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You may also be looking for the group of people called the Smurfs. For the comic strips that feature the characters, see Smurfs (comics). For the TV series that aired in the 1960s, see The Smurfs (1961 TV series). For the Nickelodeon TV series, see The Smurfs (2021 TV series)

The Smurfs (actual title of the show does not use "the" as part of it) was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon series which aired on NBC from 1981 until 1990. It was based on the Belgian comic series The Smurfs by Peyo which features the group of blue people called Smurfs. It originally aired for one hour of programming time in its first season, then it was expanded to 90 minutes for the following seasons until 1988, when it returned to its original one-hour show length. It spawned a 30-minute syndicated version of the show called Smurfs Adventures in 1986, when it first debuted on various independent stations, and is now being aired on the Boomerang cable network. Each season featured its own separate intro sequence, depicting various changes in the show for that season. This series is the second Smurfs television series, which was 20 years later than the airing of the first television series.


In 1976, Stuart R. Ross, an American media and entertainment entrepreneur who saw the Smurfs while travelling in Belgium, entered into an agreement with Editions Dupuis and Peyo, acquiring North American and other rights to the characters. Subsequently, Ross launched the Smurfs in the United States in association with a California company, Wallace Berrie and Co., whose figurines, dolls and other Smurf merchandise became a hugely popular success. NBC television executive Fred Silverman's daughter had a Smurf doll of her own, and Silverman thought that a series based on the Smurfs might make a good addition to his Saturday-morning lineup. The series was to be produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions in association with SEPP International S.A., and its first producer was to be Gerard Baldwin, as decided in 1980.[1] Baldwin fought relentlessly with the network and studio over many things during the development of the series, including keeping it loyal to its creative roots and his idea for a soundtrack composed of classical music.[2]

When the cartoon show was in development, Peyo vetoed any extreme changes made to the setting and character designs of the Smurfs. He did not want his characters to be "Americanized", forbidding activities like chewing gum or drinking Coca-Cola. A notable example of a design he vetoed was Jokey Smurf wearing a Harpo Marx-esque wig and a bowtie. As Peyo could not understand English, Yvan Delporte served as his translator for the initial meetings between him and the studio. During said meetings, Peyo was told about basic changes that needed to be made for an American audience, such as toned down violence and the altering of concepts from the comics that could be interpreted as having racial connotations or a possible reference to drugs.

Multiple times during production, Peyo received drafts by the animators at Hanna-Barbera. He made corrections on tracing paper to send back to the studio, but by the time they received them, the episode in question would be practically finished due to an extremely tight production schedule. Due to these complications, Peyo's involvement with the series was usually limited to approving or vetoing production material, providing character designs or ideas, and having discussions with the studio in person or through letters.

Peyo and Hanna-Barbera's relationship became more and more rocky over time, coming to a standstill when he learned the anti-drug episode, "Lure Of The Orb", was made despite his disapproval. In retaliation, Peyo then refused to approve any further material he received, causing an abrupt pause in production and panic for the studio. It was only after Delporte spoke with Peyo that production resumed as normal. Struggling with health issues including fatigue, Peyo soon lessened his protective grip on the Smurfs and allowed Hanna-Barbera a bit more creative freedom, leading to the approval of Season 9, where the series' usual premise was switched to that of time travelling.

The Smurfs secured their place in North American pop culture on September 12th, 1981, when the Saturday-morning cartoon premiered on NBC and aired from 1981 to 1990. The show became a major success for the network, spawning television specials on an almost yearly basis. The Smurfs was nominated multiple times for Daytime Emmy awards, and won Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series in 1982–1983. The television show enjoyed continued success up until the ninth season, which brought about change that greatly displeased viewers. On April 9th, 1990, after a decade of success, NBC announced the cancellation of the show along with other Saturday-morning cartoons to make way for another block of live-action programming.

Roughly two weeks after the cartoon's cancellation, the animated versions of Papa Smurf and Brainy Smurf were featured in the "non-canonical" anti-drug special Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue along with Hefty Smurf, who had one speaking line in the beginning which was "Who smurfed the bell?." Though Smurfette is present on the cover of the poster and VHS release, she is the only cartoon character and Smurf to not have appeared at all in the special. Harmony Smurf made a small cameo as the Smurfs comic book was flipping through pages.

