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The Smurfs cartoon show title used in the Season 6 intro sequence

Season 6, which aired from 1986 to 1987, introduced us to two more new characters -- both a Smurf character and a villain character. In the four-part introductory episode "Smurfquest" we are given Grandpa Smurf, who has traveled around the world and has acquired knowledge as well as items usually stored in his beard that would become yet another asset in the Smurfs' adventures. On the other hand, we are also given the mischievous Scruple, who was dumped onto Gargamel to be his apprentice when the sorcerer's school didn't want him. A minor supporting character in the form of Gourdy the Genie, whom Farmer discovers in his fields, also makes his first appearance in this season.

It was around the time of Season 6 when the Smurfs cartoon show first went into syndication on various independent stations, retitled Smurfs Adventures and using a shortened form of the Season 4 intro sequence. It would become the most dominant form of showing most, if not all, of the episodes from that point onward.

This season was also the first to have its animation done overseas at foreign studios, such as Wang Film Productions/Cuckoo's Nest Studios in Taiwan, as opposed to animating in-house at its production company Hanna-Barbera Productions as in the first five seasons.

Intro Sequence

As the intro begins, Baby Smurf opens Puppy's locket, and from inside the locket we see Smurfs in the village going about their daily business and Grandpa Smurf going to fly a kite when Gargamel, Azrael, and Scruple make their appearance. Papa Smurf has Handy activate a catapult that launches a formula that turns the three menaces into frogs. The scene suddenly shifts to Smurfette flying on Feathers, Smurfs relaxing at the beach, the Smurflings at their playhouse playing together with a swing, Nat Smurfling going fishing and catching a Smurf wearing swim goggles. Then as the sky turns rainy, we see the S.S. Smurf II sailing through a stormy sea, a group of Smurfs hopping across a group of crocodiles, and three Smurfs descending down a steep rock wall with a crystal with the Sea Witch on the balcony stretching out her arms before the locket closes. Then a Smurf runs through the forest, slides down through a hollowed log, and runs behind the SMURFS title logo before appearing on top of a mushroom with a few other Smurfs appearing at the end of the intro.

Episode Listings

The episodes that appeared in this season (in the order of their original air dates) include:

