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Title Translation of
Smurfing For Ghosts
FrenchLes Schtroumpfeurs de fantômes
SpanishEl pitufofantasma
GermanDas Schlumpfen nach Geistern
ItalianI puffi acchiappafantasmi
DutchDe spokensmurfers

"Smurfing For Ghosts" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Peewit the court jester and entertainer is busy taking care of Quarrel Castle while Selwyn and Tallulah are off at the Wizard's Convention, doing some cleaning as his goat Biquette is busy chewing on the upholstery. After he puts the bats out, he goes to the guest room to get a good night's sleep, but is soon awakened by the ghost of Uncle Fenwick. He warns the young mortal jester that the ghosts of his late relatives -- Cousin Blobby, Aunt Fussy, Uncle Diddy, and Aunt Mushy -- have come for a visit, and he adds that they are driving him to an early grave again. Peewit realizes that if they don't get rid of the visiting spirits haunting the castle, Selwyn and Tallulah will blame him for the mess when they come back.


Brainy finds out the hard way that the autosmurfer really sucks!

In the Smurf Village, Brainy offers to be the problem solver to his fellow Smurfs, which only results in his being mocked by his fellow Smurfs as they see that their biggest problem is Brainy himself. But then Peewit shows up to find Papa Smurf for his help in dealing with the problem of ghosts haunting Quarrel Castle. Brainy tells Peewit that Papa Smurf is at the Wizard's Convention, but he is available to help solve Peewit's "haunting problem". Soon Brainy shows an invention that he and his partner Clumsy will use to help get rid of the ghosts: a backpack vacuum cleaner called the "autosmurfer" which Clumsy accidentally tests out by sucking Brainy into it.

Peewit returns to Quarrel Castle with Brainy and Clumsy ready to do some ghost-busting. Peewit wonders what they'll do with the ghosts when they capture them, and all Brainy can say is that "we'll cross that bridge when we get to it" (just before the drawbridge pulls them into the castle). Inside, the two Smurfs hear a growling that Peewit says is his stomach, which he goes off to take care of. Clumsy starts feeling cold, and so also does Brainy, which according to his research indicates that a ghost is nearby. They approach a hat box that Uncle Fenwick pops out of, causing both the ghost and the two Smurfs to run from each other. But then Brainy realizes they now have a ghost to catch, and so the two Smurfs run after Fenwick, who tries to tell the Smurfs that they're going after the wrong ghost. Brainy isn't convinced of Fenwick's good intentions, even as he and Clumsy see him vanish into a wall, so he has Clumsy go off in a separate direction so that they can both surround and capture Fenwick.

Fenwick's Relatives

It's a haunting horror story of...the relatives that wouldn't leave!!!

In the kitchen Peewit is looking for food to eat when he finds a ghost holed up in a cupboard, which scares him and makes him run off to get Brainy. He uses his backpack vacuum cleaner to try capturing the ghost, but instead he sucks up food. Peewit admires the invention and thinks he should have something like that, while the ghost is grateful that he wasn't captured and escapes the kitchen. Meanwhile, Clumsy runs into Uncle Fenwick again, and this time uses his backpack vacuum cleaner to capture and contain the ghost. Again Fenwick tries to convince Clumsy that he is a friend of Peewit, but Clumsy isn't listening.

Brainy and Peewit now go down into the cellar to find both the ghost and Clumsy, with Peewit wondering why Clumsy would ever go down there. Brainy explains to Peewit that Clumsy always trips and falls, so the most likely place he would end up is in the cellar. They don't find Clumsy, but they do find more ghosts, and Brainy is ready to use his "autosmurfer" on the ghosts when one of them pulls the hose out of the machine, preventing Brainy from using it to capture them. He and Peewit are left with no choice but to run and flee the ghosts as they are chased from one door in the cellar to another. Clumsy soon shows up and sees the chaos going on, with Brainy telling him to use his "autosmurfer". Clumsy soon activates the machine, and one of the ghosts is captured and sucked into the machine's containment where Uncle Fenwick is still inside.

Soon the ghosts stop haunting, and Clumsy releases the two inside his "autosmurfer" so that they could have a peaceful chat to resolve the situation. Uncle Fenwick tells his relatives that they only come around to haunt him. His aunt tells him that the real reason they come around is that they have come to celebrate Fenwick's Ghost Day, and they only want to make him happy. The relatives invite Peewit and the Smurfs to join in on the celebration, which Peewit is eager to partake if only because of the food, until he hears the harpsichord play and watches the relatives dance with Uncle Fenwick.

By morning, Uncle Fenwick is happy to see his relatives off, knowing that they have "lifted his spirits" with the Ghost Day party. He and Peewit also see Brainy and Clumsy depart from the castle, thanking them for the help. Brainy tells Peewit that if he's got a problem that he can't solve, "who are you gonna smurf?", and Clumsy answers "autosmurfers", as they both head back to the village.

Background Information

  • The episode is an obvious homage to the 1984 movie Ghostbusters, featuring a "Jimmy Hart version" of its theme song in the episode's soundtrack.
  • Brainy's line, "go ahead, smurf my day," is based on Clint Eastwood's famous Dirty Harry line.
  • This episode as well as "Lost Smurf" uses the visual gag that TV Tropes calls "Scooby Dooby doors" when Peewit, Brainy, and Clumsy get chased by ghosts inside Quarrel Castle.
  • Hefty's heart tattoo can be seen on both his arms at the same time in this episode.