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Title Translation of
Papa's Wedding Day
FrenchLe mariage du Grand Schtroumpf
SpanishEl matrimonio de papa
GermanPapas Hochzeitstag
ItalianGrande puffo si sposa
DutchGrote Smurf's huwelijksdag

"Papa's Wedding Day" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Upon awakening to a brand new day, Papa Smurf finds an old comb that he had since he was a young Smurfling. As he tries to comb his beard with it, though, it snaps in two, making Papa Smurf realize that it has outlived its usefulness. As he turns to leave his house, he finds its door coming off its hinges, making him believe that the door is just as old as he is.

Tug My Whiskers

Flowerbell thinks Papa Smurf looks good in a beard

Soon he finds himself having to mediate an argument between Brainy and Vanity, with Brainy saying that the earth is hundreds of years old, and Vanity scoffing at that, saying that the grass would be gray and not green. Papa Smurf tells them that the earth is actually millions of years old, which makes Vanity wonder what it's like for Papa Smurf to be old. Papa Smurf vehemently tells Brainy and Vanity that there's nothing strange about being old, that he is just as happy and healthy as they are. But as he tries to prove that, he suddenly hears his back going crunch -- which, in reality, is the sound of Greedy nibbling away on a vegetable. Vanity and Brainy then walk off, with Vanity pondering that someday he will be old, and Brainy reassuring him that they will never be as old as Papa Smurf. Upset about his little Smurfs calling him "old", Papa Smurf decides to make himself some tea when he tries to pick up a bucket full of water and finds himself straining to carry it -- which, in reality, is full of rocks that Clumsy was washing off. Smurfette sees Papa Smurf trying to carry the bucket and offers to help him, but Papa Smurf refuses, saying that he "never felt smurfier" before he collapses back in his house.

Balthazar's Cages Of Animals

Balthazar is preparing for a forest takeover.

Meanwhile, in Lord Balthazar's castle, the evil wizard is fussing over his not having "one puny little Smurf" to complete his collection of animals and beings that he captured from the forest and imprisoned. Flowerbell the woodnymph then offers to woo the wisest Smurf for him in exchange for her freedom, which he accepts only on the grounds that his pet raven would accompany her to make sure she would not fail in her mission nor flee. Flying to the outskirts of the village, Flowerbell feigns an injury that attracts the attention of some nearby Smurfs, including Papa Smurf, who offers to let her to spend the night in his house while he stays with Greedy. Flowerbell makes Papa Smurf feel that she is attracted to him by the way she acts around him. Smurfette is glad that they have found a new friend, unaware that Lord Balthazar's pet raven is watching over their "new friend".

The next morning, Flowerbell has a brief friendly encounter with Smurfette before she goes to try swaying Papa Smurf's heart towards her by complimenting on his "strong muscles" and his "cute beard". Of course, the other Smurfs end up watching Papa Smurf showing himself off to Flowerbell, who then, embarrassed, disguises it as displaying the benefits of a hard day's work and sending them off to do their own hard work. He excuses himself from Flowerbell and goes to Smurf River, looking at his reflection and sighing over the fact that he's not young anymore. Flowerbell, eager to capture Papa Smurf's heart, throws herself into the river and cries out for help. As some nearby Smurfs hear her cry for help and come to her rescue, Papa Smurf is already at the scene doing just that. They come just in time to see Flowerbell kissing Papa Smurf, declaring him her hero. She has finally captured his heart.

Papa With Brown Beard

Papa tried out Just For Smurfs beard coloring

The next day, the Smurfs gather around outside Papa Smurf's house with various problems that they need his help solving when he emerges, causing them to gasp as they now see that his white beard and moustache is now a youthful brown. But Papa Smurf has a date with Flowerbell, and so he goes off singing: "You're only as old as you think you are, if you think at all; if you act as young as you think you are, you'll feel ten feet tall." The other Smurfs except for Smurfette start to think that Flowerbell is making a fool of Papa Smurf, while Smurfette thinks that the other Smurfs are just jealous. Nevertheless, Papa Smurf is too busy paying attention to the new love of his life than any attention to the various problems that his little Smurfs were having, such as Handy's clothes-washing invention going out of control and the bridge falling apart.

