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Smurfs was a three-issue limited series comic book published by Marvel Comics in 1983. Each issue features two main stories, plus several one-page sketches, all created by Peyo. It was also published as a single giant-size comic book.

Issue #1
  • "Smurf Plane"

A Smurf builds a plane which he uses to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel. (This was adapted from the original comic book story "The Aerosmurf".)

  • "The Smurf Of Youth"

Smurfette and a few Smurfs are misled to a promised fountain of youth.

Issue #2
  • "The Smurfs And The Evil Bird"

Gargamel transforms himself into a bird in order to infiltrate the Smurf Village. (This was adapted into the cartoon episode "Foul Feather Fiend".)

  • "Sticky Smurf"

Gargamel uses a delicious dessert as a trap for the Smurfs, but it also traps Gargamel. (Similar to The Tar Baby, from Disney's Song of the South.)

Issue #3
  • "Monster Smurfs"

Papa Smurf plays a prank on Jokey by having one of the latter's surprises turn several other Smurfs into monsters. Papa Smurf agrees to change them back if Jokey will sign a pact never to "surprise" another Smurf again. Jokey makes and keeps the agreement, but soon the other Smurfs are bored because they actually miss Jokey's pranks. So Papa Smurf tears up the pact and Jokey promply brings him a surprise. (A cartoon episode by this name also has Smurfs turn into monsters.)

  • "Smurf Ball"

Handy designs a way for Hefty to play smurfball all by himself.

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