The series currently airs in reruns on Boomerang, and 26 selected episodes were aired in DiC Entertainment's syndicated programming blocks. The series is still being shown regularly on many channels throughout the world. The cartoon was formerly distributed by Television Program Enterprises (later Rysher Entertainment), Tribune Entertainment (for DiC) and Worldvision Enterprises. The cartoon is now distributed direct from Warner Bros. Television; Time Warner is the current owner of all Hanna-Barbera properties (now known as Cartoon Network Studios), having inherited them in their 1996 merger with Turner Broadcasting.

Warner Bros. has released Season 1 of Smurfs cartoon series on two DVD volumes in the United States in 2008, with the original intention of later seasons following the same trend. However, only five episodes from Season 2 were released on three single-disk sets each in 2009 and in the following years. At present, most of the episodes from Seasons 3 to 9 are available for download and streaming by Amazon Instant Video, Apple iTunes, and the Zune media service.

The Season 2 introduction's lyrics for the Smurf song are used in the 2011 Smurfs movie and also in the Smurfs Dance Party video game.

In October 2014, IMPS (International Merchandising, Promotion & Services) has made a deal with ODMedia and Expoza to digitalise and remaster the entire series in full HD and also cropped in widescreen for the official Smurfs YouTube channel. The "remastered" episodes presented are actually cropped into widescreen and sourced from the 1990s international restoration, as used on non-USA DVD releases. As of January 31st, 2019, WildBrain took over the YouTube distribution services for all the Smurfs bilingual YouTube channels.

In 2020, the show's first four seasons were finally released in its original aspect ratio and full 1080p high definition on HBO Max for the American subscribers.

Episode Listings

Season 1

  1. The Astro Smurf (9/12/1981)
  2. Jokey's Medicine (9/12/1981)
  3. Vanity Fare (9/12/1981)
  4. St. Smurf And The Dragon (9/19/1981)
  5. Sorcerer Smurf (9/19/1981)
  6. The Magical Meanie (9/19/1981)
  7. Bewitched, Bothered, And Be-Smurfed (9/26/1981)
  8. King Smurf (9/26/1981)
  9. The Smurfs And The Howlibird (9/26/1981)
  10. Soup A La Smurf (10/3/1981)
  11. All That Glitters Isn't Smurf (10/3/1981)
  12. Dreamy's Nightmare (10/3/1981)
  13. Romeo and Smurfette (10/10/1981)
  14. The Magic Egg (10/10/1981)
  15. Smurphony in 'C' (10/10/1981)
  16. Sideshow Smurfs (10/17/1981)
  17. Supersmurf (10/17/1981)
  18. Paradise Smurfed (10/17/1981)
  19. Sir Hefty (10/24/1981)
  20. The Fake Smurf (10/24/1981)
  21. The Baby Smurf (10/24/1981)
  22. Painter And Poet (10/31/1981)
  23. Haunted Smurfs (10/31/1981)
  24. The Purple Smurfs (10/31/1981)
  25. The Fountain Of Smurf (11/7/1981)
  26. The Magnifying Mixture (11/7/1981)
  27. Foul Weather Smurf (11/7/1981)
  28. The Hundredth Smurf (11/14/1981)
  29. The Abominable Snowbeast (11/14/1981)
  30. Gargamel The Generous (11/14/1981)
  31. The Smurfette (11/21/1981)
  32. Spelunking Smurfs (11/21/1981)
  33. Now You Smurf 'Em, Now You Don't (11/21/1981)
  34. The Smurf's Apprentice (11/28/1981)
  35. Smurf-Colored Glasses (11/28/1981)
  36. The Clockwork Smurf (11/28/1981)
  37. Fuzzle Trouble (12/5/1981)
  38. Smurfette's Dancing Shoes (10/31/1981)
  39. The Smurfs And The Money Tree (12/5/1981)

