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The Smurfette Creating Formula is the formula that was used to create Smurfette, Sassette, and possibly Nanny Smurf (although nothing definite has been revealed about her origin). It is unknown where Gargamel got the formula from. The formula used in The Sassette is very different from the spell used in The Smurfette, mainly because it requires a chant, and no other ingredients besides blue clay. This is probably a lack of continuity.

The Sassette

The Smurfette Creating Formula used in Sassette requires a chant to be said by a sorcerer (but not necessarily, as the boy Smurflings were able to). The chant must be said over a pot of magical blue clay. The chant goes:

Wrath of the wind, Cry of the blue
Howl of the Wolf where there isn't a moon
Magical Mixture, Magical Spell
Bring forth a Smurfette at the sound of this bell

At this point, a person rings a bell, and the Smurfette appears.

The Smurfette

The Smurfette Creating Formula used in The Smurfette, however, requires many different ingredients and no chant at all.

In the original English translation of "The Smurfette", the ingredients for creating a Smurfette are:

  • sugar and spice, but nothing nice
  • a dram of crocodile tears
  • a peck of bird brain
  • the tip of an adder's tongue
  • half a pack of lies (white, of course)
  • the slyness of a cat
  • the vanity of a peacock
  • the chatter of a magpie
  • the guile of a vixen
  • the disposition of a shrew
  • the hardest stone for her heart

In the Papercutz English translation, the ingredients are:

  • a pinch of coquetry
  • a good layer of bias
  • three crocodile tears
  • a lizard brain
  • viper tongue powder
  • one carat of sympathy
  • a handful of wrath
  • one finger of lies
  • a thimble of gluttony
  • a pint of bad faith
  • a pinch of inconscience
  • a bit of sentimentality
  • a measure of silliness
  • a measure of cunning
  • much ingenuity and stubbornness
  • a candle that has burned at both ends

In the cartoon show, the ingredients are:

  • blue clay
  • sugar and spice but nothing nice
  • crocodile tears
  • half a pack of lies
  • a chatter of a magpie
  • the hardest stone for her heart.
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