Sarsaparilla in Smurfs' Village

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Sarsaparilla is a plant that grows in the Smurf forest that the Smurfs eat. Along with smurfberries, it is considered a primary source of nutrition for the Smurfs, either eaten raw or digested in liquid form. Regarding their appearance in the comic books, it is said that Peyo drew sarsaparilla leaves without the berries on them in order to discourage children from actually eating the berries, which are poisonous to humans.

Twice in the comic books sarsaparilla has been used as a healing herb. In "Smurf Soup" (and its cartoon show episode counterpart "Soup A La Smurf"), the herb restores Bigmouth's original appearance after he ingested the soup that contained a disfiguring formula created by Papa Smurf. In "Salad Smurfs", it was used to restore the Smurfs who have been turned into anthropomorphic vegetables by the magically-grown vegetables in Farmer's garden.

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In the game Smurfs' Village, sarsaparilla is the only plant that needs any smurfberries to grow, which means it has the second highest coin value (just before Golden Corn), and the Sarsaparilla Value is 1 smurfberry, and the experience Value is 500 XP and that means it gives out the biggest experience value, making it probably the most valuable crop in the game.

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