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"Smurfette Unmade" is a Season 7 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Papa Smurf observes Handy and a bunch of other Smurfs busy at work building a big stage that Smurfette wants built for the annual Smurf Day Pageant Play. Poet also comes along with a big stack of papers that contain his epic for the pageant play called "A Smurf For All Seasons" which follows the life of an average Smurf through the entire year. Papa Smurf comments that it would take a whole year to perform a play as long as Poet had written it -- which is where Smurfette shows up with a much-shortened version of the play that she herself has done the editing. Poet is aghast at the editing job Smurfette has done with his play, but Papa Smurf tells him that she is the play's producer and therefore must oversee its production as she sees fit. The Smurflings show up with the confetti that they have cut up to be like snow, but Smurfette now wonders about how the flower gathering is going and decides to go check for herself.

Out in the forest, another group of Smurfs are happily singing the Smurf song as they gather up the flowers that Smurfette wants. While they do so, the terrible trio of Gargamel, Azrael, and Scruple watch them from behind a bush, with the wizard chuckling because he sees that the Smurfs are trapped by the river and have no idea what they're in for. As Scruple gives his master a note of caution, Smurfette spies the two evil humans and cat and realizes that she must do something to save her fellow Smurfs. Sneaking underneath them unseen, Smurfette ties a vine around the ankles of both Gargamel and Scruple and also around Azrael's tail. Gargamel gives the charge to go after the Smurfs, but as he, Scruple, and Azrael do so, they don't go far in their chase before the vines trip them up, causing them to fall on their faces. Smurfette scoops up Baby Smurf in her arms as she joins her fellow Smurfs in running to the village for safety.

While the other Smurfs are grateful for Smurfette saving their lives, Gargamel is cursing her for stopping his attempt to capture the Smurfs. As he, Scruple, and Azrael are busy untying themselves from the vines, Gargamel recalls the day he had created Smurfette as he remembered it (as told in "The Smurfette"): his wanting to create someone the Smurfs could trust, what he used to create the Smurfette, how she was found by one of the Smurfs and brought to their village, how she was secretly working for Gargamel and his plan of sabotage, how she was found out who she was working for, how Papa Smurf used his magic to change her from her old evil self into her good "real Smurf" self. While Gargamel laments on how Smurfette turned out to be "a tragic waste of evil", Scruple comments that it's too bad that his master can't change her back to her old evil self. Gargamel is then inspired to prove his apprentice otherwise.

Back in the village, as the stage building and play production continues apace, Smurfette realizes that they still don't have the flowers for the play and decides to go get them herself. Brainy is still fussing over not knowing who will be the star of the play, saying that he would have chosen the star by now if he was in charge of the play. Papa Smurf tells Brainy that Smurfette is already doing a wonderful job with the play, and that after it is all over, they should do something special for her.

Out in the forest, Smurfette observes a path full of flowers that would look beautiful in her pageant play when she smells the fragrance of a big purple blossom that she's never seen before. As she steps up close to the blossom to inhale its scent, Smurfette is captured by its petals closing in on her. Gargamel then steps out from behind a bush, being the one who has planted this flower that he triggered to capture Smurfette, and takes her back to his castle where he prepares the spell that will change her back to her old un-Smurfy self. As Gargamel completes the preparations and recites the incantation, a bolt of energy emerges from his cauldron, bouncing around the room until it hits Smurfette, whom Scruple was holding in his hands. The bolt also causes Scruple to lose his grip on the maiden Smurf, but Smurfette still looks the same as she takes the opportunity to escape from the evil wizard's castle. Gargamel is now wondering what went wrong, when Scruple points out that he has forgotten to turn the page on his spell book. Fortunately for Gargamel, though, the next page simply told him that he did everything the previous page said for him to do and that she will change back to her old self by the light of the next full moon, which turns out to be that night.

