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Season 7 title screen.

Season 7, which aired from 1987 to 1988, introduced the character of Wild Smurf in a two-part introductory episode called "Smurf On The Wild Side". It was during this season that another Christmas special, "'Tis The Season To Be Smurfy", was aired.

This season marks the last to feature Johan and Peewit, as they were never mentioned or heard from again. It was also the last to introduce one-shot Smurfs exclusive to the series. Hanna-Barbera was clearly running out of ideas for new Smurfs and decided not to make any more for the following season. It was also the only season to hire Toei Animation (which animated the shows from Marvel Productions) as the additional overseas unit for a number of episodes. They were dropped afterwards.

The Season 7 intro sequence reuses several scenes from the Season 6 intro sequence.

Intro Sequence

The intro begins with a zoom-in through the Smurf Forest into the Smurf Village, where we see Smurfs doing their everyday things just as in the Season 6 intro until Gargamel, Azrael, and Scruple appear to cause the Smurfs to scatter. Then Wild Smurf comes swinging on a vine to grab a potion from Papa Smurf's hands and dumps it on Gargamel and Scruple as they run through the forest, causing them to shrink and separate from each other. Grandpa Smurf then pulls out his magic traveling hot-air balloon and he, Snappy, and Slouchy jump into it and begin to sail off when a storm cloud appears over them. Nat then feels raindrops as he is fishing, and a gust of wind blows the hot-air balloon until it sails through a narrow ravine and then through a colony of bees. A Smurf is seen bravely riding down a rough river on a log, and Papa Smurf leads a parade of Smurfs out into the forest, and a few Smurfs jump down through a hollowed log until a single Smurf is then seen heading for the SMURFS title log which materializes when he jumps on top of the mushroom.

Episode Listings

The episodes that appeared in this season (in the order of their original air dates) include:

No. in series No. in season Title card Title Air date Code
289 1 SmurfontheWildSide1.jpg


