PurposeUndersea travel
First AppearanceSeason 6

Comics IconCartoon Icon

The smurfmarine is a submarine that was built by Handy Smurf. It was used to dive deep underwater and resembles a large fish. Its appearance so far was on "No Smurf Is An Island," where Handy built one to be able to visit his true love Marina. Later, when Handy and Marina were having a good moment together, a large orange female fish mistook the smurfmarine to be a male of its species, which forced Handy to do a fast back reverse. He bumped it against the cliff and made a big rock fall, sinking the smurfmarine which almost resulted in Handy drowning. Fortunately Hefty used Handy's power drill to get him out before that happened.

A similar invention appears in the comic book story "The Smurf Submarine" built by Handy and an unnamed Smurf, allowing the latter Smurf to explore the depths of the waters near the Smurf Village. However, Gargamel upon noticing this invention comes up with a similar invention and goes after that Smurf with explosives. The Smurf with the submarine retaliates by unplugging the cork in Gargamel's submarine, causing his craft to sink. By the end of the story, Papa Smurf forbids that Smurf from ever using his submarine, so he converts it into a swimming pool.

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