No. in series No. in season Title card Title Air date Code
229 1 Smurfquest1.jpg
Smurfquest (Parts I-IV) September 13, 1986 601
Grandpa Smurf returns from a 500-year voyage around the world to restore the power of the Long Life Stone. He, Papa Smurf, Hefty, Handy, Greedy, and Sassette travel to find the purest sources of the four primal elements from around the world (Earth, air, water, and fire) and are followed by Gargamel while the Smurfs that stayed behind dig all over the village to find the Long-Life Stone.
230 2 New job title card.png Gargamel's New Job September 13, 1986 607
Gargamel becomes a new court magician at Prince Theodore's castle while some Smurfs travel to visit the prince.
231 3 Grouchy Makes A Splash.png Grouchy Makes A Splash September 20, 1986 623b
The Smurfs try to teach Grouchy how to swim.
232 4 No Smurf is an Island Title Card.png No Smurf Is An Island September 20, 1986 624a
Handy builds a submarine to live near Marina after an argument with Hefty.
233 5 DonSmurfo(Episode)InternationalTitleCard.png Don Smurfo September 20, 1986 608b
Jokey disguises himself as the storybook character Don Smurfo to charm Smurfette.
234 6 Prince and the hopper.png The Prince And The Hopper September 20, 1986 636
After finding a prince that was turned into a frog, Smurfette, Sassette, and Poet travel to his castle to return him into his true form.
235 7 Smurfette's Gift Title Card.png Smurfette's Gift September 27, 1986 625b
Smurfette finds out that the Smurfs have hidden her birthday presents into a cave, so she goes to find them, but an Imp captures her.
236 8 Most popular smurf title card.PNG The Most Popular Smurf September 27, 1986 629a
Scruple is annoyed by Jokey's surprises and enchants them so they now contain real gifts.
237 9 Loss of Smurf.png A Loss Of Smurf September 27, 1986 630
Vanity is tricked by an imp and turns into a Wartmonger.
238 10 Last Whipporwill.png The Last Whippoorwill September 27, 1986 613b
The Smurfs must find the last whippoorwill egg to banish insects from their village.
239 11 The Color Smurfy.jpg The Color Smurfy September 27, 1986 637b
The Smurflings break the color wheel, making all colors except for the smurfy blue disappear.
240 12 Lazy's Nightmare Title Card.png Lazy's Nightmare October 4, 1986 612
A dream demon chases Lazy in his worst nightmare ever.
241 13 All the Smurfs a stage.png All The Smurf's A Stage October 4, 1986 628a
After being rejected in an audition for Poet's play, Timid imitates Painter, Handy, and Tailor to prove his acting abilities.
242 14 Smurfs on Wheels.png Smurfs On Wheels October 4, 1986 626a
The Smurfs feel sorry that they didn't go on a hike with Grandpa, Papa, and Nat, so Handy invents a smurfwagon to follow them.
243 15 Littlest Viking.png The Littlest Viking October 4, 1986 617
Vikings think that Peewit is a great warrior from their legend and they take him to their island.
244 16 Baby'sNewToyInternationalTitleCard.png Baby's New Toy October 11, 1986 635a
The Smurfs travel to the Toymaker to find a toy that Baby will play with.
245 17 Bringing Up Bigfeet Title.png Bringing Up Bigfeet October 11, 1986 610a
The Smurflings babysit Bigmouth's nephew.
246 18 The Scarlet Croaker.png Scarlet Croaker October 11, 1986 619
The Wartmongers capture Sassette, Hefty, Grandpa, Greedy, Vanity, and Smurfette, but a mysterious wartmonger the "Scarlet Croaker" shows up and help them escape.
247 19 12. Voláme lekára šmolka.jpg Calling Dr. Smurf October 11, 1986 627b
Jokey makes every Smurf to look like they're sick to get some patients for Dabbler, who becomes the Doctor Smurf.
248 20 Cant Smurf the Music.png Can't Smurf The Music October 11, 1986 629b
Chlorhydris makes all music disappear.
249 21 The Royal Drum Title.png The Royal Drum October 18, 1986 622
A princess with a drum that control all animals from Grandpa's stories arrives to the Smurf land.
250 22 Its A Puppys Life.png It's A Puppy's Life October 18, 1986 631a
Gargamel finds himself in Puppy's body when trying to swap bodies with Papa Smurf.
251 23 Sweepy Title.png Sweepy Smurf October 18, 1986 638a
The Smurflings create a superstition to make chimney cleaning Sweepy Smurf popular.
252 24 Journey To The Center Of The Smurf Title.jpg Journey To The Center Of The Smurf October 18, 1986 615a
Miner finds a source of heat for the freezing Smurfs by digging into the center of the Earth.
253 25 TallestSmurfTitleCard.png The Tallest Smurf October 25, 1986 625a
When Slouchy finds out that he's the shortest of the Smurflings, he wishes to be the tallest Smurf, but Gourdy accidentally makes all the other Smurfs tiny instead of making Slouchy big.
254 26 Essence of brainy title card.PNG Essence Of Brainy October 25, 1986 632a
Scruple uses an essence remover to bottle Brainy's personality.
255 27 Dr. Evil and Mr Nice.png Dr. Evil And Mr. Nice October 25, 1986 608a
Scruple makes a potion to make Gargamel nice, but something went wrong and Gargamel starts alternating between good and evil.
256 28 The Root Of Evil.png The Root Of Evil October 25, 1986 613a
Chlorhydris seeds a plant that makes everyone who touches it evil, and the effect can only be reversed by Baby Smurf's magic touch.
257 29 Tattle-Tail Smurfs UK Title Card.png Tattle-Tail Smurfs October 25, 1986 620a
Brainy uses a spell that makes the Smurflings' tails longer every time they tattle.
258 30 Greedy Goes on Strike.jpeg Greedy Goes On Strike October 25, 1986 611
Greedy's cooking is criticized by the other Smurfs, so he stops cooking for them, but he's captured to cook for the Gnome King.
