Sassette Cartoon
Sassette as she appeared on the cartoon show

Sassette Smurfling Comic2
Sassette as she appeared in the comic books

AlignmentOriginally Evil, Then Good (cartoon show only)
Voice ActorJulie Dees-McWhirter
First AppearanceSeason 5
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show
Name Translation of Sassette Smurfling

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You may also be looking for the episode Sassette.

Sassette is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show from Season 5 to the end.


She was the second female Smurf who was created by the same magic formula Gargamel had used to create Smurfette with, though the Smurflings who created her used a smaller amount of blue clay than what Gargamel used for Smurfette, resulting in a female Smurfling.

Her attitude is that of a tomboy Smurfling who likes to do things that her fellow male Smurflings do. Smurfette considers her a sister Smurf though, despite having a hard time understanding Sassette's interests at first.

She does have a girly side however -- she likes dressing up and playing with her doll Smurfy Lou.



Sassette's original appearance.

Sassette is a tomboy: playful, energetic, and is willing to get dirty just to have some fun. During her debut episode, Sassette liked playing usual boy games, like marbles, climbing trees, digging for earthworms, arm wrestling and even mud playing. She did gain some feminine interests over time.


People who never heard of Sassette always questioned where she came from, as they thought there was only supposed to be one female smurf. Some incorrectly assume she was an offspring of the Smurfs.

She was really created by the Smurflings, in attempt to cheer up a sad Smurfette so that she wouldn't be lonely anymore, but due to their small size, they only gathered enough blue clay to make a Smurfette that was two apples tall (Or the size of a Smurfling).

Like Smurfette, Sassette started out as being extremely rude -- she actually got her name when Hefty pointed out how "Sassy" she was and then Painter called her a "Sassette." She was splashed with the "Smurfy" potion though. (In the comic books, Sassette was given her name by the Smurflings without any in-universe explanation resulting from her behavior, which was more chatty than bratty.)

The Smurflings had a hard time warming up to her, but they have now found her to be like a sister. Smurfette and Papa Smurf treat her like a sister and daughter, respectively, as well.



Switching clothes with Painter during The Smurfs That Time Forgot.


Sassette had a really rocky start with the Smurflings because she got on their (mostly Snappy's) nerves. They warmed up to her though, and she became another close friend.

Sassette is also close with Smurfette, the two being like sisters, despite their contrasting interests. Smurfette does her best to cheer Sassette up, and Sassette wants everything in Smurfette's life to go smoothly.


Sassette sings with the other Smurflings and Papa.

Sassette also finds a close father figure with Papa Smurf, who she calls "Pappy" and, later on, with Grandpa Smurf, who she calls "Grandpy". Sassette also likes Gargamel a bit more than the other Smurfs, thinking of him as her 'father' during her debut episode. She calls him "Pappy Gargamel" at some points, though in one episode her affections for the wizard cooled when by holding the Topaz of Truth he unwittingly revealed to Sassette his true evil nature.

Outcast Party 1

Seen in Outcast Party, Sassette adventures with the Smurflings.

The Outcast

Sassette now plays an instrument too.

She spends most of her time with the Smurflings. Nat is the nicest to her, even when she first appeared. Slouchy didn't really seem to mind her. Snappy, though, is another story. The two bicker a lot, but they are also pretty close (Ex. Outside of the Smurfling group, Sassette and Snappy are always playing with each other)

Sassette also becomes friends with Lord Balthazar's niece, Denisa.


Sassette is always coming up with new plans that she uses to make the lives of her fellow adult Smurfs easier, such as hosting the Mr. Smurf Contest, so that Smurfette could choose which Smurf to be her date to the Harvest Moon Ball.

Smurf Videogames

Sassette house

Sassetes's hut in Smurfs' Village (costs 30 smurfberries)

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Smurfs' Village

In the game is Sassette's hut on Island.Walls are pink and it have roof of straw.It give you day reward XP ,when is next to the Snappy's house and Slouchy's house.Her hut costs 30 smurfberries.

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  • Sassette has the most high-pitched of all the Smurf voices. As such, she has many catchphrases throughout every episode she makes an appearance in, such as - "Jumping Jackrabbits!", "Chattering Chipmunks!", "Fluttering Fireflies!", "Colorful Canaries!", "Jumping Jaybirds!", "Swamping Shallows!", "Galloping Groundhogs!", "Creeping Caterpillars!", "Worrying Wombats!", "Hovering Hummingbirds!", "Disappearing Dodos!", "Hopping Hippos!", "Waking Warthogs!", "Giggling Guppies!", "Scampering Squirrels!", "Bopping Robins!", "Creeping Cobras!", "Sizzling Sandcrabs!", "Slithering Serpents!", "Happy Homing Pigeons!", "Tumbling Tadpoles!", "Bouncing Bunnies!", "Relaxing Reptiles!", "Scaring Scorpions!", "Playing Porcupines!", "Slippery Sandworms!", "Glittering Glowworms!", "Worn-out Warthogs!", "Staggering Stallions!", "Grumbling Groundhogs!", "Howling Hound Dogs!", "Flapping Flounders!", "Soaring Seagulls!", "Hopping Horned-toads!", "Weeping Whippoorwills!", "Singing Songbirds!", "Hollering Hedgehogs!", "Tiptoeing Tarantulas!", "Jumping Junebugs!", "Leaping Lions!", "Bribing Buffaloes!", "Suffering Silkworms!", among others.
  • Sassette was one of the two Smurflings who appeared in a Smurf Magic Berries cereal commercial; the other one was Snappy.
  • Being that she is a magically-created Smurf, both Sassette and Smurfette have never been baby Smurfs at any point, though Smurfette was a Smurfling in "Smurf Van Winkle".
  • In the comics, Sassette has freckles.
  • In the cartoon, Sassette has a pet frog.
  • Sassette is the first created Smurf that was going to explode and kill everyone, though she herself didn't know that.
  • In her debut episode on the cartoon show, Sassette has a terrible singing voice.