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"Smurphony In 'C'" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


What a drag it is to pose as a good fairy!

Every Smurf rushes to gather around the speaking mushroom, from which Papa Smurf will conduct his Smurphony In 'C'. As Papa Smurf begins to conduct, every Smurf notices much to their chagrin that only Harmony was playing an instrument. Papa Smurf stops conducting to encourage other Smurfs to join in with other instruments. Every Smurf gets busy building their own instruments from scratch, including Greedy with his kettle drum (which he needs to empty of its food first), and then joins Papa Smurf around the mushroom again where he begins to conduct the symphony again. As the music begins, Harmony is in his house polishing his horn when he realizes that the orchestra has started without him, and so rushes out to join them with his horn playing. This makes the other Smurfs stop playing. Brainy suggests that Harmony might have missed a note, which makes Papa Smurf simply start the symphony over again from the top. But even that doesn't work -- Harmony's horn playing was just simply off key!

Smurfette suggests that Harmony might do better with another instrument when Hefty tries to play Harmony's horn and finds nothing wrong with it. Hefty directs Harmony to a harp, which, like the horn, he ends up playing off-key. Brainy's simple solution, a triangle, only causes it to vibrate at such an annoying pitch that it cracks his glasses when Harmony strikes it. Smurfette's next suggestion to make Harmony the conductor of the symphony fares no better -- it just causes the other Smurfs to play their instruments painfully out of tune!

Disgruntled by his fellow Smurfs not wanting him to play with them in the symphony, Harmony goes off into the forest to play his horn alone. His horn-playing, though, attracts the attention of Gargamel, who decides to initiate a plan in which he will use that Smurf to destroy the Smurfs. Appearing to Harmony in the form of Aurora the good fairy, Gargamel offers the Smurf a magical musical instrument called a Shazalakazoo, which she promises will enable him to play beautiful music. Grateful for the gift, Harmony runs back to the village to rejoin the symphony, while Gargamel cackles at the thought that that Smurf will lead him straight to the Smurf Village.

Back in the village, Harmony tries out his Shazalakazoo with all the other Smurfs in the symphony, when Harmony notices that they all pass out from hearing it. Unable to wake them from their sleep, Harmony decides to go find the good fairy he got the musical instrument from when somebody taps him on the shoulder with her magic wand. It is Gargamel, who now delights in his getting revenge on the Smurfs and has only that Smurf left to destroy. He then gives chase to Harmony throughout the forest, who tries to escape, but only manages to do so when Gargamel begins to tire from the pain he ends up getting from chasing the Smurf. As Harmony heads back to the village, Gargamel tries to retrace his steps to take him back to the village, only to fail.

Back in the village, Harmony tries various things to get his fellow Smurfs to wake up, but nothing works. He then decides to go to Gargamel's castle to find out what the cure for the Shazalakazoo is, but as he enters, Azrael jumps out to attack him. Harmony plays the Shazalakazoo and causes Azrael to fall asleep to its tune. However, Gargamel plugs up his ears as he gives chase to Harmony as he plays the instrument in the hope of making the wizard fall asleep, but it only lasts until Gargamel finds himself on a log crossing over a ravine, which causes him to fall. Grabbing the log for safety, Gargamel pleads for mercy from Harmony as he gets ready to play the Shazalakazoo to send him falling. Harmony realizes that it's not good to kick somebody when they're down, so he just simply razzes the wizard.

Upon returning to Gargamel's castle, Harmony discovers the book on magical musical instruments and finds the page inside it on the Shazalakazoo -- where he learns to his dismay that there is no known cure for it. Angry at this revelation, Harmony kicks the Shazalakazoo into the fireplace, where it causes sparks to erupt as he flees back to the village.

Believing that his fellow Smurfs are now gone forever, Harmony plays a farewell tune for them from his own horn when he hears Hefty complaining about the noise being able to wake the dead. This encourages Harmony to keep playing, which wakes up all the Smurfs. Harmony then tells them all that has happened, which makes Smurfette feel so grateful for Harmony that she gives him a kiss. Papa Smurf then decides to resume the symphony, but the other Smurfs groan when Harmony tells them he's ready to play with them. How could they repay Harmony by letting him join in when they can't stand to hear his playing, they wonder. Handy whispers a plan to Papa Smurf, which he gladly accepts.

Soon, every Smurf is busy playing their hearts out in the symphony, including Harmony with his off-key horn playing. However, nobody is complaining because every Smurf except for Harmony is wearing corks for earplugs.

Differences between the episode and the original comic story

  • In the episode, Gargamel squashed Azrael flat with his door while calling for him. This never happened in the original comic story.

Background Information

  • This episode is based on the original comic book story of the same name, in which Smurfette does not appear.



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