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The Smurfs cartoon show title used in the Season 3 intro sequence

Season 3, which aired from 1983 to 1984, introduced the new main character of Baby Smurf as well as the adult version of Nat Smurf, who would remain an adult until Season 5. It also introduced a new object: Gargamel's Great Book Of Spells, which is activated the morning after the final phase of the full moon. It was also during this season that the cartoon special "The Smurfic Games" was aired. This season would also be the first where there were now 5 episodes that would air in its 90-minute running time until Season 8, with supporting characters Sir Johan and Peewit folded over into the main cast's stories. It was during Season 3 that the "non-canonical" Smurf story "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute", an animated film from Europe, made its run in American theaters in 1983.

Season 3 marked a bigger breakaway from the confines of the Middle Ages as seen in the first two seasons and more of a tie-in with familiarities of the modern world in this season and each season thereafter. Such examples include The First Telesmurf dealing with telephones, The Golden Smurf Award dealing with awards, and Smurfy Acres dealing with neighborhood projects. All of which are things that came centuries after the Middle Ages. Human characters, however, would remain stuck in the Middle Ages and the technologies, or lack thereof, of the times.

It's also the breaking point where the episodes became more story-driven (despite the establishment of running gags) and are a vast improvement over the episodes from the previous seasons, which are full of slapstick antics with very little to no hints of story. It was at this point the writers started putting more emphasis on dialogue to make the storylines stronger, where they couldn't before when the show started. Papa Smurf's short temper started to tone down, making him a kindly, easygoing and helpful father figure.

Episode Listings

The episodes that appeared in this season (in the order of their original air dates) include:

