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Princess Sabina is the princess of the kingdom ruled by her uncle The King.

She may have been inspired by Princess Anne, also the King's niece, who featured in the "Johan and Peewit" comic adventure The Goblin Of Rocky Wood, first published in 1954.

She is aware of the Smurfs' existence and made friends with them. Princess Sabina is best friends with Smurfette and thinks of her as a surrogate sister. She is a red-headed young woman who is not always content to remain in the tutelage of Dame Barbara and learn how to sew and pour tea. She is an expert marksman and good friends with Sir Johan and Peewit. There is a mutual attraction between Johan and Princess Sabina, although nothing came about that since she was most likely married off by the end of Season 2. She is also King Gerard's cousin. She seems to be in her late teens.

Beginning with Season 3 and onwards, she and Dame Barbara were nearly written out of the show completely, as they have not made any more appearances since then.

She is voiced by Jennifer Darling.


  • According to the original premise for "Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure", the episode's plot was going to be centered around Sabina's (misspelled 'Sabrina') birthday party instead of The King's Golden Jubilee Celebration. This would've marked her first appearance since Season 3 and presumably her last (much like Johan and The King himself).
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