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You may also be looking for the cartoon episode called Smurf-Colored Glasses.

The smurf-colored glasses were a pair of glasses that Handy made for Smurfette in the episode "Smurf-Colored Glasses". Originally made with fresh rose petals, Handy looked through them and saw that everything was just normal, merely rose-tinted, when he remembered what Papa Smurf said about rainbows creating magic. Taking the glasses to the rainbow and reciting the words that he remembered Papa Smurf saying, "Rainbow, rainbow shining bright, make these glasses, pure of sight," Handy tried them on now and saw himself in the water's reflection as being handsome as a Smurf prince.

Returning to the Smurf Village on the day designated as Smurfette Day (the anniversary of her becoming a real Smurf), Handy presented the glasses to her as a gift, wanting her to put them on right at that point so she could see him as handsome. However, a stormy gale interrupted that plan, and soon Smurfette was carried downstream into a net, where she ended up wearing the smurf-colored glasses and seeing the wicked wizard Gargamel as being strikingly handsome. Later on in his castle, Gargamel removed the glasses and Smurfette saw him as he really is.

As Gargamel is eventually joined by some other Smurfs and Bigmouth the ogre who is hungry for food, Papa Smurf directs the ogre to the smurf-colored glasses, where upon wearing them he saw Gargamel and Azrael as delicious delectables. Bigmouth then chased Gargamel and Azrael out of the castle while the laughing Smurfs made their escape.

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