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Smurfs: Time Travellers is a three-disk DVD collection that has been released in Australia by Magna Home Entertainment from November 2008. The episodes featured in that collection are all from Season 9 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

The episodes featured in this collection include:

1. The Smurfs That Time Forgot (All three parts)
2. Cave Smurfs
3. Shamrock Smurfs
4. Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep
5. Mummy Dearest
6. Smurfette's Green Thumb
7. Trojan Smurfs
8. The Smurf Odyssey
9. The Monumental Grouch
10. Greedy's Masterpizza
11. Gnoman Holiday
12. Small Minded Smurfs
13. Sky High Surprise

1. The Clumsy Genie
2. Hearts 'N' Smurfs
3. Fortune Cookie
4. Imperial Panda-Monium
5. Like It Or Smurf It
6. Bananas Over Hefty
7. The Smurfs Of The Round Table
8. A Fish Called Snappy
9. Hefty Sees A Serpent
10. The Phantom Bagpiper
11. G'Day Smoogle
12. Karate Clumsy
13. Papa's Big Snooze

1. Papa Loses His Patience
2. Big Shot Smurfs
3. Swashbuckling Smurfs
4. Grandpa's Fountain Of Youth
5. Jungle Jitterbug
6. Painter's Egg-Cellent Adventure
7. The Golden Rhino
8. Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo
9. Scary Smurfs
10. No Reflection On Vanity
11. Wild Goes Cuckoo
12. Curried Smurfs


  • In many copies of this DVD (if not all of them), there is an technical error throughout the half of "The Smurfs Of The Round Table". Around 8 to 10 minutes, the episode suddenly pauses and then skips to the next episode. (in Season 9 Disc 2 on Ultimate Collection 2 box set, the issue on the entire episode has been fixed)