recital of a poem about an apple -- a poem which makes some of the gathered Smurfs get tired trying to listen to it, and Greedy so hungry that he ate the apple being used to illustrate the poem. Poet notices the reception he gets for the recital and walks off in disgust, leaving Smurfette saddened.

Next comes the display of Painter's works of art, which includes renditions of Whistler's Mother, The Blue Boy, Mona Lisa, and Henry VIII of England. Some of the Smurfs think that the paintings were interesting, at the very least. Smurfette wonders about who the figure in the Mona Lisa rendering is supposed to be, and Painter says that it's Smurfette, leaving her in disbelief while Clumsy just simply says Smurfette doesn't smile like that. Painter just calls them fuelles and walks off. Brainy particularly comments about Painter's The Blue Boy, saying that the blue pants on the figure are all wrong. Painter gets so angry with Brainy's critique that he makes the village intellectual wear the painting.

The two creative Smurfs gather near a lake, the both of them disappointed by their fellow Smurfs not fully understanding them. They both see a swan passing by on the lake and wish that they just could float away like one, when an idea strikes them: they will run away to a distant land where they could compose their poems and masteurpiesas to their heart's content. They see a sailboat nearby that they could take, and while Painter gathers up his things, Poet composes "Farewell, Cruel Smurfs" to let them know that they're going away.

However, as the two Smurfs sail down the river, with Poet at the bow section composing "Ode To A River" and Painter in the aft section painting a picture of the river, neither of them are doing the steering of the boat. So when the boat hits a log, the two creative Smurfs end up arguing about who's controlling the boat in addition to what each of them think of the other's creative work.

Meanwhile, back at the village, Papa Smurf senses that a storm is coming as he steps outside to straighten out his back and to look up at the clouds forming in the sky. As he does, Smurfette approaches Papa Smurf with a note that Handy found which came from Poet and Painter, saying that they have run away. Papa Smurf reads the note and sees that they are headed for Storm Island, and realizes that they may never get there with a storm brewing. He tells Smurfette to quickly follow him, and soon with Harmony's help, he alerts the rest of the village to the danger that may befall Poet and Painter, asking for volunteers to help bring them safely back home. Several Smurfs that include Hefty, Handy, Clumsy, Brainy, Smurfette, and Grouchy choose to volunteer, and soon they along with Papa Smurf are rowing hard in order to find Painter and Poet before the storm does.

Out in the middle of the ocean, Gargamel is enjoying a day of fishing under a dark cloudy sky, with Azrael getting more and more seasick with each passing hour. Eventually the evil wizard tires of not getting a fish biting on the line and promises that he won't go home without a single catch when something in the water tugs at his pole. Gargamel struggles as hard as he could to reel in the catch when he sees that it's a big swordfish. This scares both him and Azrael as the swordfish pulls the boat through the waters very quickly, with Gargamel unable to let go.

Painter and Poet, in the meantime, are now sailing in the ocean with the sail at full mast, with Poet excited about loving nature in the raw and Painter now sick to his stomach, when a whirlwind comes swirling around, picking up their boat and sending it flying in the air until it hits land. Painter fusses about Poet's crazy ideas that nearly got them killed, but Poet sees that the good news is that they have reached the island.

As the two of them go off to search around, Papa Smurf's search party continues to row through the rough waves, hoping to reach the island in one piece when they hear the sound of Gargamel being dragged through the waters by the swordfish. Soon their own boat is caught in a big wave carrying them to shore, causing it to be stuck in a sandbar. The Smurfs are happy that they all have made it, but now Papa Smurf hopes that Painter and Poet have also made it.

Back out in the ocean, the swordfish finally breaks the line, which makes Gargamel blame Azrael to letting his catch get away, when Azrael alerts his master to a giant wave that washes the both of them ashore with their boat stuck in the sand -- a bit too late. Spitting out some salty fish that got in his mouth, Gargamel is glad that they at least are on dry land, but now they must find shelter from the storm that breaks out over the island. Papa Smurf and his search party, in the meantime, are taking shelter underneath their capsized boat, with Smurfette wondering if they will find Painter and Poet, and Papa Smurf answering that it's a big island and that they will find them in the morning.

As morning breaks, Gargamel and Azrael are awakened by a crab that pinches Gargamel's nose and also gets a hold of Azrael's tail. After the crab lets go and scurries off, Gargamel blames Azrael for letting their breakfast get away. Soon Papa Smurf and his search party also wakes up and begin their search for Poet and Painter. After they are gone, Gargamel and Azrael stumble upon their boat and realize that the Smurfs are also in the island with them. The evil wizard crushes their rowboat to make sure that they don't escape.

As the searching Smurfs call out for Poet and Painter, the two of them are busy with their own creative works, realizing how hungry they are, and wondering what their fellow Smurfs are doing back at the village at this time. During the search, Vanity notices in his mirror that Gargamel and Azrael are looking for them and fearfully alerts his fellow Smurfs. Papa Smurf leads them into a crevasse where they hope to escape from the wizard and his cat. Azrael sniffs his way toward the crevasse, but Gargamel calls him back away from it, telling him that they are to hunt for Smurfs, not wander around. Frustrated, Azrael obeys and follows his master.

Meanwhile, Poet and Painter are still by the waterside, working on their individual compositions until they get into an argument about doing a piece about a fried egg -- an argument that the searching Smurfs hear them get into, and that Papa Smurf rushes in to stop, which means that their search is over. But as that search ends, Gargamel and Azrael's search for Smurfs leads them to tiny footprints made in the woods.

Soon the two groups run into each other on the island, which causes the Smurfs to flee, though Poet and Painter go a different route in order to retrieve their compositions. Soon Papa Smurf finds that their rowboat is in pieces, and Gargamel now has them right where he wants them. Painter and Poet return with their works only to see Gargamel carrying his captive Smurfs in a net, soon to have a feast with them. The two creative Smurfs realize that they must do something to save the other Smurfs and fast.

Gargamel now has a kettle boiling with water, ready to stew Smurfs in, when he turns to his captives for any last words. Poet emerges from the brush and says that he does, to which Gargamel obliges. The village muse then unrolls a very long scroll and begins to recite a poem that causes the evil wizard to sob bitterly over the thought of having no more Smurfs to catch, and even Azrael breaks out in tears. As Gargamel and Azrael are distracted by the poem, though, Painter lets the captive Smurfs loose from the cage and sneaks them away, hoping to find some way to get off the island. But soon Gargamel sees that the Smurfs are gone and tells Azrael to go find them.

As the Smurfs reach the shore, Papa Smurf sees a hollowed-out log and tells his little Smurfs to push it into the water. While they do, Painter and Poet distract Gargamel and Azrael by leading them away from the other Smurfs, eventually directing their pursuers straight into the mural Painter had made of a false cave. Poet commended Painter for his greatest masteurpiesa ever as they depart from the island along with the other Smurfs in the log as Gargamel recovers from his collision, ranting about the Smurfs and promising that he will get them. He and Azrael get into the boat to chase the Smurfs as they row away from the island, but the diabolical duo don't get far in their chase when a hole in the boat causes them to sink, causing the wizard to curse the Smurfs again and again.

Brainy wonders how Papa Smurf got Gargamel's boat to sink, whether it was some magic that he used, and Papa Smurf simply answered that he just pulled the drain plug. This inspires Poet to come up with "Ode To A Drain Plug", which makes Hefty and Handy wink at each other, for this was one ode they would love to hear!