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Scaredy (original French name Schtroumpf Peureux) is a minor character of the Smurfs comic books and the Smurfs cartoon show, appearing for most episodes of Season 2. He disappeared sometime after an episode in Season 3.


As his name implies, Scaredy is a Smurf who gets easily scared by anything, whether it be a small insect or a coming storm. He is also prone to jumping or fainting, usually after someone gives him just a tap or says his name unexpectedly.

Scaredy is easily identified by his nervous and frightened body language, such as shaking or pulling his hat down over his eyes. 

In "The Sky Is Smurfing! The Sky Is Smurfing!", Scaredy had mistook a volcano eruption for the sky about to fall down. Whilst riding on Feathers to find out why there are ashes all across the village, he and Hefty witness ashes come from above. Then and there, Scaredy is convinced that the sky is falling down as Hefty gets hit with a flying object, causing him not to see anything. Scaredy and Hefty return the village. Scaredy tells the other Smurfs that the sky is falling down but they do not believe him. He then decides to tell Papa Smurf about ends up being stopped by Brainy. Scaredy is then left is no one to believe him. The volcano finally erupted and the Smurfs make it to safety. All but Hefty and Scaredy. Scaredy runs into Hefty, who finally got out of his daze and realized that Scaredy was right and that they need to take shelter. The next day, Scaredy and Hefty emerge from the ground as them and the other Smurfs witness the village covered in ashes. Scaredy then scolds Brainy to believe his friends when they have important things to say. Afterwards, he and Hefty enjoy having Brainy as their servant.


Scaredy lives in a constant state of fear and anxiety, making it difficult for him to do most things without finding something to be worried about or afraid of.

While he may be cowardly, he often develops courage to accomplish things he was too afraid to do before for the sake of saving his friends or taking responsibility. He occasionally succeeds, only to revert back to his normal self afterwards, such as in the episode "The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No".

Relationships with Others

Due to his jittery, scaredy-cat nature, he is often teased by his fellow Smurfs.

In the episode "The Three Smurfketeers", Scaredy was to present the play, but became almost paralyzed with fear and tongue-tied instead, causing the Smurfs in the audience to laugh at him. Despite their teasing, they care about Scaredy just as much as any other Smurf.

In "The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No" , Scaredy works with Pushover Smurf. When Scaredy visits his home, Pushover reacts with an angry outburst, until he realizes it's him. He then asks Scaredy what's wrong, only for the fearful Smurf to unfortunately ask him for a favor: to take his lottery-assigned duty of lighting a torch with the Foxfire Flame from the Great Swamp and bringing it back in time for the Firefly Festival.

When Pushover has yet to return, Scaredy worries he might be in trouble and gathers up the courage to go find him. Before leaving the village, he's spotted by Papa, who tells him if the Foxfire is extinguished, the Marsh Monster would be awakened. Scaredy searches the forest, only to discover Pushover sinking in the marsh. He saves him and the two flee to avoid the chanting monster, who gives chase.

After Papa urges the two to return to the swamp with a magic scroll, Scaredy reads it and renders the monster harmless. He then urges Pushover to relight the Foxfire, which he finally refuses, telling Scaredy to do it himself. Scaredy tries and succeeds, feeling victorious in finally overcoming his fears. As the two walk home, Scaredy apologizes for giving his job to Pushover, while Pushover comments on how brave he was.

The next morning, this victory goes to Scaredy's head, putting him in a peppy mood where he believes nothing can scare him anymore (despite his reaction to Jokey's prank the night before), only to be startled by Pushover's yell of 'No!' when he begins to ask his friend for yet another favor.


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He also appears in Smurfs' Village, where he gives XP if you find his hiding place at night and tap on him. His hut costs 20 smurfberries.

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