Season 2

  1. The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No (9/18/1982)
  2. The Adventures Of Robin Smurf (9/18/1982)
  3. The Cursed Country (9/18/1982)
  4. S-Shivering S-Smurfs (9/25/1982)
  5. Sister Smurf (9/25/1982)
  6. The Black Hellebore (9/25/1982)
  7. Revenge Of The Smurfs (9/25/1982)
  8. The Three Smurfketeers (10/2/1982)
  9. Heavenly Smurfs (10/2/1982)
  10. It Came From Outer Smurf (10/2/1982)
  11. The Sorcery Of Maltrochu (10/2/1982)
  12. Squeaky (10/9/1982)
  13. The Kaplowey Scroll (10/9/1982)
  14. The Goblin Of Boulder Wood (10/9/1982)
  15. Gormandizing Greedy (10/9/1982)
  16. Waste Not, Smurf Not (10/9/1982)
  17. Johan's Army (10/16/1982)
  18. The Lost City Of Yore (10/16/1982)
  19. Magic Fountain (10/16/1982)
  20. The Imposter King (10/23/1982)
  21. For The Love Of Gargamel (10/23/1982)
  22. The A-Maze-Ing Smurfs (10/23/1982)
  23. The Haunted Castle (10/23/1982)
  24. Smurfs At Sea (10/30/1982)
  25. One Good Smurf Deserves Another (10/30/1982)
  26. The Blue Plague (10/30/1982)
  27. The Last Laugh (10/30/1982)
  28. The Raven Wizard (11/6/1982)
  29. The Ring Of Castellac (11/6/1982)
  30. The Sky Is Smurfing! The Sky Is Smurfing! (11/6/1982)
  31. Turncoat Smurf (11/6/1982)
  32. Return Of The Clockwork Smurf (11/13/1982)
  33. The Littlest Giant (11/13/1982)
  34. Bubble, Bubble, Smurfs In Trouble (11/13/1982)
  35. Smurf Van Winkle (11/13/1982)
  36. The Prince And The Peewit (11/20/1982)
  37. The Enchanted Baby (11/20/1982)
  38. Clumsy Smurfs The Future (11/20/1982)
  39. Sleepwalking Smurfs (11/27/1982)
  40. Smurf Me No Flowers (11/27/1982)
  41. The Good, The Bad, And The Smurfy (11/27/1982)
  42. A Mere Truffle (11/27/1982)
  43. The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of (12/4/1982)
  44. The Box Of Dirty Tricks (12/4/1982)
  45. Papa's Wedding Day (12/4/1982)
  46. All's Smurfy That Ends Smurfy (12/4/1982)

Season 3

  1. Once In A Blue Moon 9/17/1983
  2. All Creatures Great And Smurf 9/17/1983
  3. The Smurf Fire Brigade 9/17/1983
  4. The Winged Wizard 9/17/1983
  5. Every Picture Smurfs A Story 9/17/1983
  6. The First Telesmurf 9/24/1983
  7. Handy's Kite 9/24/1983
  8. The Magic Earrings 9/24/1983
  9. The Last Smurfberry 9/24/1983
  10. A Little Smurf Confidence 10/1/1983
  11. Hogatha's Heart Throb 10/1/1983
  12. Born Rotten 10/1/1983
  13. The Tear Of A Smurf 10/1/1983
  14. The Miracle Smurfer 10/1/1983
  15. The Smurf Who Would Be King 10/8/1983
  16. How To Smurf A Rainbow 10/8/1983
  17. Smurfette For A Day 10/8/1983
  18. Peewit Meets Bigmouth 10/8/1983
  19. Lumbering Smurfs 10/8/1983
  20. Handy's Sweetheart 10/15/1983
  21. Speak For Yourself, Farmer Smurf 10/15/1983
  22. A Hovel Is Not A Home 10/15/1983
  23. Forget Me Smurfs 10/15/1983
  24. The Grumpy Gremlin 10/15/1983
  25. Clumsy Luck 10/22/1983
  26. Willpower Smurfs 10/22/1983
  27. Baby Smurf Is Missing 10/22/1983
  28. The Smurfs' Time Capsule 10/22/1983
  29. Wedding Bells For Gargamel 10/29/1983
  30. To Smurf A Thief 10/29/1983
  31. Greedy And The Porridge Pot 10/29/1983
  32. Harmony Steals The Show 10/29/1983
  33. The Golden Smurf Award 10/29/1983
  34. The Moor's Baby 11/5/1983
  35. Hefty's Heart 11/5/1983
  36. A Hug For Grouchy 11/5/1983
  37. The Magic Rattle 11/5/1983
  38. All Hallows' Eve 11/5/1983
  39. The Littlest Witch 11/5/1983
  40. April Smurf's Day 11/12/1983
  41. The Magic Stick 11/12/1983
  42. Baby's First Christmas 11/12/1983
  43. Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep 11/12/1983
  44. Wolf In Peewit's Clothing 11/12/1983
  45. A Bell For Azrael 11/12/1983
  46. The Chief Record Smurf 11/19/1983
  47. Smurfing In Sign Language 11/19/1983
  48. Chip Off The Old Smurfs 11/19/1983
  49. A Gift For Papa's Day 11/19/1983
  50. Good Neighbor Smurf 11/26/1983
  51. The Smurfstone Quest 11/26/1983
  52. Hats Off To Smurfs 11/26/1983
  53. The Noble Stag 11/26/1983
  54. Smurfy Acres 11/26/1983
  55. No Time For Smurfs 11/26/1983

