The Smurflings: (from left to right) Nat, Slouchy, Sassette, Snappy (in rear)
Number of members4
ResidenceSmurf Village, Earth
First appearanceSeason 5

Name Translation of Smurflings
FrenchLes P'tits Schtroumpfs

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You may also be looking for the cartoon episode called The Smurflings, or the original comic book story it was based on.

The Smurflings were four young Smurfs who appeared in the Smurfs cartoon show from Seasons 5 to 8 (with only Sassette and Snappy appearing in Season 9), who live together in their own house made from a tree stump.

They consist of:

  • Nat - A Smurfling who loves animals and dresses in brown overalls and has a straw hat. He argues with Snappy a lot. He is the de facto leader of the Smurflings.
  • Snappy - A Smurfling who gets irritated easily and snaps at others. He wears a yellow shirt with a thunder cloud on it. Some see him as the "self-proclaimed leader" of the Smurflings
  • Slouchy - A calm, laid back Smurf who wears a red shirt and droopy hat. He is the shortest of the Smurflings (Probably because he slouches too much)
  • Sassette - The only girl Smurfling who was created to be a sister for Smurfette. She wears pink overalls and has ginger hair. She is, possibly, the smartest yet most emotional out of the 4.

The boy Smurflings were originally adult Smurfs who were de-aged to around 50 years of age due to Father Time's backwards-running grandfather clock, while Sassette was a magically-created female Smurf created by the same formula used for the creation of Smurfette, though with less clay.

The Smurflings can be seen playing together in numerous episodes since their appearance. There have been episodes which focuses on them either saving the adult Smurfs or their own troubles. They appear more often in the cartoon show than in the comic books, where besides their origin story their only other appearance as main characters is in the story "Halloween", and Sassette and Snappy are given only cameo appearances in "You Don't Smurf Progress".


Smurfling Music

The Smurflings band with Grandpa Smurf

The boy Smurflings formed a small band which doesn't include Sassette only because she wasn't created yet. The music the play is considered "New" and "Different", probably referencing the change of music style the kids at that time were listening to. Only Brainy was opposed to the Smurflings' style of music when they made their debut, as he was more of a traditionalist.

  • Nat plays a washtub bass
  • Slouchy plays the Saxophone
  • Snappy plays the drums
  • Sassette plays the piano

Other Smurflings

Besides the four main Smurflings in the comic books and the cartoon show, the Smurfs have at one time or another been changed into Smurflings through other means. In the episode "The Fountain Of Smurf", Papa Smurf was changed into a Smurfling by drinking water from the fountain of youth; it took some work in his laboratory to restore himself to his normal age. In "Smurf Van Winkle", Lazy accidentally caused his fellow Smurfs to become Smurflings when he used a youth formula on them during the time that he originally assumed that they were now elderly Smurfs, only to reveal that they have been using fake beards and other disguises to make themselves appear elderly. Papa Smurf created a counter-formula that restored the de-aged Smurfs to their normal ages, though in the process the same formula turned Gargamel into an old man. In Season 9's "Grandpa's Fountain of Youth", Grandpa also became a Smurfling through a fountain of youth, though his beard didn't go away when he de-aged. Unlike these situations, the three boy Smurflings were never magically restored to their proper ages in the cartoon show simply because Father Time had no way of magically causing time to go forward in the same way he was able to make time go backward. Stachel-ing Smurf, a character created for the Smurfs' Village game, was originally planned as the fifth Smurfling in all the Smurfs medias. Though the word "Smurfling" was not mentioned in his name. It had a mustache as his appearance and a hut which needed smurfsberries or money to purchase. It also provided a mini game. However, it was a joke by Beeline, the developer of the game, to celebrate April Fool's Day.


  • The Smurflings figures are all included in the New Generation of Schleich Smurf Figures. However, only a Sassette action figure is available
  • Although Puppy was given to Papa Smurf, he seems to be more the Smurflings' pet.
  • It is unknown where the Smurflings' treestump house is located.
  • Sassette is for some reason allowed to bunk with three male Smurfs; however, this might be because they are just children, and Sassette doesn't mind because she's a tomboy.
  • The Smurflings are the only known Smurfs in the cartoon show to wear shirts.
  • In the cartoon show, the boy Smurflings seem to have no recollection of their past except going to Father Time's workshop and knowing who the other Smurfs are. In the comic books, however, the boy Smurflings are pretty much aware of their past as former adult Smurfs.
  • The age of the Smurflings is to be around 8-13 years old in human years.
  • Since the sixth season of the cartoon show, they have a rival and his name is Scruple.
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