Sands Of Time Hourglass
The Sands Of Time hourglass, with the sands white
Sands Of Time Hourglass 2
The same hourglass with the sands black
Sands Of Time
CreatorFather Time
PurposeControlling the flow and order of time
First AppearanceSeason 3 ("No Time For Smurfs")

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The Sands Of Time are a magical substance that appears in the episode "No Time For Smurfs". They are contained within an hourglass that Handy, Brainy, Clumsy, and Smurfette have found in a hidden room deep inside a cave. Their purpose is to control the flow of time within the hourglass and change color depending on the flow of time; if the hourglass is turned so that time will run backwards, the sands will turn black. Breaking the hourglass and spilling the sands will cause all time to stop, but mixing the sands will cause events to happen at random with no control.

The Sands Of Time hourglass belongs to Father Time, who is very protective of his equipment and is temperamental to those who tamper with such things that control time.

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