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Slouchy (original French name Schtroumpf Molasson) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show from Season 5 to Season 8. Like Nat and Snappy, he was an adult Smurf who was de-aged by a magical clock Father Time had owned, and had since lived among them and Sassette as Smurflings.

He is a rather slow Smurf with a more laid-back personality than the other Smurfs (and Smurflings) he usually associates with. In his Smurfling form, he is identified by a Smurf hat with its flopped top portion facing sideways, plus a red baggy shirt and a pair of sneakers. He is only Smurfling in the group who likes vegetables.


Slouchy is seen being the one with the "tired look" and is always leaning aginst something with his hands stuffed in his pockets. He is a possible reference to the "calm" kids who just sit back and look cool while everyone else is being loud. Whenever someone is yelling (ex. When Snappy and Nat were fighting with Brainy), he's just staying quiet.

Slouchy does get irritated with the others if they do nothing but fight and has shown to dislike how he is shorter than the others just because he slouches a lot.


Slouchy doesn't get into as many fights with Snappy like Nat and Sassette do. He just seems to be good friends with all 3 and doesn't really want to get involved in any fights.

He does see Smurfette as an older sister, wanting to cheer her up in the episode "Sassette" because she was sad that there was no other Smurfette for her to talk to.

in his debut episode "The Smurflings" he said he liked Clumsy after he commented on their instruments.


  • He is the shortest of the Smurflings, probably because he slouches so much, and is also asked to stand up straight a few times.
  • He plays a saxophone made of junk.
  • Known for using the old "hippity-hop, hippity-hop, hop move" in checkers (episode "The Grouchiest Game In Town") Papa Smurf hinted in the episode "The Root Of Evil" that he learned it from Slouchy.
  • His character was voiced by Noelle North.
  • Slouchy has a New Generation Figure from Schleich