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"Smurf Van Winkle" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

As the Smurfs are busy in the woods cutting wood from trees, Hefty finds himself tiring out from having to operate a two-Smurf handsaw to cut down a tree, only to realize that his partner Lazy is sleeping on the other end of the saw. He awakens Lazy to get him to start working, but when he sees Lazy going back to sleep, he flips his partner off the handsaw and sends him flying into a tree full of nuts, telling Farmer that he now has someone to help him gather nuts. However, Lazy ends up falling asleep on that job as well, which causes him to fall into the wheelbarrow that rolls down a hill and knocks over Farmer in his fields and rips through Smurfette's clothesline before it comes to a stop near a Smurf house. But all Lazy does is complain that he can never get any sleep around the village.

In Papa Smurf's laboratory, the village leader leaves Brainy in charge to make sure his potion doesn't burn while he steps out for a while. Although Brainy is all too eager to express how much Papa Smurf can trust him with such a job, he also warns Brainy to keep an eye on the potion. As Brainy begins his watch, he hears snoring going on outside the laboratory, which is ruining his concentration. He finds Lazy outside and scolds him for his slothfulness, though in so doing he ignores Papa Smurf's potion, which is now burning in the pot, until he sees smoke coming from it. Brainy quickly puts out the fire with a bucket of water, saying that at least Papa Smurf didn't see it happen, until he sees the village leader staring at him with angry eyes. He says that Brainy has burned up the last of the elmwood leaves and now he has to go get more. Brainy offers to help Papa Smurf collect the elmwood leaves, but he refuses it, saying that Brainy has "helped" him enough for one day. He tells his little Smurfs that he is going to Smurf Swamp to gather up elmwood leaves, instructing them to stay out of trouble while he's gone.

Elderly Smurfette.jpg
Smurfette isn't the pretty young Smurf she used to be...
Elderly Hefty.jpg
...and Hefty isn't the strong Smurf that he once was.

After the other Smurfs see Papa Smurf depart, Lazy also departs, saying that he knows the perfect way to stay out of trouble. His fellow Smurfs watch Lazy with disgust, saying how they do all the hard work while he sleeps. Handy has an idea of how they can teach Lazy a lesson he will never forget, which he shares with the other Smurfs who are just so eager to go along with the idea.

In the woods, Lazy wakes up from his nap and heads back to the village, saying that it will be time for supper, when he sees that the village has now fallen into disrepair, looking like nobody has lived in it for years. As Lazy goes to find his fellow Smurfs, he comes across Smurfette watering her flowers...but now she looks so old and is wearing granny glasses and a scarf. Smurfette doesn't recognize Lazy as he introduces himself, saying that Lazy disappeared into the forest 300 years ago, which shocks the still youthful-looking Smurf. Then he hears other Smurfs in the village, who turn out to be his fellow Smurfs who are now so old they wear long beards and sit in rocking chairs. Jokey presents Lazy with a "surprise" that ends up disintegrating instead of exploding when opened because Jokey is now too old for his jokes to work. In fact, Lazy's fellow Smurfs say they are all too old to work and now need the young Smurf to do all their chores for them. Lazy wonders where Papa Smurf is, and they all answer mournfully that he is gone, meaning that he had passed away. Realizing that he is the only Smurf left who's young and active enough to help his now-elderly fellow Smurfs, Lazy promises that he will do all he can to help them.

While the elderly Smurfs relax in their lounge chairs as Lazy works his fingers to the bone doing their chores, he gets called to tend to their individual needs. Hefty needs Lazy to bring him another drink, Brainy needs him to turn a page in his book, Greedy wants him to bring another slice of pie, Vanity wants him to clean his mirror, Smurfette wants him to sweep her floor, Farmer needs him to sharpen his hoe, and so on and so on. With all these tasks piled up on him, Lazy says if he'd known he'd have to work this hard, he would have slept another hundred years.

