Food Processing Complex 1
The smurfomatic food process complex building
Food Processing Complex 2
The machine that delivers the food that the processing complex makes
Smurfomatic food processing complex
PurposeFood processing and delivery
First AppearanceSeason 2

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The smurfomatic food processing complex was a machine that Handy had invented in the cartoon show episode "Waste Not, Smurf Not" after he had created the smurfomatic picking machine, which worked so well that Greedy couldn't make food fast enough to keep up with its deliveries. As to how it works, Handy turns the key that gets the machine going, and soon the picking machine docks itself onto a platform which is then raised up to a funnel where it dumps its load of smurfberries. Shortly after, another automatic machine comes out of the food processor to deliver various prepared foods right on the doorstep of every Smurf's house.

Though every Smurf was happy that with such a machine no Smurf would ever have to work for their food again, the abundance of food that the Smurfs were receiving was so much that they became wasteful and unconcerned with how they were using it. This problem became more pronounced when Handy found out that the smurfomatic picking machine had picked Farmer's fields and smurfberry bushes so clean that there wouldn't be any new crops for a few months. Handy tried to warn his fellow Smurfs to save whatever food they had left, but hardly any of them paid attention to his warnings. Then when the delivery machine was out making its rounds again, but this time only passing by every Smurf's house, they suspected that something was wrong. Brainy and Clumsy decided to go straight to the heart of the food processing machine itself to investigate, believing that it's the problem with the machine itself that's behind the non-delivery of their food and not a food shortage. However, as Brainy tried to turn something within the machine, it began to fall apart, forcing him and Clumsy to immediately exit only to face Handy's anger. Soon a single smurfberry dropped out of the machine, making the Smurfs realize the seriousness of Handy's warnings, but also making them so desperate that they fought over who should get the last smurfberry. In the middle of the fight, though, the smurfberry was turned to mush. Also, the food processing machine ended up belching out smoke as it was getting ready to explode, making the other Smurfs run for cover before it did.

Fortunately, Papa Smurf had the foresight to deal with this problem and had stored up enough food for the Smurfs to eat for weeks, which he revealed after the food processing complex was destroyed in order to show the Smurfs that they must be wise in their use of food.

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