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"Return Of The Clockwork Smurf" was a Johan And Peewit episode that appeared in Season 2 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

This was an episode in which Clockwork Smurf was targetted in order to control King Gerard's kingdom. Sir Leopold, the king's uncle, had a plan to take the throne and rule over the country as a dictator: his idea consisted of raising taxes, ending programs to help the poor, and put children to work. The only thing standing in his way was his good-hearted nephew who took advice from Clockwork.

King Gerard and Sir Leopold in the royal gardens.

After several failed attempts to destroy the doll, Leopold managed to send him into a fountain, thus rusting up his gears. Too distraught over the loss of his advisor, King Gerard left his uncle to attend to his state affairs.

Peewit tries to help Johan get the princess' attention by throwing berries at her, but ends up throwing it at Dame Barbara. Enraged, Dame Barbara chases Peewit out of the castle. When they bump into each other, Peewit is thrown up into the castle tower where Johan and Princess Savina are having a conversation. At the same time, Sir Johan, Peewit, his cousin Princess Sabina, and Dame Barbara were travelling to his castle having been invited to a celebration. On the way there, Peewit tries to cheer Dame Barbara up with his entertainment. Dame Barbara is still furious at Peewit for throwing berries at her, which makes Sabina giggle. The governess scolds the princess for giggling at her, to which the latter agrees. When they arrived, Leopold tried to send them away only for King Gerard to see them and invite them into the castle. There he told them what happened to Clockwork and Johan suggested they take him to Handy Smurf - his majesty agrees, so they set off while Dame Barbara stays behind.

Handy gladly offers to repair Clockwork, but the process will take time, as he explains, so the trio return to the castle to await the results. Sadly, Leopold has set a trap and throws them all in the dungeon; then tries to drown them by filling the cell with water. When King Gerard fails to step up with means of escape because he can't ask Clockwork for help, Johan exclaims, "You're the king, Gerard! You must decide what to do on your own!" Princess Sabina agrees, so he suddenly remembers that one of the stones is loose at the bottom of the cell. He then dives, pushes it away, and saves the group only to be found by his uncle Leopold.

A battle ensues just as several Smurfs arrive with a good-as-new Clockwork. When they realize what's going on, Clockwork acts in means to protect his best friend - King Gerard is elated to see him back to normal. With his help, they defeat his treacherous uncle and save the kingdom.


  • One of the few episodes to be animated at Hanna-Barbera Australia, albeit uncredited.
  • This was King Gerard's only appearance in the Johan and Peewit episodes along with being the only episode where they interact with each other.
    • This episode also reveals that Gerard and Sabina are cousins/relatives.
    • Although King Gerard made a cameo appearance in the Season 4 episode, "Blue Eyes Returns", Johan, Peewit, the King, Sabina, and Dame Barbara make cameo appearances in the episode as well. Somehow, they don't interact with each other and the episode didn't count as a Johan and Peewit episode due to the theme focusing on the Smurfs, Gargamel, Smurfette, and Blue Eyes.