No. in series No. in season Title card Title Air date Code
86 1 Once in a Blue Moon.png Once In A Blue Moon September 17, 1983 301
Baby Smurf is brought to the village by a stork and everyone loves him. When the stork comes back and tells the Smurfs that bringing Baby was a mistake, Grouchy runs away with him because he doesn't want Baby to go.
87 2 AllCreaturesGreatandSmurf.jpg All Creatures Great And Smurf September 17, 1983 329b
Nat's love of animals has gone too far this time - he brings an injured Azrael to the village!
88 3 SmurfFireBrigadeTitleCard.png The Smurf Fire Brigade September 17, 1983 303b
The Smurfs organize a fire brigade, but Gargamel dries the river and plugs out their water.
89 4 F3109308-D0FB-46DC-B48F-9C14414D692F.jpeg The Winged Wizard September 17, 1983 305a
Gargamel attempts to fly using many spells from the Great Book of Spells in order to capture the Smurfs and prove the other wizards that they really exist.
90 5 EveryPictureSmurfsAStory.jpeg Every Picture Smurfs A Story September 17, 1983 304
Maestro, a painter who's stuck in a painting, gives Painter magic colors in order to free himself from the picture.
91 6 First Telesmurf.png The First Telesmurf September 24, 1983 305b
When Farmer's melons grow all over the village due to Papa's potion, Handy gets an idea for a telephone.
92 7 Handy's kite title card.PNG Handy's Kite September 24, 1983 J14b
Handy, Dreamy, Brainy, and Clumsy are taken away in a giant kite, landing right into Balthazar's castle.
93 8 Magic earrings title card.PNG The Magic Earrings September 24, 1983 312b
Hogatha disguises herself as a princess to get the second magic earring she needs from Gargamel.
94 9 The Last Smurfberry Title.png The Last Smurfberry September 24, 1983 310
Gargamel destroys all the smurfberry bushes in the forest except for one he plants next to his hovel, so Dreamy and his crew are sent to Smurfberry Island to get more smurfberries.
95 10 A Little Smurf Confidence Title Card.png A Little Smurf Confidence October 1, 1983 309a
The Smurfs attempt to give Weakling some confidence to make him think he's stronger.
96 11 Hogatha's Heartthrob Title Card.png Hogatha's Heart Throb October 1, 1983 311a
Hogatha wants to meet a wizard named Harlequin, so Gargamel disguises himself as Harlequin to get the magic whistle from Hogatha.
97 12 Born Rotten Title Card.png Born Rotten October 1, 1983 303a
Gargamel sends a stinky creature to the Smurfs to infiltrate their village.
98 13 Tearofsmurf.png The Tear Of A Smurf October 1, 1983 313a
A hag captures Jokey, Grouchy, and Azrael in order to free herself from a curse.
99 14 The Miracle Smurfer.png The Miracle Smurfer October 1, 1983 314
A wicked doctor offers his "miracle tonic" to the Smurfs, which obsesses them so much that they start selling their things to that man in exchange for that potion, so it's up to Smurfette to stop this madness before it goes too far.
100 15 Smurf who would be king.png The Smurf Who Would Be King October 8, 1983 330a
After having an accident on his ship, Dreamy wakes up as a king among the little bears.
101 16 How To Smurf A Rainbow.png How To Smurf A Rainbow October 8, 1983 313b
Mother Nature trusts the Smurfs that they can create a rainbow on the Rainbow Day.
102 17 Smurfette for a Day Title Card.png Smurfette For A Day October 8, 1983 312a
Hefty disguises himself as Smurfette to trick a gnome who wants to take Smurfette into his underground home.
103 18 Peewit Meets Bigmouth Title Card.png Peewit Meets Bigmouth October 8, 1983 J16a
Peewit accidentally transforms a little prince into a chicken, and worse, now he must save the prince from Bigmouth.
104 19 Lumbering Smurfs Title Card.png Lumbering Smurfs October 8, 1983 316b
Can the Smurfs stop the lumberjacks from cutting down the whole forest?
105 20 Handy's Sweetheart Title Card.png Handy's Sweetheart October 15, 1983 321
Handy falls in love with a mermaid named Marina while saving her father.
106 21 A Hovel Is Not A Home.png A Hovel Is Not A Home October 15, 1983 317a
Gargamel tries to capture the Smurfs with the help of his Great Book of Spells in order to buy himself a bigger home.
107 22 Speak For Yourself Farmer.png Speak For Yourself, Farmer Smurf October 15, 1983 317b
Farmer poses himself as another Smurf to get the amorous attention of Smurfette.
108 23 Forget Me Smurfs Title.png Forget Me Smurfs October 15, 1983 320a
An early-blooming flower causes all the Smurfs (except Sickly) to lose their memory.
109 24 GrumpyGremlinTitleCard.png The Grumpy Gremlin October 15, 1983 J16b
Peewit chops down a gremlin's tree, so the gremlin moves to the Great Oak until Peewit finds him a new home.
110 25 Willpower Smurfs Title.png Willpower Smurfs October 22, 1983 322a
Jokey tests Vanity, Greedy, Harmony, Grouchy, and Lazy if they can hold on without their habits for one day.
111 26 Clumsy Luck.png Clumsy Luck October 22, 1983 322b
Brainy locks Clumsy into his house for seven years thinking that he's bringing bad luck, but a meteor falls right onto Clumsy's house.
112 27 Baby Smurf Missing.png Baby Smurf Is Missing October 22, 1983 325a
Poachers capture Baby thinking that he's a leprechaun.
113 28 The Smurfs Time Capsule.png The Smurfs' Time Capsule October 22, 1983 323
The Smurfs must solve a riddle from the time capsule to defeat the evil druids.
114 29 Wedding Bells For Gargamel Title.png Wedding Bells For Gargamel October 29, 1983 328b
A princess is forced to marry Gargamel, so the Smurfs help her find her wedding gifts, but things go wrong when Poet gives her a map to their village instead of his poem.
115 30 To Smurf A Thief Title Card.png To Smurf A Thief October 29, 1983 318b
Homnibus starts raising a boy that's later accused of stealing teacher's jewels, so Homnibus and Papa Smurf must prove he's innocent.
116 31 Greedy and the Porridge Pot.png Greedy And The Porridge Pot October 29, 1983 324a
