OccupationGargamel's Apprentice
Voice ActorBrenda Vaccaro
First AppearanceSeason 6 ("The Enchanted Quill")
UniverseCartoon Show
Name Translation of Scruple
CzechKluk Fuk

Cartoon IconSmurfs Village Icon

Scruple is one of the main villains that appeared in the Smurfs cartoon show from Season 6 to Season 8, with his first appearance being in the episode "The Enchanted Quill". He is a rather mischievous, sometimes downright rotten kid who became such a source of trouble for his teachers in the sorcerer's school that they decided to dump him on the evil wizard Gargamel so he could train him as an apprentice.

The relationship he has with his master is rather tenuous, since neither of them like being stuck with each other. He does help Gargamel out at times when it comes to trying to capture Smurfs, though it sometimes seems he'd just as soon they be doing something else. He often refers to his master as 'Gargie', much to his displeasure, and often has an almost fourth-wall sense of the flaws in Gargamel's many plans.

Sometimes Scruple's own selfishness ruins the plans, such as when Gargamel intercepted a shipment of Christmas toys, Scruple whines that he would like those for himself. Gargamel delivers the stolen items to Chlorhydis, whom he was allied with in a conspiracy to ruin Christmas. However, when Chlorhydis promptly destroys the sack by burning it in her fireplace, this causes various explosions as Scruple emptied the toys and replaced it with various chemicals of Gargamel's. Gargamel immediately deduces the cause and angrily remarks "I smell a 60-pound rat!"

On many occasions, when Scruple does have a useful suggestion that Gargamel takes seriously, Gargamel takes credit for having thought of it. His name is taken from a word meaning honesty, restraint and ethical behavior, some things neither he nor Gargamel are really known for.

During the visit of Denisa, Scruple found her annoying.

His character was voiced by Brenda Vaccaro.


  • Scruple's hat vaguely resembles a smurf hat.
  • It is revealed in "Clockwork's Powerplay" that he has rather wild hair under his hat, although it could simply be the effect of lightning striking him.
  • The comic book character Jeanty from "A Child Among The Smurfs" shares Scruple's character trait of mischief and would have become Gargamel's apprentice, but later decided that following Gargamel's path of life was not the best idea.
  • Although he doesn't hate to the Smurfs, since his arrival the life of Smurfs become harder in special to The Smurflings, he would be the Rival of Smurflings.
  • Scruple seems to like lizards, as shown in the episodes "Sassette's Tooth", "A Smurf for Denisa", and "Heart of Gold".
Scruple no Hat

Scruple has a load of hair!

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