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You may also be looking for the cartoon episode by this name.

Puppy is a supporting character that appeared in various episodes of the Smurfs cartoon show from Season 5 to Season 8, and also appeared in a few comic book stories. Originally named Homni-One, he was a thousand-year-old dog who remained young due to the magic locket he wears on his dog collar -- a locket that only one person can safely open without getting zapped by a bolt of lightning, which turns out to be Baby Smurf (It is uncertain what exactly is contained in the locket, besides it simply being called "the key to all magic"). He was originally Homnibus' pet dog whom he gave to the Smurfs as a gift, who remained a loyal pet to them as long as he lived. He is usually seen with the Smurflings giving them rides and playing with them. Puppy and Baby became best friends.

Gargamel tried to capture Puppy and be his master but ended up getting zapped too.

His character was voiced by Frank Welker and Russi Taylor.

In the Polish version, he gets redubbed as "Pieszczoch" (Polish for Pet, Darling).

Puppy did not appear in the 2011 live-action CGI movie, most likely due to it being a "non-canonical" Smurf presentation focusing on the original 100 Smurfs. However, his comic book animation appears at the end credits.


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  • Puppy is the only animal besides Feathers who was allowed to live in the Smurf Village. Puppy was, however, temporarily expelled from the village in "Put Upon Puppy" when he kept on exhibiting bad behavior. He was readmitted after saving the Smurfs from Gargamel.
  • Papa Smurf was seen to be the original owner of Puppy, but he seen more often in the care of the Smurflings.