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Greedy, Handy, and Smurfette enjoy a game of smurfball at a picnic.

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A group of Smurfs enjoying smurfball in the comic books.

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Smurfball is a sport that the Smurfs play. It is uncertain exactly what the rules are for this game, though it is usually played with a round red ball.

In the Peyo-created story "Smurf Ball" which appeared in Marvel Comics' Smurfs limited series comic book, Handy created a way for Hefty to enjoy playing smurfball without hurting his fellow Smurfs in the process.

In the comic book story "Smurf Of One And Smurf A Dozen Of The Other", a game of smurfball gets turned into a game of soccer when one of the players ends up kicking the ball instead of using his hands to pass the ball.

Smurfball also appears in the 2021 cartoon show in the episode "Where's Papa Smurf?", "The Smurfs Show", "The Cuddly Toy", and "An Unsmurfy Friendship", and Papa Smurf mentions it in "Alien Smurf". However, in those cases, the game is played more like soccer.