Greedy, Handy, and Smurfette enjoy a game of smurfball at a picnic.

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A group of Smurfs enjoying smurfball in the comic books.

Smurfball is a sport that the Smurfs play. It is uncertain exactly what the rules are for this game, though it is usually played with a round red ball.

In the Peyo-created story "Smurf Ball" which appeared in Marvel Comics' Smurfs limited series comic book, Handy created a way for Hefty to enjoy playing smurfball without hurting his fellow Smurfs in the process.

In the comic book story "Smurf Of One And Smurf A Dozen Of The Other", a game of smurfball gets turned into a game of soccer when one of the players ends up kicking the ball instead of using his hands to pass the ball.

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