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"Paradise Smurfed" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Cicero is about to show Lazy, Brainy, and Greedy paradise.

Winter is coming, and Papa Smurf is happy to see his little Smurfs working together gathering in the harvest to prepare for the snowfall -- until he sees Lazy dozing off. This makes Papa Smurf shout out Lazy's name, which immediately wakens the sleeping Smurf to answer the village leader why he isn't helping out. Lazy's excuses don't cut it with Papa Smurf, who tells him to go fetch some water. Later, when Papa Smurf collapses from carrying a heavy sack, he expects to find water but only gets an empty bucket and nothing to drink, as do some of his little Smurfs. Papa Smurf goes to pull up a bucket from a well, saying that he's going to give Lazy "a piece of his smurf", when he finds Lazy sleeping away in the bucket. Papa Smurf angrily tells Lazy to go out into the forest and get some firewood, which he sets off to do. Brainy and Greedy arrive to comment on Lazy, when Papa Smurf says Greedy can also go fetch firewood since he needs the exercise.

Meanwhile, as he is carrying a load of firewood, Lazy decides to take a rest near the waterfall, but as he drifts off to sleep, a voice calls out to him from inside the waterfall. He wakes up to see a figure emerging from the waterfall, who calls himself Cicero and offers him a place called "paradise" where there's neither work nor responsibility. Lazy ponders on what Cicero was offering when he hears Brainy calling out his name, looking for him. Lazy decides to go along with Cicero, but at that moment, Brainy and Greedy show up, only to watch Lazy be snatched away into the waterfall. Brainy decides that Greedy should go into the waterfall to find Lazy while he watches over the firewood, but Greedy forces Brainy to go with him as well.

As soon as they pass through the waterfall, Lazy along with Brainy and Greedy see that what's waiting behind it truly is paradise -- a beautiful tranquil garden filled with statues, pillars, ponds with swans, and a bush full of baked goodies growing on it. Resting on a chaise lounge, being fanned by one faun and having a harp played by another, is a blue human-like being dressed in a Roman toga and eating grapes who calls himself Bacchus, their host who offers his three guests anything they want in this place. Greedy sees a bush full of goodies to eat and decides to help himself. Lazy sees a series of pillows nearby and decides to doze off. Brainy tries to get the other two Smurfs' attention to the task Papa Smurf had sent them on, but they just invite him to take a load off and simply enjoy himself while he's here, which he reluctantly does.

After a while, though, Greedy finds himself unable to eat anymore, Lazy finds himself unable to sleep anymore, and Brainy just finds himself bored as the other two Smurfs are. They turn to their host, saying that they need some excitement, and Bacchus offers to play a game with them called "hide and hunt", where the Smurfs will hide and he will hunt for them. They go along with the game, thinking it to be harmless fun, and hide themselves somewhere in the garden while Bacchus covers his eyes until he thinks they're ready. But the "hide and hunt" game turns out to be anything but fun, as Bacchus uses his powers to cause various traps and pitfalls to emerge wherever the Smurfs are hiding. At first Lazy doesn't notice the dangers that appear in their hiding places, but as Bacchus becomes more frustrated when the game doesn't turn out his way, with the Smurfs escaping his traps, he decides to use his whole paradise realm against them. Soon an Atlas statue rolls a stone globe toward the three Smurfs, who run from its path until they hit a barrier resembling a stage backdrop. The globe breaks through the barrier and reveals the path to a dark castle behind it.

The three Smurfs enter this castle and find a chef hard at work in his kitchen, who is then greeted by Bacchus' servant Cicero who gives him what's on the day's menu: souffle a la Smurf. Realizing that they were set up, the three Smurfs decide to depart -- but they are stopped by Bacchus, who grabs them and tells them that now they must pay for their use of paradise, and since they're too small to do any useful chores, he decides the only useful place they can be is on his dinner plate. Greedy bites Bacchus' hand, causing him to let them go, and as they flee back into paradise and toward the exit, Bacchus uses all his powers to stop them, creating carnivorous plants and a gust of cold wind to turn things into ice. Brainy and Greedy manage to escape, but Lazy is too slow to reach the exit before the gust of cold wind freezes the waterfall, blocking his escape. The two Smurfs bang helplessly on the sheet of ice as Bacchus and his pet cat close in on Lazy and grab him. As they do, however, Lazy finds out that he has been sleeping, and Brainy and Greedy were there by the waterfall grabbing his shoulders to wake him up, telling him that Papa Smurf wants them back before sundown. Lazy is only glad at this point that the whole thing turned out to be a dream.

Later that night, as the snow falls, Papa Smurf relaxes by the fireplace, glad that his little Smurfs have gotten everything done "in the smurf of time". He then notices, as he looks back toward a group of Smurfs sleeping, that Lazy is still awake, sweeping the floor. Papa Smurf asks Lazy why he hasn't drifted off into dreamland like everyone else, and Lazy tells him that he's been there and it's not all that it's cracked up to be, leaving Papa Smurf wondering.

Background Information

  • The episode title is an allusion to John Milton's Paradise Lost.
  • Smurfette does not appear anywhere in this episode.