259 31 CryingSmurfsOriginalTitleCard.png Crying Smurfs November 1, 1986 633a
Papa Smurf spills some of his potion on an onion, making all the Smurfs to cry unstoppably.
260 32 Future Smurfed Title.png Future Smurfed November 1, 1986 633b
Lord Balthazar kidnaps Father Time in order to get control over time, but he also accidentally makes a time crack, bringing a little dinosaur to the present.
261 33 Gd.PNG Gargamel's Dummy November 1, 1986 634a
Jokey's new Gargamel puppet comes alive by Gargamel's magic and plans to destroy the Smurf Village.
262 34 Smurf on the Run.png Smurf On The Run November 1, 1986 634b
Sassette and Gargamel are chained on a quest to reset the balance of truth and deceit.
263 35 A Myna Problem.png A Myna Problem November 1, 1986 606b
Clumsy's myna overhears Scruple's spell and starts turning the Smurfs into ducks.
264 36 Horn of Plenty.jpg The Horn Of Plenty November 1, 1986 638b
When the all food is destroyed by Mother Nature's mistake, the Smurfs travel to get some food from a magic horn of plenty.
265 37 Smurf to the trees.png I Smurf To The Trees November 8, 1986 606a
Gargamel exposes the Smurf village using a powder that makes all the trees come alive.
266 38 Clumsy's Cloud.jpeg Clumsy's Cloud November 8, 1986 616a
A cloud above Clumsy brings the bad luck to the Smurfs.
267 39 Bookworm Smurf.jpg Bookworm Smurf November 8, 1986 610b
Sassette gets annoyed by Brainy's reading lessons and makes all the books disappear.
268 40 Farmers Genie.png Farmer's Genie November 8, 1986 631b
Farmer finds a little genie in his fields.
269 41 Master Scruple Title.png Master Scruple November 8, 1986 623a
Farmer wishes Gourdy would find a new master, and the genie ends up being controlled by Scruple.
270 42 Scruples Sweetheart.png Scruple's Sweetheart November 8, 1986 615b
Brenda falls in love with Scruple and invites him to a dance, but Scruple wants to steal her powerful wand.
271 43 World According to Smurflings.png The World According To Smurflings November 15, 1986 627a
Mother Nature trusts Nat to complete her work, but the other Smurflings mess with her wand.
272 44 TheEnchantedQuillTitleCard.jpg The Enchanted Quill November 15, 1986 604
The Smurflings' survival test gets exciting when Gargamel and his new apprentice Scruple show up in a search of the enchanted quill.
273 45 Most Unsmurfy Game.png The Most Unsmurfy Game November 15, 1986 621a
A hike guide Brainy puts himself and the Smurflings into danger with the Wartmongers.
274 46 Smrfs649PutUponPuppy.jpg Put Upon Puppy November 15, 1986 618a
The Smurflings train Puppy not to bury everything in the village, but it's too late when he buries Gargamel's tracking bone.
275 47 Smrfs650HeartOfGold.jpg Heart Of Gold November 15, 1986 620b
Gargamel gives Clockwork a stone heart when his heart of gold falls out.
276 48 The Village Vandal Title.png The Village Vandal November 22, 1986 621b
A little hungry termite sent by Gargamel wreaks havoc among the Smurfs.
277 49 Gallant Smurf.png The Gallant Smurf November 22, 1986 618b
Hogatha wants to capture Grandpa so she'll show him to the mother of a prince who said that her son will marry a woman that will show her something she didn't ever see in her life.
278 50 Sassettes Tooth.png Sassette's Tooth November 22, 1986 626a
Gargamel dresses up as a tooth fairy after he captures the real tooth fairy who's visiting Sassette.
279 51 Snappy's Way UK Title Card.png Snappy's Way November 22, 1986 609b
After saving a troll, Snappy receives a power to control adults.
280 52 FireFighting.png Fire-Fighting Smurfs November 22, 1986 605
Snappy unintentionally causes a forest fire.
281 53 Window vision title card.PNG Handy's Window Vision November 22, 1986 635b
Miner discovers a strange diamond that Handy uses as a first Smurf television.
282 54 Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf.png Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf November 22, 1986 614
Papa Smurf is duplicated due to an accident as well as Gargamel, and the clones find out that they can't live together.
283 55 Jokeys Cloak.png Jokey's Cloak November 29, 1986 609a
Jokey finds an invisibility cloak and uses it to play jokes on the others, but a side effect of using it makes him invisible.
284 56 Last Spell.jpeg Papa's Last Spell November 29, 1986 637a
Gargamel removes all of Papa Smurf's magic powers.
285 57 Lure Of The Orb.png Lure Of The Orb November 29, 1986 639
Poet, Painter, Harmony, Handy, and Farmer use an orb that Poet got from a witch to get inspiration and energy, but they become addicted to it and they can't stand without it anymore.
286 58 Smurfettes Flower.jpg Smurfette's Flower November 29, 1986 632b
Smurfette finds a talking flower that starts using Smurfette's kindness.
287 59 Reckless smurfs title card.PNG Reckless Smurfs November 29, 1986 628b
Snappy and Brainy try to keep the Smurfs out of danger after Gargamel makes everyone except for them reckless.
288 60 Head Over Hogatha.png Head Over Hogatha November 29, 1986 616b
Cupid's arrow hits Hogatha and she falls in love with Gargamel.

Video Releases

  • Amazon Instant Video and iTunes has individual episodes available for download
  • Magna Home Entertainment released the entire season on a 5-disc DVD set called The Smurfs: Complete Season 6 for Australia and New Zealand on January 4, 2012.
  • In August 2012, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the entire season on DVD set for Germany, with all the episodes included.

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