Season 4

  1. Symbols Of Wisdom 9/15/1984
  2. Blue Eyes Returns 9/15/1984
  3. The Secret Of The Village Well 9/15/1984
  4. Stop And Smurf The Roses 9/15/1984
  5. The Gingerbread Smurfs 9/15/1984
  6. Jokey's Shadow 9/15/1984
  7. Jokey's Funny Bone 9/22/1984
  8. Tick Tock Smurfs 9/22/1984
  9. The Master Smurf 9/22/1984
  10. Tailor's Magic Needle 9/22/1984
  11. The Traveler 9/22/1984
  12. A Pet For Baby Smurf 9/22/1984
  13. The Incredible Shrinking Wizard 9/29/1984
  14. Breakfast At Greedy's 9/29/1984
  15. The Secret Of Shadow Swamp 9/29/1984
  16. The Trojan Smurf 9/29/1984
  17. Smurf The Other Cheek 9/29/1984
  18. A Float Full Of Smurfs 10/6/1984
  19. Smurfette's Sweet Tooth 10/6/1984
  20. Smurf On Wood 10/6/1984
  21. The Smurfomatic Smurfolator 10/6/1984
  22. Petrified Smurfs 10/6/1984
  23. Papa's Worry Warts 10/13/1984
  24. Lazy's Slumber Party 10/13/1984
  25. The Pussywillow Pixies 10/13/1984
  26. The Bignose Dilemma 10/13/1984
  27. The Smurfbox Derby 10/13/1984
  28. A Circus For Baby 10/20/1984
  29. Babes In Wartland 10/20/1984
  30. The Smurfwalk Cafe 10/20/1984
  31. The Smurfiest Of Friends 10/20/1984
  32. Never Smurf Off 'Til Tomorrow 10/20/1984
  33. Bigmouth Smurf 10/27/1984
  34. Baby's Enchanted Didey 10/27/1984
  35. The Man In The Moon 10/27/1984
  36. Smurfette's Golden Tresses 10/27/1984
  37. The Whole Smurf And Nothing But The Smurf 10/27/1984
  38. Gargamel's Giant 10/27/1984
  39. The Patchwork Bear 11/10/1984
  40. Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer 11/10/1984
  41. Hopping Cough Smurfs 11/10/1984
  42. The Little Orange Horse With The Gold Shoes 11/10/1984
  43. Monster Smurfs 11/10/1984
  44. The Bad Place 11/10/1984
  45. Smurfing For Ghosts 11/17/1984
  46. The Gargoyle Of Quarrel Castle 11/17/1984
  47. Smurfiplication 11/17/1984
  48. Gargamel's Miss-Fortune 11/17/1984