Back in the village, Smurfette tells Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs what had happened to her. Papa Smurf is somewhat relieved hearing that Gargamel's spell to change her back hadn't worked, but when Slouchy asks if he could use the same spell to change Smurfette back into a real Smurf, Papa Smurf answers that it can only be used once, and if Gargamel's own spell had worked, they would have lost the Smurfette they knew forever. Smurfette assures Weepy that everything is all right and that they should forget about Gargamel and concentrate on getting the pageant play ready to show.

A transforming Smurfette

That night, though, as Tailor and Clumsy bring the costumes to Smurfette's house for her to check over, the light of the full moon peeks in through the cloud cover, causing her to have a brief behavior change that makes her insult Tailor's handiwork and drive both him and Clumsy out of her house. Soon the cloud cover begins to disappear, and Smurfette starts seeing black streaks in her golden blond hair, making her realize that Gargamel's spell had worked. She goes over to Papa Smurf's laboratory to warn him about what's happening to her, but it's too late -- the cloud cover is gone, and so also is the "real Smurf" version of Smurfette, replaced by the short black-haired, plain-dressed, "un-Smurfy" and evil version.

Papa Smurf reaches the door, but Smurfette is no longer there when he answers it -- she has already ducked back inside her own house, wondering what to do to disguise herself. She goes through her chest of old stuff until she finds the magic compact she had once used to contact Gargamel with, but now Papa Smurf is at her door, asking her if everything is all right. Finding a blonde wig to cover her short black hair, Smurfette answers the door and simply answers that everything is fine, eager to get rid of her visitor. As Papa Smurf leaves, Smurfette contacts Gargamel through the compact to tell the wizard that "she's back", and Gargamel then tells her to meet him at the Great Oak Tree. With the old evil version of Smurfette reunited with her creator and former master, giving Azrael a slug on the cheek and making even Scruple fearful of her, she decides to lead the three of them to the village, knowing that they would be asleep by that time.

Morning breaks, and Papa Smurf awakens to find Smurfs gathered around Smurfette's house, wondering where she is because they still have so much to do for the pageant play that requires her help. They see Vanity walk out of her house with Smurfette's magic compact, looking at himself in its mirror. The Smurflings ask Papa Smurf if they should go out into the forest to find her, and Papa Smurf says maybe they should, though Smurfette may just be out for a morning stroll.

Of course, Smurfette is already out in the forest, but is now leading the two evil humans and the cat through a briar patch, seemingly now having no idea where the village is. Scruple, who is now frustrated with this fruitless search, says to Gargamel that the village can only be found by a Smurf, and since Smurfette is now no longer a Smurf, she has become rather useless in that quest. As Scruple and Azrael depart, Gargamel takes a rest to soothe his hurting feet when Smurfette hears her once fellow Smurflings calling out for her. Again slipping on her blonde wig, Smurfette takes advantage of the situation by making it look like Gargamel had captured her and flees back to the village with Papa Smurf and the Smurflings while leaving the evil wizard to tend to his hurting feet and his wounded pride.

With Smurfette in the village again, she finds herself inundated by so many Smurfs calling for her attention that she loudly and bluntly tells them to shut up, making them rather surprised by her sudden demeanor. She then calmly asks what the problem is, and Poet tells Smurfette that they can't rehearse for the play without having the lead actor being picked out. Brainy offers himself to be the main star, and much to everyone's surprise, Smurfette picks him for that role and tells the other Smurfs to start rehearsing because she has other matters to attend to.

Inside her own house, Smurfette is rummaging through everything in it trying to find the magic compact when some of her fellow Smurfs show up, seeing her place looking like a tornado had gone through it and wondering if everything is all right with her. Smurfette calmly says that she's simply doing some straightening up when she sees Vanity with the compact on hand. Snatching the compact back from Vanity, she roughly escorts the other Smurfs out of her house and closes the door. They tell Papa Smurf as he passes by that Smurfette has been acting rather "unsmurfy" lately. Papa Smurf simply tells them that she may be just under pressure and assures them that when the play is over, Smurfette will be back to her old "smurfy" self again. Meanwhile, Smurfette contacts Gargamel again through the compact and tells him that the Smurfs are getting rather suspicious about her ruse. Gargamel then decides that there must be a magical way to transport him straight to the village, and so has Smurfette sneak into Papa Smurf's laboratory to make that way possible.

