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Not to be confused with either Yellow Painter Smurf or Blue Painter Smurf.

Painter (original French name Schtroumpf Peintre) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs comic books and Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show throughout its entire run.


He is the village artist who usually creates portraits in paint, though he occasionally works in sculpture -- a skill that is mostly handled by Sculptor Smurf in the comic books.

He speaks with a French accent, and is identified by his berry-red artist's jacket and a pitch black bow tie (lighter or navy blue in some promotional art) around his neck. In the early comics (and the CGI film), nothing visually sets Painter apart from the other Smurfs besides his use of a paintbrush and palette. In "Tick Tock Smurfs" and some promotional art, Painter carries his paintbrush on his ear, much like Handy and his pencil.


Painter is very temperamental and protective of his masteurpiesas (phonetically "master pizzas"), whether it's from commentary by his fellow Smurfs or from those who wish to ruin his work. Painter usually disagrees with these opinions verbally at first, but if he feels particularly angry, he is known to slam the painting in question over the offender's head or ruin it another way.

He gets very distraught when he lacks inspiration, often looking around to find something new to inspire him. If Painter is painting at the time, he can take this frustration out on his current attempt at a piece, regardless of how good it may look to another Smurf.

Painter is also overdramatic, even attempting to leave the village forever when he felt that his art didn't capture life (and thus was "useless") in "Every Picture Smurfs A Story". After Papa Smurf is visited by Smurfette in a panic following this, he calmly tells her not to worry, as this has happened before and he'll be back soon. Painter shows his dramatic side through his body language as well, often making exaggerated motions or poses.

Speech Pattern

Painter speaks English and French, frequently using basic or well-known French phrases in conversation and exclamations with a running gag twist, such as "Sacre blue-green!" and "Escar-Go-Go!". He also often says words of French origin randomly for comedic effect or otherwise, such as exclaiming "Cul-de-sac!" or "Mal de mer!".

Painter's accent sometimes causes misunderstandings for his fellow Smurfs, such as when he appears to call Clumsy a "fuel" (with the 'e' as in 'egg') instead of a fool in "Painter And Poet". In the same episode, he also calls a fried egg a "fred" egg, resulting in some confusion on the part of Poet Smurf, who he was arguing with at the time. Painter also pronounces the word frog as "froog".

When angry, Painter tends to stutter by repeating one word as he's thinking of an insult to use (i.e. "You--you--you turkey!", "This--this--this mishmash!").

Relationships With Others

Painter does not seem to have any particular Smurf best friend, but they all care about him and consider him a friend.

In the village, there is often someone wanting a portrait from Painter or agreeing to pose for one. His biggest fan in this sense is Vanity Smurf, as he's always looking for anything that (nicely) captures his likeness other than mirrors. However, this does lead to moments where Vanity frustrates Painter by overworking him or suggesting himself as a better subject than what the artist is already painting.

Usually, the Smurfs either love Painter's pieces or don't understand his artistic visions at all. In "Painter And Poet", his Smurf renditions of famous paintings receive nothing but confusion and criticism from onlookers. Seeing as no one appears to appreciate their art, he and Poet plan to run away together, the two sailing away on a boat in search of a far-off land before a whirlwind occurs and strands them on an island. While they are gone, Painter and Poet have a few heated arguments, but later on the duo work together to defeat Gargamel and save their fellow Smurfs from his clutches. Poet even compliments him on a painting that tricked the evil wizard and Azrael, calling it his "greatest masterpiece ever".

Painter has a friendship with the color sprite, Spectra.

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In The Movies

The Smurfs (2011)

In the 2011 Smurfs movie, Painter is first seen in the early part of the film working on an ice sculpture which Clumsy slices in half with the ladder that he carries on the runaway wheelbarrow that he rides, with the ice chippings falling upon Chef Smurf's pizzas. In the end credits, he is shown displaying his latest work, "The Battle Of Belvedere", which is the Smurfs' battle with Gargamel at Belvedere Castle.

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  • Somehow, in "The Hundredth Smurf", Painter's first appearance is identical to Handy Smurf (who shows up in another scene as himself), but without the pencil. He also speaks in a deep voice, similar to Grouchy's, and without the French accent.
    • In fact, both Smurfs are identified as Handy in the German dub, making it somewhat confusing.
  • Painter is seen wearing a blue version of his artist's jacket and a red bow tie while at Lazy's going-away party in "Smurf Me No Flowers".
  • He is one of the Smurfs who was trapped in time with the Time Crystals in Season 9.
  • In the official script for "Gargamel's Dummy", Painter's accent is written out in his dialogue. ('zee' = the, 'zat' = that, 'artiste' = artist, etc.)