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Revenge Of The Smurfs is a 2D platform game created by Infogrames for the Gameboy Advance. It is based on the Super Nintendo version of The Smurfs videogame.


You control a Smurf who must venture into the forest to rescue his fellow Smurfs that are being held captive by Gargamel. Along the way, Smurf can collect bonus items such as sarsaparilla leaves to increase his life count and raspberries to replenish his energy. Each section of the forest has its own set of dangers that Smurf must be careful to avoid. You must also at the beginning of the game make your way through the Smurf Village!

Noteable differences between this game and the Super Nintendo version include:

  • Where Smurf originally must complete a series of levels in a progressive order before he can take on a boss character that holds one of the Smurfs captive, here Smurf can complete levels in any order, since the primary goal in each of the levels is to collect all the stars in it before reaching its exit. However, he must complete all levels in a certain section before he can take on the boss character and progress on to the next section of levels.
  • The player has an unlimited number of Smurf lives in this game.
  • There are also mini-games that can be unlocked in this version by getting all the stars on all the levels in each section.
  • The Mine and Descent levels are adapted from the Gameboy and Game Gear versions.


  • This game was solely released in Europe due to the continued popularity of the Smurf characters in that area.
  • This was the last Smurfs game published by Infogrames.


Here is the list game codes of locations and functions in the game:

  • 14226 The Village
  • 60443 The Forest
  • 07801 The Tree
  • 71026 The Bridge
  • 36411 The Black Forest
  • 42726 The Carnivorous Plant
  • 23726 Unlock 2nd Mini-Game
  • 72811 The Lake
  • 70726 The Haunted Lake
  • 17133 The Field
  • 32381 The Dam
  • 54246 The Swamp
  • 20046 The Snake
  • 70833 Unlock 3rd Mini-Game
  • 50461 The Cave Entry
  • 57046 The Cave
  • 76533 The Mountain
  • 40651 The Mine
  • 88746 The Volcano
  • 67236 The Dragon
  • 00851 Unlock 4th Mini-Game
  • 87121 The Descent
  • 82436 The Cliff
  • 53303 The Wall
  • 27551 Gargamel's Manor
  • 01836 The Staircase
  • 12106 Gargamel
  • 02521 The End: Credits
  • 75313 Unlock 5th Mini-Game

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