It is finally the time of the pageant play, and as the Smurfs both in the audience and behind the curtain are anxious to get it underway, Smurfette is anxiously waiting for Papa Smurf to show up. Soon he appears sitting down next to his little Smurfs, which means she is free to put Gargamel's plan into motion. Rushing off the stage, Smurfette tells the actor Smurfs that it's now showtime, and the Smurfs cheer as the curtains part and the play gets underway with Brainy the lead actor dressed in a toga. Entering unseen into Papa Smurf's laboratory, Smurfette carefully follows Gargamel's instructions for the spell that will transport him to the village, trying to finish quickly before the play ends.

Eventually the play ends, and as the actor Smurfs take a bow before the cheering audience, Smurfette is now finished with the spell and returns to be with her once fellow Smurfs, who now surround her with cheers for producing such a wonderful play. But then an evil mist appears in the village, and with the mist a purple cloud starts to form in front of the stage. The evil mist blows away Smurfette's blonde wig, revealing her to be her old evil self. Even worse, the purple cloud takes the form of a human with a net, and then Gargamel materializes from the cloud, ready to swoop his net on all the Smurfs. They run for their lives, but it is all in vain as Gargamel scoops up every last Smurf in his net, laughing all the way.

With his captured Smurfs brought to his castle, they now wonder what made Smurfette do such a thing to betray her fellow Smurfs, and she simply says that she's doing just what Gargamel wanted her to do. Papa Smurf sadly laments to his little Smurflings that there's no way to bring back Smurfette's "smurfiness" now. However, as Gargamel takes Baby Smurf to test out his highly explosive gold-making formulas, Smurfette reacts negatively to this, and as she does, a streak of blond hair appears. Soon she finds herself transforming back into the "real Smurf" version of Smurfette, much to Gargamel's surprise, and starts throwing the vials of the explosive formulas at the evil wizard and his apprentice, making them and Azrael dance around to avoid the explosions. The final vial causes a big enough explosion to propel the terrible trio into a nearby tree, making Gargamel curse Smurfette as she frees her now fellow Smurfs.

Back in the village, the Smurfs are glad that Smurfette is back to her old smurfy self again, though Smurfette is wondering how that was possible. All Papa Smurf could say is that deep down inside her, her "smurfiness" was too strong to be removed completely. This inspires Poet to create a play for next year's pageant called "A Smurfette For All Seasons", a title to which Hefty amends by saying "and for all time", which makes every Smurf agree with him.

Background Information

  • This episode is considered the follow-up to Season 1's "The Smurfette", marking the second (and possibly last) appearance of the "un-Smurfy" Smurfette.
  • "Un-Smurfy" Smurfette's voice tone sounds different from Season 1.
  • It's also noted that the reason Papa Smurf can't change her back is because the spell he used on her (same formula he used on Sassette) only works once on that particular Smurf.
  • In the episode Smurf-Colored Glasses, Gargamel wanted to transform Smurfette in her old version for her first birthday, but thanks to Bigmouth, the spell was ruined.
  • Baby Smurf and Sassette Smurfling were the only ones who found out about of the picture of Smurfette as un-smurfy, since Grandpa Smurf and Wild Smurf didn't even know about that mess to avoid more disasters. Papa Smurf forbid the other Smurfs to tell Grandpa Smurf about that terrible oversight.
  • Natural Smurfling, Snappy Smurfling and Slouchy Smurfling aren't so critical as Baby Smurf and Sassette Smurfling. They are in danger of being alone without Smurfette to take care of them. Because on Sassette's debut episode, almost every Smurf were nasty with her, except Brainy and Clusmy. Because Papa Smurf punished them for their rude attitude and they both regret doing the cruelty. Baby Smurf would have had a bad childhood, but to Sassette it would be much worse, she would have had a very cruel preteen in which almost nobody took her into account.