Fed up with Papa Smurf not paying any attention to them, most of the other Smurfs call a meeting together where they decide to tell Papa Smurf about Flowerbell's bad influence on him. Flowerbell, overhearing what has been said in the meeting, grabs a cake from Greedy's kitchen and presents it to Papa Smurf as something she made for him, promising that she will always give him "tender smurfing care", which Papa Smurf seems to accept. When the other Smurfs come to tell Papa Smurf about the trouble Flowerbell has been causing, Papa Smurf decides at that moment to tell them that he and Flowerbell are going to get married -- an announcement that makes most of his little Smurfs recoil, and Lord Balthazar's pet raven to cackle.

Sometime later, though, the other Smurfs overhear Flowerbell talking to herself, saying that she will be free once Lord Balthazar gets a hold of Papa Smurf. They decide to expose her plan to Papa Smurf, but Papa Smurf is so in love with Flowerbell that he doesn't even pay any attention to their warnings, saying the only plans Flowerbell has are wedding plans. The other Smurfs declare that if Papa Smurf won't stop this wedding, then they will. And so they decide to sabotage the wedding. The village symphony orchestra plays an out-of-tune wedding song, Tailor makes a wedding jacket that doesn't fit Papa Smurf well, Handy overdresses Papa Smurf's laboratory with "a woman's touch", and Painter paints a picture of Papa Smurf and Flowerbell having a troubled marriage. Realizing that all these things would make Papa Smurf reconsider marrying her, Flowerbell writes to Lord Balthazar, promising to deliver Papa Smurf to him by the Great Oak Tree, where he plans to show up.

The next day, as the Smurfs prepare for the wedding, Flowerbell leads Papa Smurf to the Great Oak Tree, where they see a giant wedding cake waiting for them. As Papa Smurf wonders how Greedy got the wedding cake over there, Lord Balthazar emerges from the cake, tossing a bola net to ensnare Papa Smurf with. Disappointed as Papa Smurf evades both the net and his raven, Lord Balthazar has his raven take Flowerbell away, which causes Papa Smurf to grab the bird by the tail to make him let go of her. The raven flies off dragging Papa Smurf along, then by Lord Balthazar's order he lets go of Flowerbell and brings Papa Smurf to the wizard, announcing his promised freedom to Flowerbell. Papa Smurf finds himself heartbroken when he realizes that Flowerbell's desire to marry him was all a ruse. After Lord Balthazar leaves, Flowerbell confesses to the other Smurfs that she was responsible for his being captured and that she does genuinely care about Papa Smurf. Hefty decides to let Flowerbell help them rescue Papa Smurf.

Meanwhile, in Lord Balthazar's castle, Papa Smurf notes that the other animals the evil wizard has captured have not been fed in days, to which Lord Balthazar says he has intentionally kept them hungry so that he could break their wills to get them to do what he wants with them -- which includes Papa Smurf. Soon Flowerbell shows up with the other Smurfs to distract Lord Balthazar and his pet raven so she could free Papa Smurf. The other animals are also freed from their cages and escape back into the forest while the Smurfs escape to safety. As a raging Lord Balthazar is left to contend with his pet serpent in the moat, Flowerbell makes her amends with Papa Smurf and then flies off, hoping that someday he will find it in his heart to forgive her.

Sometime later, back in the village, Papa Smurf emerges with his beard and moustache now white again, telling his little Smurfs that the best way to stay young is just to appreciate and enjoy what they have. He also cuts the wedding cake that's now going to waste and lets every Smurf enjoy it, singing: "You're only as old as you think you are,..."


"When the sky is blue and I'm with you, I hear nature's..." (Song stops when the Smurf bridge collapses into the river) "When you act as young as you think you are, you'll feel ten feet tall."

- Part of Papa Smurf's serenade to Flowerbell

Background Information

  • This was probably the only time we saw Papa Smurf in the present time wearing a brown beard. The later episodes would present Papa Smurf wearing a brown beard in flashbacks to earlier times in his life, such as "Papa's Family Album" and "Brainy's Smarty Party".
  • In the part of Papa Smurf's serenade to Flowerbell where he's about to sing "I hear nature's call" (a term that in a different context is normally associated with going to the bathroom), the word "call" is cut off by the sound of the Smurf bridge collapsing.
  • This is also the first time we see Lord Balthazar in a cartoon episode since his first appearance in "The Smurfs' Springtime Special" during Season 1.