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Smurf Life was a game app for iPad and iPhone produced by Beeline and distributed by Capcom. In this game you create your own Smurf, either male or female, and use your Smurf character free the other, more recognizable Smurfs from an evil spell that none other than Gargamel has cast on them. You'll do that through mastering skills and gathering materials to build tools that will help in overcoming obstacles.

The game initially was released in Canada on the first week of December 2012 and and then released worldwide on the 5th of December. It also available on Android.


Gargamel casts a evil spell that makes the clouds shroud the village. Every Smurf is trapped by the dark clouds. In order to save the village, Papa Smurf has created a Smurf, which the player controls to save them. The Smurf needs to finish tasks given by different Smurfs, including building, alchemy, cooking and textile. Every time the Smurf finishes a tasks, a certain amount of sunstone will be collected, which will be used to remove the clouds and saves the Smurfs.

In the beginning, the player can chose the Smurf that he/she uses to become either a female or male. The player can also create a name for the Smurf. After doing so, the game will be started. There are four start profession for the player to start with: Building, Alchemy, Cooking and Textile. There will be several Smurfs as trainers in each profession. They teaches the player how to construct items for finishing the tasks. Every time a tasks is completed, new recipes of items will be unlocked. Constructing items and finishing tasks will higher the player's level of profession. The more items and tasks the player complete, the higher level of profession the player will be.

Sometimes the tasks needs the player to collect some resources, including wood, iron, salt etc. Most of the items needs these resources and they can be collected in unlocked areas in the village. However, the amount of resources are limited. The resources will temporary disappear when they run out. The player has to wait until the resources become available again or use growth potion, which can be created in the alchemy profession. The player can also collect some (mainly plants) resources by growing them in empty fields.

There are several items in the game. The first is the trade tokens. It can be used as purchasing items. There are two ways of gaining tokens, one is completing tasks, and the other is trade items that the player have at the trade table or the trading post in the game. The second one is sunstone, it is used to clear the clouds and expand the unlocked region for more resources and Smurfs. It can be either gained by completing task, purchasing with real money or creating a sunstone by a sunstone smelter. The third item is moondust. It is used to speed up the construction of items and purchase items. It can be gained by either purchase by real money or completing tasks.

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