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The Smurfs cartoon show title used in the Season 6 intro sequence

Season 6, which aired from 1986 to 1987, introduced us to two more new characters -- both a Smurf character and a villain character. In the four-part introductory episode "Smurfquest" we are given Grandpa Smurf, who has traveled around the world and has acquired knowledge as well as items usually stored in his beard that would become yet another asset in the Smurfs' adventures. On the other hand, we are also given the mischievous Scruple, who was dumped onto Gargamel to be his apprentice when the sorcerer's school didn't want him. A minor supporting character in the form of Gourdy the Genie, whom Farmer discovers in his fields, also makes his first appearance in this season.

It was around the time of Season 6 when the Smurfs cartoon show first went into syndication on various independent stations, retitled Smurfs Adventures and using a shortened form of the Season 4 intro sequence. It would become the most dominant form of showing most, if not all, of the episodes from that point onward.

This season was also the first to have its animation done overseas at foreign studios, such as Wang Film Productions/Cuckoo's Nest Studios in Taiwan, as opposed to animating in-house at its production company Hanna-Barbera Productions as in the first five seasons.

Episode Listings

The episodes that appeared in this season (in no particular order, except for the season premiere) include:

  1. Smurfquest (Parts 1 to 4) (Season Premiere)
  2. All The Smurf's A Stage
  3. Baby's New Toy
  4. Bookworm Smurf
  5. Bringing Up Bigfeet
  6. Can't Smurf The Music
  7. Calling Dr. Smurf
  8. Clumsy's Cloud
  9. The Color Smurfy
  10. Crying Smurfs
  11. Dr. Evil And Mr. Nice
  12. Don Smurfo
  13. The Enchanted Quill
  14. Essence Of Brainy
  15. Farmer's Genie
  16. Fire Fighting Smurfs
  17. Future Smurfed
  18. The Gallant Smurf
  19. Gargamel's Dummy
  20. Gargamel's New Job
  21. Greedy Goes On Strike
  22. Grouchy Makes A Splash
  23. Handy's Window Vision
  24. Head Over Hogatha
  25. Heart Of Gold
  26. The Horn Of Plenty
  27. I Smurf To The Trees
  28. It's A Puppy's Life
  29. Jokey's Cloak
  30. Journey To The Center Of The Smurf
  31. The Last Whippoorwill
  32. Lazy's Nightmare
  33. The Littlest Viking
  34. A Loss Of Smurf
  35. The Lure Of The Orb
  36. Master Scruple
  37. The Most Popular Smurf
  38. The Most Unsmurfy Game
  39. A Myna Problem
  40. No Smurf Is An Island
  41. Papa's Last Spell
  42. Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf
  43. The Prince And The Hopper
  44. Put Upon Puppy
  45. Reckless Smurfs
  46. The Root Of Evil
  47. The Royal Drum
  48. Sassette's Tooth
  49. The Scarlet Croaker
  50. Scruple's Sweetheart
  51. Smurfette's Flower
  52. Smurfette's Gift
  53. Smurf On The Run
  54. Smurfs On Wheels
  55. Snappy's Way
  56. Sweepy Smurf
  57. The Tallest Smurf
  58. Tattle-Tail Smurfs
  59. The Village Vandal
  60. The World According To Smurflings

Video Releases

  • Amazon Instant Video and iTunes has individual episodes available for download
  • Magna Home Entertainment released the entire season on a 5-disc DVD set called The Smurfs: Complete Season 6 for Australia and New Zealand on January 4, 2012.
  • In August 2012, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the entire season on DVD set for Germany, with all the episodes included.

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