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The Smurfs cartoon show title used in the Season 8 intro sequence

Season 8, which aired from 1988 to 1989, introduced two final characters to the show -- the grandmotherly Nanny Smurf, and her pink marsupial-type pet known as Smoogle. The human character of Denisa, who befriends Sassette, would also show up in some episodes of this season, as well as Grandpa Smurf's archenemy known as Nemesis.

The show itself would be cut back to its original Season 1 60-minute running time, where it would remain for the rest of the show's run. This was the only season to utilize digital ink and paint entirely for coloring.

However, as Season 9 would limit the number of Smurf characters appearing in an episode to around 17 due to its premise centering around a cliche "lost in time" plot, and the show would not be picked up for another season after that, this season would be the final one for most of the other Smurf characters to appear in. It was also the final season for Gargamel and most of the present-time period characters, both allies and villains, to appear in.

Episode Listings

The episodes that appeared in this season (in no particular order, except for the season premiere) include:

  1. Lost Smurf (Season Premiere)
  2. Archives Of Evil
  3. Bigmouth's Roommate
  4. Bungling Babysitters
  5. Clockwork's Powerplay
  6. Clumsy In Command
  7. Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests
  8. Denisa's Greedy Doll
  9. Denisa's Slumber Party
  10. Grandpa's Nemesis
  11. Grandpa's Walking Stick
  12. A House For Nanny
  13. It's A Smurfy Life
  14. Land Of Lost And Found
  15. Long Live Brainy
  16. A Maze Of Mirrors
  17. Memory Melons
  18. Nanny's Way
  19. Pappy's Puppy
  20. Shutterbug Smurfs
  21. Smoogle Sings The Blues
  22. A Smurf For Denisa
  23. Smurf The Presses
  24. Stealing Grandpa's Thunder

Video Releases

  • Apple iTunes has made the entire set of Season 8 episodes available for download.
  • On July 2013, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the entire season on DVD set for Germany, featuring all the eighth season episodes and eighteen additional episodes of Adventures Of Sir Johan And Peewit from the second and third seasons.
  • On August 2013, Beyond Home Entertainment released the entire season on a DVD set for Australia and New Zealand.


  • Peewit's head appears as one of the characters in the book Papa Smurf opens in the intro, along with the heads of Gargamel, Scruple, Homnibus, Lord Balthazar and Mother Nature, who appear in the Season 8 episodes while Peewit does not.
  • This season marks the first time to not introduce one-shot Smurfs exclusive to the series. The crew at Hanna-Barbera were running out of ideas for new Smurfs at this point, which would carry on with the next season.
  • This is the shortest season in the 1981 series.
  • Smurf The Presses feature the last appearances of Gargamel, Azrael, and Scruple.

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