Smurfbox Derby - Smurfs
First AppearanceSeason 4

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The smurfmobile was an invention that Handy created in the episode "The Smurfbox Derby". It was created as a "smurfless wagon" to eliminate the hard work in carrying wagons, including his very own, which looked moslty like a toolbox. It resembled a somewhat primitive version of the automobile, with each of them specifically designed according to each Smurf's desires: Vanity's had mirrors, Smurfette's looked like a log with flowers, Dreamy's looked like a sailing ship, Greedy's looked like big smurfberry cake, Farmer's looked liked a tractor, Tuffy's had an attachable "grumble seat", Jokey's looked like a present, and Lazy's looked like a bed. Clumsy's smurfmobile, however, was the only vehicle that didn't have wheels, and so it had to be carried about. Hefty's looked like a hot rod car, but he decided that walking is much better for him.

There were problems with the smurfmobile when it was first used. The first problem was traffic jams, which were soon resolved by Brainy setting up driving regulations which included the use of traffic lights. Another problem was that each Smurf was now bickering about whose smurfmobile was the fastest. Brainy decided that to end the argument as to which car is fastest, the smurfmobiles should all be standardized -- each Smurf should get the same model vehicle. To that end, Brainy had proposed a race from Mount Smurf to the Smurf Village to determine which unique smurfmobile will become the new standard. No sooner after the race had started, though, that Gargamel came onto the scene with a Smurf Masher which destroyed all the smurfmobiles, though the Smurfs managed to escape being mashed along with them.

With their cars destroyed, the Smurfs all gave up on the smurfmobile idea and reverted back to hand-pushing wagons -- all except for Brainy, who tried to be a used-smurfmobile salesman, only for Hefty to give him a "sales pitch" out of the village.

In other media

Smurfmobiles also appear in the videogame Smurf Racer, and in the comic book story "You Don't Smurf Progress" in the form of delivery vehicles used by Carpenter, Miller, and Baker during the early part of the story. Also, in the another comic book "The Red Cross And The Smurfs", the Smurfs hold a car race with this invention.

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