Finally having enough of having to tend to the elderly Smurfs, Lazy works on a solution in Papa Smurf's laboratory to restore their youth and vitality. The solution results in the creation of blue donut-shaped edibles that Lazy serves to his fellow Smurfs for breakfast as they sit in the dining hall demanding to be fed. Lazy is certain that at any minute they will change back to their young selves when they hand the young Smurf their dishes, saying that they need to rest their bones for a while.

Lazy And Smurflings.jpg
Lazy has his hands full taking care of a village of Smurflings.

As Lazy tires himself out cleaning the dishes from breakfast, falling asleep and hoping that when he awakens it will all be a bad dream, he gets awakened by a ball thrown through the kitchen window hitting his head. He looks out the window and sees that his fellow Smurfs are now young little Smurflings. He goes to the dining hall and notices that his fellow Smurfs had fooled him into thinking they had gotten old, leaving behind evidence of fake beards. He tries to settle down his fellow Smurflings as they continue to play recklessly throughout the village, but Smurfette sees that Lazy is no longer fun, and Hefty gets the others to follow him out into the forest to find somebody else to play with.

As Lazy chases after the young Smurflings, Gargamel is busy working on a formula that brings the Smurfs right to his doorstep. He tells his cat Azrael that he needs absolute silence because his formula is delicate work, but he gets rudely interrupted by a knock on his door, causing an explosion. He goes to the door to deal with whoever knocked on it, only to find young Smurflings outside asking if he wants to play with them. Gargamel tells them that he does and allows them to enter his castle. Lazy, watching from the bushes as his fellow Smurflings are heading to their doom, realizes that Papa Smurf must still be alive and goes off to find him in Smurf Swamp.

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf returns to the village, hoping to find his little Smurfs there but instead only sees the fake beards that were left behind. Commenting that something strange is going on, Papa Smurf goes into his laboratory and finds that somebody was using one of his spellbooks, particularly the one that has a youth potion in it. He decides to make an antidote and go find the Smurf responsible.

Out in Smurf Swamp, Lazy calls out for Papa Smurf while walking in the wet marsh but sees no sign of him. Then he finds himself sinking into the marsh and calls out for Papa Smurf to save him. Fortunately, Papa Smurf manages to rescue him by way of Feathers swooping down to grab him. Lazy fills Papa Smurf in with what has happened to his fellow Smurfs, which makes the village leader tell Feathers to fly as fast as he can.

Old Gargamel.jpg
Mean old Gargamel is now too old to do anything.

In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard is checking on the young Smurflings in the pot who are now screaming to be let out when he slams the lid back on the pot, saying that Smurfs should be steamed and not heard. He hears snoring outside and finds Lazy resting on his doorstep, taking him and adding him to the Smurfs that are already in the pot. While Gargamel is distracted, Papa Smurf switches a seasoning jar for a jar containing the youth potion antidote. Gargamel grabs that and adds it to the contents of the pot, not realizing what he was adding until he sees the jar and then looks into the pot, seeing a puff of smoke coming out of it along with the hundred young Smurfs now restored to their proper ages. They escape into the forest as the contents of the pot that have the antidote in it cover Gargamel and turn him into an old man that needs a cane. He is left holding his back and ranting about how much he hates the Smurfs.

Back in the village, Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs that he hopes that what has happened has been a lesson to them all. Hefty says there will be no more tricks from him and his fellow Smurfs, and Lazy says there will be no more being lazy for him, saying that if they are going to "smurf a better world", they might as well "smurf it together", a sentiment that all his fellow Smurfs agree with.

Background Information

  • The episode is the basis for the comic book story "The Strange Awakening of Lazy Smurf", where Lazy's fellow Smurfs also trick their fellow Smurf into thinking he has slept for years while they have gotten old around him through a similar charade.
  • This episode is the first and only time Smurfette has been a Smurfling
  • Hefty noticeably has his tattoo mark on both arms.
  • The title and the trick is based on the story of Rip Van Winkle.