Smurf-Colored Glasses title card
Smurf-Colored Glasses (episode)
Date of First Airing11/28/1981
Directed byRay Patterson (supervising director)
George Gordon
Bob Hathcock
Carl Urbano
Rudy Zamora
Story byLen Janson (story editor)
Chuck Menville (story editor)
Title Translation of
Smurf-Colored Glasses
FrenchLes lunettes roses
SpanishLos pitufo-coloreados espejuelos
GermanDie Rosa-Schlumpfige Brille
ItalianGli occhiali fatati
DutchDe Smurfen kleurenbril

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You may also be looking for the device called smurf-colored glasses.

"Smurf-Colored Glasses" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


As Gargamel the evil wizard climbs up to the top of a mountain to cast a spell that would cause the stormy skies to appear over the Smurf Village, the Smurfs are enjoying a nice sunny day as Papa Smurf decrees the day of the first anniversary of Smurfette being one of them to be Smurfette Day. The Smurfs cheer at this news, as Papa Smurf, Greedy, and Jokey are the first to present the maiden Smurf with presents of their own creation. Handy decides to create a present of his own for Smurfette -- a pair of smurf-colored glasses that would make Smurfette see Handy as being handsome. To that end, he drags a giant rose blossom into his workshop that he uses for the smurf-colored glasses, but upon trying them on, he only sees everything in a rose tint without seeing anything as totally different.

Knowing what Papa Smurf said about rainbows being able to create magic, Handy takes the smurf-colored glasses down to the waterfall where he sees a rainbow that was formed and sticks them into the rainbow, reciting the words that would make his glasses "pure of sight". Soon he puts them on and sees himself appearing as a handsome prince in his reflection. Realizing that Smurfette can't help but fall in love with him once she wears them, Handy rushes back to the village to present them as a gift to Smurfette.

As the Smurfs are enjoying a dance with Smurfette, Papa Smurf notices that stormy clouds are headed their way -- something that Gargamel is hoping for as he strings a net right across the River Smurf, hoping to catch Smurfs with it as they are carried downstream by the storm. Handy then shows up with the pair of smurf-colored glasses and presents them to Smurfette, who says that they look beautiful and sparkly. Handy suggests to Smurfette that she should try them on right now, but the storm clouds finally erupt with rain and hurricane winds, causing Papa Smurf to direct his little Smurfs into a cave to ride out the storm. Soon Smurfette and Handy are being carried off by the winds, with Handy trying to rescue her, as Papa Smurf is busy counting heads to make sure every Smurf is reaching safety and notices that Handy and Smurfette are not with them.

As Papa Smurf, Brainy, Clumsy, and Grouchy search the village for the two missing Smurfs while the wind blows away empty Smurf houses, Smurfette grabs a plant that's right next to a spider web -- with a hungry giant spider ready to have her for dinner. But Smurfette now is wearing the smurf-colored glasses, which makes her see the spider as friendly instead of fearsome before she drifts off again. Meanwhile, Gargamel is disappointed when the storm produces nothing but empty Smurf houses when he sees Smurfette floating downstream riding on a leaf before getting caught in his net. As Gargamel grabs her, Smurfette sees the evil wizard as being handsome, which confuses him to where he thinks she's lost her little blue mind. Soon the storm clears, leaving Gargamel even more disappointed that he's only caught one little Smurf for all his troubles.

Handy in Glasses
Handy wearing the smurf-colored glasses.
Handy as he Appears Through the Glasses
Handy as he appears through the glasses.
Azrael Appears Good
Azrael just looks so adorable.
Gargamel Appears Handsome
Gargamel looks handsome
Delicious Gargamel
Bigmouth sees that Gargamel is on the menu.

As Papa Smurf and three of his little Smurfs, now joined by Handy, split up and search the forest, Gargamel brings Smurfette back home to his castle, still frustrated over his failure to capture more than just one Smurf. Meanwhile, Smurfette is still looking at Gargamel through her smurf-colored glasses, still seeing him as strikingly handsome, which only makes Gargamel even more irritated. Gargamel decides to put the lovestruck Smurfette in a cage until he can make her into his slave once again. Back along the raging river, Handy finds a piece of Smurfette's dress along with a net strewn across the river containing empty Smurf houses. He also finds Gargamel's footprints, indicating that he must have taken Smurfette. He rushes off to save her, hoping that she's not wearing the smurf-colored glasses right at that point.

In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard is ready to make Smurfette his slave again when he takes the smurf-colored glasses off Smurfette, which makes her now see him as the hideous man he really is. As he is about to dip Smurfette into his boiling potion, Handy jumps down on top of Gargamel's head, pounding on him as he drops the maiden Smurf who barely escapes the potion. Papa Smurf and a few other Smurfs also show up, demanding Gargamel to let Smurfette go, when Azrael keeps them at bay. Gargamel puts Handy over to where the other Smurfs are, telling Azrael to keep watch over them while he makes Smurfette become as nasty as he is.

But soon Gargamel gets an unwanted visitor at his door -- Bigmouth the ogre who is hungry for food. As Gargamel directs Bigmouth to his cupboard where he has stored away food, Handy tells Papa Smurf about the smurf-colored glasses getting them into this mess, which inspires Papa Smurf on a way to get his Smurfs out of the mess. Bigmouth is ready to pound on Gargamel as he is now out of food to eat when Papa Smurf directs the ogre's attention to the smurf-colored glasses on Gargamel's work table. Much to the wizard's horrid dismay, Bigmouth now wears the glasses and sees him and his cat as being delectable delicacies, chasing the terrible twosome out into the forest while the laughing Smurfs escape.

Back at the village, the Smurfs cheer for Smurfette as they get ready to throw a party. But as Smurfette invites Handy to be part of it, all Handy wants her to do is slap his face really hard for the trouble he's caused her. Instead, Smurfette gives him a big kiss on the cheek, saying that she doesn't need to wear glasses in order for her to love him because she likes him just the way he is. This excites Handy enough to make her another present. As he races off to his workshop to make it, he runs over Grouchy in the process, who then mutters, "I hate getting flattened!"

Background Information

  • This episode would also appear in a European Smurf comic book story.
  • A continuity error appears in this episode: as Handy tells Papa Smurf about the smurf-colored glasses in Gargamel's castle, we see the glasses appear on a work table in Papa Smurf's laboratory instead of that in Gargamel's.
  • This is the first episode in which Gargamel is called "Gargy".
  • The whole part where Smurfette, wearing the smurf-colored glasses, meets a fearsome spider has been edited out in the syndicated version of the episode.
  • An episode of Dave the Barbarian, entitled Happy Glasses shares the same elements with this episode.


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