Season 5

  1. The Smurflings (Season Premiere)
  2. Sassette (Season Premiere)
  3. Puppy
  4. Alarming Smurfs
  5. All Work And No Smurf
  6. Baby's First Word
  7. Bigmouth's Friend
  8. Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The Animals
  9. Brainy's Smarty Party
  10. The Comet Is Coming
  11. The Dark Ness Monster
  12. Dreamy's Pen Pals
  13. Educating Bigmouth
  14. Gargamel's Time Trip
  15. The Great Slime Crop Failure
  16. The Grouchiest Game In Town
  17. Happy Unhappiness Day To You
  18. Have You Smurfed Your Pet, Today?
  19. He Who Smurfs Last
  20. Kow-Tow, We Won't Bow
  21. Love Those Smurfs
  22. Marco Smurf And The Pepper Pirates
  23. The Masked Pie Smurfer
  24. The Mr. Smurf Contest
  25. Mud Wrestling Smurfs
  26. Mutiny On The Smurf
  27. Papa's Day Off
  28. Papa's Family Album
  29. Papa's Flying Bed
  30. Papa's Puppy Prescription
  31. Poet's Writers' Block
  32. Queen Smurfette
  33. The Sand Witch (Beach Blanket Smurfs)
  34. Smurf A Mile In My Shoes
  35. Smurfette's Rose
  36. Stuck On Smurfs
  37. They're Smurfing Our Song
  38. Things That Go Smurf In The Night
  39. Unsound Smurfs
  40. Wild And Wooly

Season 6

  1. Smurfquest (Parts 1 to 4) (Season Premiere)
  2. All The Smurf's A Stage
  3. Baby's New Toy
  4. Bookworm Smurf
  5. Bringing Up Bigfeet
  6. Can't Smurf The Music
  7. Calling Dr. Smurf
  8. Clumsy's Cloud
  9. The Color Smurfy
  10. Crying Smurfs
  11. Dr. Evil And Mr. Nice
  12. Don Smurfo
  13. The Enchanted Quill
  14. Essence Of Brainy
  15. Farmer's Genie
  16. Fire-Fighting Smurfs
  17. Future Smurfed
  18. The Gallant Smurf
  19. Gargamel's Dummy
  20. Gargamel's New Job
  21. Greedy Goes On Strike
  22. Grouchy Makes A Splash
  23. Handy's Window Vision
  24. Head Over Hogatha
  25. Heart Of Gold
  26. The Horn Of Plenty
  27. I Smurf To The Trees
  28. It's A Puppy's Life
  29. Jokey's Cloak
  30. Journey To The Center Of The Smurf
  31. The Last Whippoorwill
  32. Lazy's Nightmare
  33. The Littlest Viking
  34. A Loss Of Smurf
  35. Lure Of The Orb
  36. Master Scruple
  37. The Most Popular Smurf
  38. The Most Unsmurfy Game
  39. A Myna Problem
  40. No Smurf Is An Island
  41. Papa's Last Spell
  42. Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf
  43. The Prince And The Hopper
  44. Put Upon Puppy
  45. Reckless Smurfs
  46. The Root Of Evil
  47. The Royal Drum
  48. Sassette's Tooth
  49. The Scarlet Croaker
  50. Scruple's Sweetheart
  51. Smurfette's Flower
  52. Smurfette's Gift
  53. Smurf On The Run
  54. Smurfs On Wheels
  55. Snappy's Way
  56. Sweepy Smurf
  57. The Tallest Smurf
  58. Tattle-Tail Smurfs
  59. The Village Vandal
  60. The World According To Smurflings