Smurf On The Wild Side (Parts I-II) September 19, 1987 708
The Smurfs meet Wild Smurf, who was lost a long time before and lives with squirrels, and try to find his place in their village, but he can't stay with them due to his wild nature.
290 2 Smrfs705TheSmurflingsUnsmurfyFriend.jpg The Smurflings' Unsmurfy Friend September 19, 1987 713a
The Smurflings befriend a prankster imp with some unsmurfy tricks up his sleeve.
291 3 Smurfstalker.png The Smurfstalker September 19, 1987 709b
A hunter named Stalker captures the Smurfs for Gargamel, so Grandpa must save them and prove that he's not as old as they think.
292 4 Poltersmurf Title.png Poltersmurf September 26, 1987 722b
Jokey makes Brainy think that the ghosts called Poltersmurfs live in his house.
293 5 Baby's Marvelous Toy.png Baby's Marvelous Toy September 26, 1987 709a
Baby receives a toy that transforms itself into anything and uses it to sneak out to the forest.
294 6 Sleepless Smurf.png Sleepless Smurfs September 26, 1987 718a
Gargamel and Morphio has made the Smurfs sleepless, so Snappy, Papa Smurf, Wooly, Smurfette, and Lazy enter the Land of Nod to make things normal again.
295 7 Cut-Up Smurfs.jpg Cut-Up Smurfs September 26, 1987 713b
Sassette's paper dolls are brought to life by some magic paper they're made of.
296 8 Gargamels Sweetheart.png Gargamel's Sweetheart September 26, 1987 728
Gargamel falls in love with the evil witch Evelyn that is using him to get to the Smurfs.
297 9 Smrfs712WildAboutSmurfette.jpg Wild About Smurfette October 3, 1987 723a
Handy, Painter, Brainy, and Clumsy become jealous when Smurfette spends a lot of time with Wild.
298 10 Song of Smurflings.png Sing A Song Of Smurflings October 3, 1987 724b
The Smurflings find Beasty, a monster that likes their music, and take him to the village.
299 11 Smurfing For Gold.png Smurfing For Gold October 3, 1987 702a
Jokey makes fake gold by painting stones to free Clumsy from Gargamel.
300 12 Smrfs715JokeysJokeBook.jpg Jokey's Joke Book October 3, 1987 701b
Jokey uses his joke book to prank the other Smurfs.
300 13 PoetsStorybookTitleCard.jpg Poet's Storybook October 3, 1987 719a
Poet starts writing a story into a magic storybook that makes everything he writes real.
301 14 Fastest Wizard In The World.jpg The Fastest Wizard In The World October 3, 1987 724a
Gargamel uses multiple methods to be faster than the Smurfs, but Wild remains faster than him and saving the others.
302 15 Dancing Bear Title Card.png Dancing Bear October 10, 1987 730a
A circus owner captures Wild and the Smurflings after they find a runaway dancing bear.
303 16 Gargamel's Last Will Title Card.png Gargamel's Last Will October 10, 1987 725b
After learning that Puppy bit Gargamel, Scruple decides to play a trick on him and tells him that he's becoming a dog.
304 17 Sassette'sBewitchingFriendshipInternationalTitleCard.png Sassette's Bewitching Friendship October 10, 1987 737b
Sassette befriends a witch Melina who fumbles.
305 18 Azrael's Brain Title.png Azrael's Brain October 10, 1987 711a
Azrael is affected by Gargamel's brain boosting formula and becomes incredibly smart.
306 19 Castaway Smurf.png Castaway Smurfs October 10, 1987 737a
Some Smurfs enjoy a holiday on a tropical island while Dreamy smells danger there.
307 20 Legendary.png Legendary Smurfs October 10, 1987 725a
Gargamel tries to prove two wizards that the Smurfs exist and sells them Slouchy's old things that the Smurfling has hidden.
308 21 Smrfs724SmurfingTheUnicorns.png Smurfing The Unicorns October 17, 1987 730b
The Smurfs must find a unicorn to cure Puppy after he drinks some poisoned water.
309 22 Vanity's Closest Friend Title Card.png Vanity's Closest Friend October 17, 1987 731b
Vanity meets a little imp named Winky and befriends him, but Winky gets stuck on Vanity's hat and doesn't want to get off.
310 23 Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure.png Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure October 17, 1987 739
Scruple sneaks into the King's party and takes Peewit's job while Peewit is fired because he's suspecting some people who are trying to steal the gold from the castle.
311 24 Nobody Smurf Title.png Nobody Smurf October 17, 1987 731a
Clumsy tries to find an activity that will give Nobody Smurf a name and takes him camping.
312 25 Scruple and the Great Book of Spells.jpg Scruple And The Great Book Of Spells October 24, 1987 705
Farmer's crops are ruined after Scruple discovers the power of the Great Book of Spells.
313 26 Bouncing.png Bouncing Smurf October 24, 1987 732b
When Clumsy tries to rubber his shoes just like all the others did, he gets completely rubberized.
314 27 Clockwork Title.png Clockwork Smurfette October 24, 1987 717
Handy makes a Clockwork Smurfette for a lonely Clockwork Smurf, but the Clockwork Smurfette falls in love with Handy instead.
315 28 IWasABrainyWeresmurfInternationalTitleCard.png I Was A Brainy Weresmurf October 24, 1987 736a
Brainy is affected by a plant that turns him into a werewolf.
316 29 Answer Smurf.png The Answer Smurf October 24, 1987 624b
Brainy's spell makes everyone except for Slouchy to ask him about everything.
317 30 Vanity's Wild Adventure.png Vanity's Wild Adventure October 24, 1987 723b
Vanity must spend the night with Wild in the forest and he isn't very satisfied with that.
318 31 Soothsayer Smurfette Title Card.png Soothsayer Smurfette October 31, 1987 726
Smurfette uses an enchanted Gypsy dress Gargamel gave her to tell the future.
319 32 Crooner Smurf.png Crooner Smurf October 31, 1987 703a
Papa Smurf gives Harmony an amulet that greatly improves his singing, but Hogatha captures him to impress Lizardo.
320 33 Papa For A Day Title.png Papa For A Day October 31, 1987 735b
The Smurfs get a try to be Papa Smurf.
321 34 Smrfs737FlightysPlight.jpg Flighty's Plight October 31, 1987 704a
