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Smurfs' Village and The Magical Meadow (also known as Smurfs' Village 2) is a game which is developed by Beeline for Apple iOS and Android. This game is similar to the Smurfs' Village which players have to build a new Smurf village. Players can grow crops, building houses and other structures and finishing quests. This is the first Beeline Smurf game which the Smurfs are in 3D figures.

The game is now available worldwide on May 14th, 2015.


You are the player who needed to help the Smurfs to build a new village just like the previous game. In the game, the player has to do quests from the Smurfs. Also, the player can grow crops, purchase items, upgrade items, place structures, etc.

Growing Crops

Same to the Smurfs' Village game, there are many crops for the player to grow and gain money, also completing quests. Different from the previous game, the crops can be sold to the Smurfs. There is a crop calender which lets the player to earn more when the player grows the right crop at the right time.

Special Smurfs

There are many Smurfs that the player can have, like Smurfette, Hefty, Papa, Brainy, Handy and so on. They are quite useful as they can unlock the limitation of buying and boost up the time for building, growing and gather resources. Also, upgrading their huts by using resources can makes the boost faster and unlock more things.

Completing Quests

The player needed to complete quests from Papa Smurf. The player needs to grow crops, purchase things, place items and once the player finished them, XP and various resources will be given as reward. Players can also skip the quests by paying magic acorns (similar to Smurfberries in the Smurfs' Village game).

Basic Information

In the game, there will be some basic information like:

  • XP: Experience point (short XP) is a unit of measurement used in many role-playing games like Smurfs Village 2 to quantify a player character’s progression through the game. In the game, experience points are earned from many things like building, crafting, farming, completing the quests, and so on. In Smurfs Village 2, XP is displayed in stars.
  • Coins: It’s the primary currency of the game. Players can earn it through harvesting, selling the crops and completing various in-game quests just like the original Smurfs’ Village. players can buy coins for real money through in-app purchase menu of the game as well.
  • Magic Acorns: It’s the premium currency of the game. PLayers can use it to buy premium or special items, and to speed up quests etc. Players can buy Magic Acorns for real money through in-app purchase menu of the game too.
  • Level Menu: It shows a star and the level you’re currently at. It also shows the XP needed to progress to the next level once you tap on it.
  • Quest Menu: Quest menu or log is a journal given to you by Papa Smurf. It lets you see details about everything you need to do in the village. You can tap on a character on the left side inside the Quest menu to see their quests. It also lets you see time it would take to complete an on-going quest, completed quests and Magic Acorns it takes to instantly finish a quest. The Quest log also shows you pictures of what is needed for a quest on the left hand side, plus the completed quests on the right with a check mark. Moreover, for any given quest, this menu also displays rewards you would get at the bottom in the shape of stars (XP), coins and Magic Acorns.Alternatively, you can visit the Quest Menu by tapping on Papa Smurf’s hut, and then tapping on Quest log.You can tap on the green exclamation bubble in the Quest log to start a quest too. Some quests require you to send Smurfs out of the village for a period of time, to do so you can simply tap the green arrow button to send them out of the village immediately, or you can go directly to the menu where you can find the item that completes the objective. If you build Hefty’s hut and activate his bonus, then you can cut down this time. Furthermore, every time you start a new quest, the Quest log will tell you what tasks need to be done. Quest items also have a clipboard icon on them so it’s easy and quick to find them in the Build Menu or elsewhere.Tip: When characters have quests, they show red exclamation mark over their heads.
  • Sale Menu: It’s a sale menu; it shows up time to time whenever Beeline is running a limited time sale etc.
  • Build Menu:The build menu consists of followings: Smurfs and Huts, Farming, Paths and Fences, Decorations, Nature Decorations, New and Special Featured Items and Decorative Storage.

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