Greedy receives a magic porridge pot from a fairy after saving her life, but thanks to Brainy, the whole village gets flooded by the porridge.
117 32 Harmony Steals the Show.png Harmony Steals The Show October 29, 1983 309b
Harmony signs a contract with a ghost in exchange for getting a written symphony, but when he plays it for the Smurfs, he's forced to perform in a ghost bar.
118 33 Golden smurf award title card.PNG The Golden Smurf Award October 29, 1983 307
Brainy makes a contest, the "Golden Smurf Award", on which the trophy is actually disguised Hogatha!
119 34 Moors Baby.png The Moor's Baby November 5, 1983 J15
The Smurfs must solve an algebra problem to free the Tooth Fairy and ease the teething pains of both Baby Smurf and a visiting moor's baby.
120 35 Hefty's heart title card.PNG Hefty's Heart November 5, 1983 318a
Gargamel affects Hefty with the Yellow Hate Disease.
121 36 Hug for grouchy title card.PNG A Hug For Grouchy November 5, 1983 328a
Chlorhydris uses her ice wand on a fairy that begins removing emotions from the Smurfs and the fairy must get a hug from the biggest grouch to reverse the spell.
122 37 Magic rattle title card.PNG The Magic Rattle November 5, 1983 329a
Baby switches his rattle with a magic rattle of a little prince.
123 38 SmurfsHalloweenSpecialCard.jpg All Hallows' Eve November 5, 1983 315
When Lazy is sent out to get the firewood on Halloween, Mother Nature accidentally turns him red and he gets captured by Gargamel and Hogatha.
124 39 Littlest witch title card.PNG The Littlest Witch November 5, 1983 325b
The Smurfs teach a young witch named Brenda how to be good.
125 40 April Smurfs Day.png April Smurf's Day November 12, 1983 302a
Papa Smurf decides to play a prank on a smurfberry bush Gargamel after he captures a lot of the Smurfs with his disguise.
126 41 The Magic Stick Title Card.png The Magic Stick November 12, 1983 302b
Clumsy loses Papa's magic teleporting stick and finds a wrong replacement, so the Smurfs must find it before Bigmouth chomps down their smurfberry crop.
127 42 Baby's first xmas title card.PNG Baby's First Christmas November 12, 1983 326
The Smurfs try to make Baby's first Christmas special, but Chlorhydris wants to ruin this day by giving Mr. Nicholas the kiss of hate.
128 43 Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep.png Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep November 12, 1983 330b
Periwinkle, the perfection-minded pixie, finds a kindred spirit in Vanity and tries to kill him.
129 44 Wolf In Peewit's Clothing Title Card.png Wolf In Peewit's Clothing November 12, 1983 J14a
An evil wizard turns Peewit into a werewolf to capture some the Smurfs.
130 45 Bell for azrael title card.PNG A Bell For Azrael November 12, 1983 311b
Brainy's brilliant idea to put a bell on Azrael is used against the Smurfs when Gargamel puts his spell on the bell.
131 46 Recordsmurf title card.PNG The Chief Record Smurf November 19, 1983 308a
A lab accident gives Clumsy a photographic memory, and Gargamel tries to use him to get an invisible formula from Papa Smurf.
132 47 Smurfing In Sign Language.png Smurfing In Sign Language November 19, 1983 324b
Gargamel magically makes Poet mute, so Laconia, the mute wood elf, teaches him the wonders of sign language.
133 48 ChipofftheOldSmurfsTitleCard.png Chip Off The Old Smurfs November 19, 1983 316a
Everybody wants Baby Smurf to be like them while Gargamel invades the forest with the plant-eating insects that duplicates.
134 49 Papas Day.png A Gift For Papa's Day November 19, 1983 320b
Papa Smurf tries to discreetly dispose a hat that he received from the Smurfs for Papa's Day that he doesn't like.
135 50 Good Neighbor Smurf Title.png Good Neighbor Smurf November 26, 1983 308b
Brainy proves to be the worst roommate when ever he must stay at another Smurf's home, so he goes live into the forest.
136 51 TheSmurfstoneQuestTitleCard.jpg The Smurfstone Quest November 26, 1983 327a
Papa Smurf breaks his leg and asks Handy, Hefty, and Lazy to find a crystal with healing powers.
137 52 Hats Off To Smurfs Title Card.png Hats Off To Smurfs November 26, 1983 306a
A magic hat from Gargamel disfigures Vanity's face when he splashes water on himself, and he even can't get it off.
138 53 The Noble Stag.png The Noble Stag November 26, 1983 319
Harmony learns that Malcolm the Mean has turned King Gerard into a black stag when he's unknowingly taken to his castle.
139 54 Smurfy Arces.png Smurfy Acres November 26, 1983 327b
Gargamel uses the Great Book of Spells once again in order to lure the Smurfs into another Smurf Village he created.
140 55 No Time For Smurfs.png No Time For Smurfs November 26, 1983 306b
Brainy, Clumsy, Handy, and Smurfette cause all time to stop when they accidentally break Father Time's hourglass.

Video Releases

  • Amazon Instant Video and iTunes has individual episodes available for download
  • iTunes and Zune have individual episodes available for download. Some episodes in the iTunes edition carry the syndicated Smurfs Adventures repackaging, as opposed to the rest of the season, which remain uncut and use the original intro sequence and credits.
  • In October 2011, Magna Home Entertainment released the entire season on DVD set for Australia and New Zealand. All the episodes except the Johan and Peewit episodes are included, along with The Smurfic Games Special.
  • In October 2011, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the third season on DVD set for Germany, featuring all the episodes (except the Johan and Peewit episodes) and The Smurfic Games special.
  • Fabulous Films released the entire season (with all the episodes, except the Johan and Peewit episodes) on 4-disc DVD set for the United Kingdom from July 2013.
  • Imavision released a Season 3 DVD set in French in Canada.
  • In October 2020, HBO Max released season 3 in a brand new HD remaster of the original uncut USA editions.

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