Season 7

  1. Smurf On The Wild Side (Parts 1 to 2) (Season Premiere)
  2. All The News That's Fit To Smurf
  3. The Answer Smurf
  4. Azrael's Brain
  5. Baby's Marvelous Toy
  6. Bad Luck Smurfs
  7. Bouncing Smurf
  8. Castaway Smurfs
  9. Chlorhydris' Lost Love
  10. Clockwork Smurfette
  11. To Coin A Smurf
  12. Crooner Smurf
  13. Cut-Up Smurfs
  14. Dancing Bear
  15. The Fastest Wizard In The World
  16. Flighty's Plight
  17. Foul Feather Fiend
  18. Gargamel's Last Will
  19. Gargamel's Quest
  20. Gargamel's Second Childhood
  21. Gargamel's Sweetheart
  22. Hefty's Rival
  23. A Hole In Smurf
  24. I Was A Brainy Weresmurf
  25. Jokey's Joke Book
  26. Legendary Smurfs
  27. Little Big Smurf
  28. Locomotive Smurfs
  29. A Long Tale For Grandpa
  30. The Magic Sack Of Mr. Nicholas
  31. Nobody Smurf
  32. Papa For A Day
  33. Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure
  34. Poet The Know-It-All
  35. Poet's Storybook
  36. Poltersmurf
  37. Predictable Smurfs
  38. Prince Smurf
  39. The Return Of Don Smurfo
  40. Sassette's Bewitching Friendship
  41. Sassette's Hive
  42. Scruple And The Great Book Of Spells
  43. Sing A Song Of Smurflings
  44. Skyscraper Smurfs
  45. Sleepless Smurfs
  46. Smurfette's Lucky Star
  47. Smurfette Unmade
  48. Smurfing For Gold
  49. Smurfing Out Of Time
  50. Smurfing The Unicorns
  51. The Smurflings' Unsmurfy Friend
  52. Smurf Pet
  53. The Smurfstalker
  54. The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong
  55. The Smurfy Verdict
  56. Snappy's Puppet
  57. Soothsayer Smurfette
  58. Stop And Go Smurfs
  59. Swapping Smurfs
  60. Timber Smurf
  61. Vanity's Closest Friend
  62. Vanity's Wild Adventure
  63. Where The Wild Smurfs Are
  64. Wild About Smurfette

Season 8

  1. Lost Smurf (Season Premiere)
  2. Archives Of Evil
  3. Bigmouth's Roommate
  4. Bungling Babysitters
  5. Clockwork's Powerplay
  6. Clumsy In Command
  7. Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests
  8. Denisa's Greedy Doll
  9. Denisa's Slumber Party
  10. Grandpa's Nemesis
  11. Grandpa's Walking Stick
  12. A House For Nanny
  13. It's A Smurfy Life
  14. Land Of Lost And Found
  15. Long Live Brainy
  16. A Maze Of Mirrors
  17. Memory Melons
  18. Nanny's Way
  19. Pappy's Puppy
  20. Shutterbug Smurfs
  21. Smoogle Sings The Blues
  22. A Smurf For Denisa
  23. Smurf The Presses
  24. Stealing Grandpa's Thunder

Season 9

  1. The Smurfs That Time Forgot (Parts 1 to 3) (Season Premiere)
  2. Cave Smurfs
  3. Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep
  4. Mummy Dearest
  5. Shamrock Smurfs
  6. Karate Clumsy
  7. Like It Or Smurf It
  8. Papa's Big Snooze
  9. A Fish Called Snappy
  10. The Smurf Odyssey
  11. Trojan Smurfs
  12. Fortune Cookie
  13. Imperial Panda-Monium
  14. Smurfette's Green Thumb
  15. Hefty Sees A Serpent
  16. Phantom Bagpiper
  17. Jungle Jitterbug
  18. The Clumsy Genie
  19. Scary Smurfs
  20. Sky High Surprise
  21. Gnoman Holiday
  22. Greedy's Master Pizza
  23. The Monumental Grouch
  24. Curried Smurfs
  25. G'Day Smoogle
  26. Grandpa's Fountain Of Youth
  27. Big Shot Smurfs
  28. No Reflection On Vanity
  29. Papa Loses His Patience
  30. Swashbuckling Smurfs
  31. Painter's Egg-Cellent Adventure
  32. Small Minded Smurfs
  33. Bananas Over Hefty
  34. The Smurfs Of The Round Table
  35. Wild Goes Cuckoo
  36. Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo
  37. The Golden Rhino
  38. Hearts 'N' Smurfs

Cartoon Specials

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  • In the 1990s the episodes were re-edited to carry one opening sequence for all episodes; this happened for at least non-English markets. The video scenes consist of two Smurfs flying on a bird, which is presumably the Season 8 opening of the US version. The music consists of a vocal song sung by a children's choir.
  • Earlier on in the series, it had the misfortune of recycling animation and misshapen character models. Sometimes, the recycling of animation would cause inconsistently with the structure of the episodes, such as "Romeo and Smurfette" and "A Mere Truffle". In later seasons after the switch to overseas animation, camera angles were more dynamic and character models were much more consistent.

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