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"Smurf The Other Cheek" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.



After kicking an imp, Hefty gets a spot that is making him unhappy.

Plot Summary

It appears that Handy found it hard to make good decisions to help his best friend, who was in a spotty situation...

It starts with Hefty waking up and exercising. He then goes for a jog, meets up with Papa Smurf, and runs into the forest. A female creature of unidentifiable species is talking to a spot on her nose saying, "Out! Out red spot, out I say. Oh, leave my nose and let me be. Where is the one I seek; the one to set me free?!"

Back in the village, Brainy is talking to the village and holding Baby. While Brainy is talking, Jokey mocks him from behind and eventually kicks Brainy in the butt. Brainy responds by kicking Jokey in the butt, and in the end they both end up before Papa Smurf, who scolds the two Smurfs for engaging in violence and also warns the other Smurfs of the rule of no kicking.

Hefty comes across the creature with the red spot while jogging. She hears him coming and continues her chant while sobbing. When Hefty feels sorry for the creature and offers his help, she states that kicking her will do her a big favor, but he thinks she is playing a trick on him at first. However, when he sees how unhappy she is Hefty agrees. But when he does kick her, the spot appears on his own nose, and she leaves laughing.

Hefty goes to Vanity, Jokey, and Smurfette asking them to kick him to get rid of the spot. But each of them refuses, pointing out the "No kicking" rule. He then goes to Handy saying he is his "closest friend". But Handy doesn't want to kick Hefty as he will most likely carry the spot if he does. But he gets an idea to kick him without actually kicking him. Handy borrows one of Smurfette's shoes and invents an indirect kicking device. That uses the shoe to kick Hefty so the spot will go away. But the spot appears on Handy's nose because he used the machine to kick Hefty, which is just as bad as kicking him properly, as Brainy rightly points out (although he still gets tossed out of the village). Hefty feels bad for Handy and offers to kick him so he will have the spot again. Handy also feels bad for letting Hefty break the "No kicking" rule. They go to Papa Smurf who reluctantly kicks Hefty and goes into the forest to return the spot to the creature.

Handy with the spot

All the Smurfs are sad to see him go. He hears the creature chanting again. Even though there is no spot on her nose, she thinks there is and so she is still unhappy. She asks to be kicked and Papa Smurf pretends to agree but tells her to shut her eyes. He then kisses her on the nose which makes her happy and causes the spot to go away.

The Smurfs have a celebration back at the village. Brainy then says that Baby kicked him and Papa Smurf, who is now laughing, says not to kick Baby back.

Background Information

  • The title of the episode is based on Christian doctrine espoused by Jesus Christ in the Gospels about responding to an aggressor without violence. From Matthew 5:38-39, it reads: "You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also."
    • The title also carries a slightly crude, but non-profane, double meaning that relates to the contents of the episode, as "cheek" is considered slang for one's buttocks; hence, "smurf the other cheek" is also "kick the other's butt".
  • When the Smurfs weep over Papa Smurf's departure to find a cure, Smurfette, Vanity, and Handy are in the shot, but Handy is the only Smurf who doesn't cry.


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