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You may also be looking for the character that goes by this name.

"Sassette" is a Season 5 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show. It is considered that season's second episode.



The male Smurfs are all gathered around a picnic table in the middle of the village, watching Hefty and Handy compete against each other in arm wrestling. One group is cheering for Hefty, the other is cheering for Handy. In the midst of the excitement, Smurfette cuts in to show her fellow Smurfs her new spring outfit, but all she gets are boos and jeers because she's standing in their way. Smurfette snorts in disgust and walks off. Meanwhile, the boy Smurflings -- Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy -- are having trouble seeing over the crowd of adult Smurfs gathered around the table watching the arm wrestling match.

Smurfette then goes over to Farmer's fields to try showing off her new dress, but Farmer is too interested in his fields to pay any attention to her. She then goes to Papa Smurf, who is in his laboratory admiring Hefty being that season's winner of arm wrestling contests, when she suddenly breaks down and cries. Papa Smurf assumes that she is crying over Hefty being the constant winner, but Smurfette tells him that her interests -- in perfumes, hairstyles, and dresses -- and those of her fellow Smurfs just don't coincide with each other. Papa Smurf tries to help Smurfette out by getting interested in her interests, but as Smurfette would soon find out, even Papa Smurf couldn't get interested in anything but male Smurf things.

Gargamel's castle

Out near the forest, the three boy Smurflings are bored playing tag with each other when they hear Smurfette crying nearby. They gather around her to ask what's wrong with her, and Smurfette answers that she wants to have another Smurfette to talk to. This makes the boy Smurflings want to help her out, so they ask Brainy about Smurfette. Brainy tells them that, unlike the male Smurfs, she was a creation of Gargamel -- so they decide to sneak off to Gargamel's castle and leave Brainy talking to nobody.

As Gargamel chases after a sud-soaked Azrael who flees from his master while taking a bath in preparation for a dinner with Gargamel's mother, the boy Smurflings sneak into his laboratory and find a page in a spell book where the Smurfette-making formula is located. They tear the page and run off before Gargamel returns and finds that particular page section torn out. Realizing that the Smurfs want to create another Smurfette, Gargamel decides to sabotage their plan by getting to Squeamy Squirming Grotto, where the blue clay used for making Smurfette was located, before the Smurfs do to cast a spell on the clay so that anything made of the clay will explode when exposed to the noonday sun.

From a little blue terror...
Sassette2.jpg a little blue sweetheart.

Soon the Smurflings have all the ingredients gathered together, including the blue clay from the grotto, so they go into Papa Smurf's laboratory when he's not there and follow all of the instructions of the formula to the letter, which causes an explosion, and then a female Smurfling with wild orange hair, pink overalls, and a nasty attitude emerges. Acting like a rather sassy kid, she runs around causing trouble: tickling Hefty until he drops his weights on himself, tripping over Greedy, binding Tailor in his measuring tape, making Painter become one with his masteurpiesa (quite literally), smashing a pumpkin on Farmer's head, and dropping ants in Brainy's pants. The adult male Smurfs wonder where she came from, as none of them have seen a stork dropping any bundle upon them pass by. The boy Smurflings then confess that Sassette was their doing so that Smurfette wouldn't be lonely any more. Papa Smurf punishes them for breaking two rules (1) never go to Gargamel's, and (2) never mess around in Papa Smurf's laboratory.


Meanwhile, as Smurfette ponders by the riverside of what to do being the only female Smurf in the village, she gets scared into the river by a fake spider that the little female Smurfling dangles in her face. But, as the orange-haired terror is distracted by seeing Smurfette all wet, Papa Smurf sneaks up behind her with the boy Smurflings to douse her with a special formula and then says, "Sassette, become Smurf, and before me stand". Suddenly she turns from a wild-haired non-Smurf into a braided-haired real Smurf, who begins to ask to gathered Smurfs who they are and who she is. As they patiently answer her questions and call her Sassette, Papa Smurf is taken aback when the little new Smurfling calls him "Pappy".

As Gargamel returns from his mother's residence with Azrael and a sick stomach, he sees several Smurfs gathered around the new female Smurf and notices that she is only two apples tall instead of three, realizing that the Smurfs must have used a Smurf-sized bucket of clay instead of a human-sized bucket. Nonetheless, Gargamel is still pleased to know that, by noon tomorrow, the little female Smurfling will go kaboom and destroy the village.

Meanwhile, as the boy Smurflings go through the rigorous chores of their punishment -- one of them being washing Baby Smurf's dideys -- Smurfette tries to entertain Sassette, who seems less interested in her "big sister's" interests (dresses, perfume, hairstyles) and more interested in things such as jumping on lilypads like a frog. Smurfette tries to warn her new "little sister" about the evil wizard Gargamel, whom every Smurf must stay away from, and takes her as close to his castle as they dare to to prove her point. Sassette somehow doesn't see Gargamel to be as evil as Smurfette makes him out to be.


After resting for another day of the Smurflings going through their punishment tasks and Sassette trying to entertain herself, Papa Smurf goes into his lab and notices a bit of blue clay still left in the cauldron the Smurflings used to make Sassette. In the meantime, the boy Smurflings are busy scrubbing the village well when Sassette tries her darnedest to get them to play with her. This gets Snappy so upset to the point of telling Sassette that she wasn't a real Smurf, that she was made from Gargamel's formula by them, and that they're being punished for creating her. This makes Sassette feel that Papa Smurf never really wanted her and ends up running off into the forest. Back in the lab, Papa Smurf uses a magnifying lens on the blue clay as the noonday sun shines through it, causing the blue clay to explode. It is then Papa Smurf realizes that Sassette was made out of that clay, and that she is going to explode as well.

In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard waits by his window to see the explosion that will take place in the Smurf Village when he hears a knock on his door. He answers it and finds out that it is Sassette, wanting to live with him and calling him "Pappy". Fearful that Sassette is going to explode near him, Gargamel and Azrael flee from the female Smurfling, locking up his doors, trying to keep her away from at all costs. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf races to find Sassette to douse her with a formula that will prevent her from exploding and killing everyone, with Smurfette and the boy Smurflings following. Fortunately, they find Sassette waiting at the bottom of a tree that Gargamel and Azrael have climbed up to escape from her. After Sassette refuses to go home to Smurf Village, the gathered Smurfs and Gargamel try to convince the little Smurfling that she belongs with the Smurfs and that they truly want and love her. With a happy Sassette now running toward Smurfette, Papa Smurf douses them both with his formula, and everyone is now safe.


As Snappy and Papa Smurf comment on the cloud cover over the noonday sun, Gargamel goes back to Squeamy Squirming Grotto to figure out why the clay hasn't exploded when the clouds disappear, letting the sun shine on the blue clay in the grotto. The clay explodes and sends him and his cat catapulting right into his mother's house, and just in time for lunch, as Gargamel groans at the thought.

Back in the village, the Smurfs hold a ceremony for Sassette to officially adopt her as a true-blue Smurf, making her part of their family. Sassette, in turn, adopts all the Smurfs to make them part of her family, to which Papa Smurf awards her with a medal that makes her an honest-to-goodness true blue Smurf. She is happily crowned with cheers.

Background Information

  • This episode was also adapted in comic book form along with the origin of the Smurflings, respectively.