While teaching Flighty about making decisions, Brainy, Hefty, and Sassette get captured by Balthazar, so Flighty must make a right decision and save them.
322 35 To Coin A Smurf.png To Coin A Smurf October 31, 1987 738
Gargamel turns Sassette, Grandpa, and Brainy into gold coins.
323 36 Unmade.jpg Smurfette Unmade October 31, 1987 706
Gargamel makes Smurfette evil again.
324 37 Foul Feather Fiend UK Title Card.png Foul Feather Fiend November 7, 1987 734b
The Smurflings think that Gargamel is a mother of an egg they found when the wizard transforms into a bird.
325 38 Sassettes Hive.png Sassette's Hive November 7, 1987 714
Grandpa and the Smurflings visit the bees in a faraway land, but evil wasps attack them.
326 39 Smrfs742LittleBigSmurf.jpg Little Big Smurf November 7, 1987 720a
Gargamel makes Snappy bigger than he wanted to.
327 40 Smrfs743LocomotiveSmurfs.jpg Locomotive Smurfs November 7, 1987 701b
Handy creates a train for the Smurfs, which Gargamel tries to use against them.
328 41 A Long tale.png A Long Tale For Grandpa November 7, 1987 716
Insects attack the village, so Grandpa uses his magic balloon and travels to Thunder Island with some of the Smurfs to find the only thunder tree in the world.
329 42 Wild Smurfs are.png Where The Wild Smurfs Are November 7, 1987 719b
Wild wants to invite some squirrels to their Community Day, but Hogatha intends to capture the squirrels to make herself hair out of their tails.
330 43 Smrfs746TheMagicSackOfMrNicholas.jpg The Magic Sack Of Mr. Nicholas November 14, 1987 727
Chlorhydris steals Mr. Nicholas's magic sack of toys to bring sadness to the world. Grouchy gets a little of Christmas spirit when he must save the sack after Scruple gets it and wants it for himself.
331 44 SwappingSmurfsTitleCard.png Swapping Smurfs November 14, 1987 707
Lazy finds a well that gives you something new if you give him your old stuff, but a wizard trapped in this well gets the Smurfs under his control.
332 45 Predictable Smurfs (original title card).png Predictable Smurfs November 14, 1987 718b
Gargamel has set a time trap to capture the Smurfs on their regatta, but the regatta is delayed thanks to Clumsy.
333 46 HeftysRivalTitleCard.jpg Hefty's Rival November 14, 1987 712a
Hefty gets jealous of Wild who proves himself as a great athlete.
334 47 Snappy's Puppet UK Title Card.png Snappy's Puppet November 14, 1987 736b
Snappy makes his puppet come to life, but soon it starts causing trouble around the village.
335 48 Smrfs751PrinceSmurf.jpg Prince Smurf November 14, 1987 733a
Hefty is forced to marry a Trokel princess after saving her.
336 49 Return of Don Smurfo.png Return To Don Smurfo November 21, 1987 704b
One of Papa's spells spills onto Don Smurfo's storybook that bring the storybook hero to life.
337 50 Smrfs753SkyscraperSmurfs.jpg Skyscraper Smurfs November 21, 1987 702b
Architect and Handy make a smurfominium inside a tree.
338 51 Bad Luck Smurf.png Bad Luck Smurfs November 21, 1987 721b
Gargamel captures Lady Luck and uses the Wheel of Chance to give the Smurfs bad luck.
339 52 Smurfing Out Of Time.png Smurfing Out Of Time November 21, 1987 732a
The Smurflings accidentally pull the plug out of the River of Time, rapidly speeding up time.
340 53 Hole In Smurf.png A Hole In Smurf November 21, 1987 720b
The Smurfs invent golfing and forget about repairing the bridge, but that's not the only danger they should be caring about.
341 54 Smrfs757SmurfPet.jpg Smurf Pet November 28, 1987 740
The Smurflings sneak a pet Nebbit into the village. When they try to return the Nebbit to his land, Scruple captures it for his science project.
342 55 Smrfs758TimberSmurf.jpg Timber Smurf November 28, 1987 710a
The Smurfs visit Timber Smurf when their bridge is destroyed.
343 56 Smrfs759TheSmurfWhoCouldDoNoWrong.png The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong November 28, 1987 734a
Homnibus gives Clumsy an amulet that makes him perfect.
344 57 Smurfette's lucky star title card.png Smurfette's Lucky Star November 28, 1987 711b
Smurfette's lucky star falls in the Earth with only one wish left before her power will go off.
345 58 Smrfs761TheSmurfyVerdict.jpg The Smurfy Verdict November 28, 1987 733b
Brainy puts Clumsy on a trial for losing Baby Smurf.
346 59 Chll.png Chlorhydris' Lost Love November 28, 1987 715
Vanity and Sassette must free Chlorhydris' love who's trapped in stone, and she will remove the hate spell from the Smurfs.
347 60 Stop and Go Smurfs.png Stop And Go Smurfs December 5, 1987 721a
For helping Painter with his next project, Papa Smurf enchants Greedy's dinner bell with a spell that makes six Smurfs stop in time when someone ring the bell. But a little girl finds the bell and takes it.
348 61 Poet The Know-It-All.png Poet The Know-It-All December 5, 1987 712b
Poet receives an amulet that tells the future, but Lord Balthazar wants it too.
349 62 Smrfs765AllTheNewsThatsFitToSmurf.jpg All The News That's Fit To Smurf December 5, 1987 703b
Reporter makes the first newspaper for the Smurfs using Handy's machine and he writes a very attractive article about Papa Smurf's dangerous expedition.
350 63 Quest.png Gargamel's Quest December 5, 1987 735a
Smurf Village is exposed for a short time at night, so Jokey uses his pranks to lead Gargamel away from it.
351 64 Smrfs767GargamelsSecondChildhood.jpg Gargamel's Second Childhood December 5, 1987 722a
Gargamel switches ages with Scruple and befriends the Smurflings.

Video Releases

  • Apple iTunes has made the entire set of Season 7 episodes available for download in two volumes.
  • On July 2013, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the entire season on DVD set for Germany, featuring all the episodes and the German version of 'Tis The Season To Be Smurfy.
  • On August 2013, Beyond Home Entertainment released the entire season on a DVD set for Australia and New Zealand.

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