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Snappy Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Colérique) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show from Season 5 to the end, and a minor character of the Smurfs comics.


Like Nat and Slouchy, he was an adult Smurf who was de-aged by a magical clock Father Time had owned, and had since lived among them and Sassette as Smurflings. He is a rather rambunctious Smurf who likes to get his own way and get into the action, even if it gets his fellow Smurfs (and Smurflings) into trouble. In his Smurfling form, he is identified by a yellow collared shirt that has the image of a thundercloud on its front.


Snappy is extremely rude whenever he's angry, the thunder cloud on his shirt representing his personality. He is a possible reference to kids who do nothing but have tantrums whenever they don't get things their way.

He is adventurous though, and does come up with some plans. Some say he could be the "self-proclaimed leader" of the Smurflings.

Snappy wants his way all the time, but he later on learns that having your way isn't always the best thing. In Sassette's debut episode, he snapped at her because he couldn't take the fact that they got in trouble and went as far as saying she wasn't a real Smurf.

Snappy had a softer side with his teddy bear Huggy, whom he couldn't sleep without. When Gargamel invaded the village one night, Snappy went to look for Huggy with the full belief that he was magic if he believed in him, as told by Papa Smurf who used to own Huggy when he was a Smurfling. Snappy found Huggy and Gargamel found Snappy. Snappy shouted that he believed in Huggy and the Bear grew to gargantuan size and chased Gargamel back to his hovel. Snappy showed a giving side when Huggy said that Snappy was growing up and would have to give him to a smurf who needed him. Snappy said he would never give Huggy up but gave him to Baby Smurf, making Papa Smurf proud.

He also seems a bit caring in that episode when he accintetly burned up the forest, taking care of the animals and trees, making up for his sins (he also doesn't want a medal for his helping them, crying)


Snappy gets into fights with Nat a couple of time, but seems to have a steady realtionship with Slouchy.

Snappy and Sassette's relationship revolves around them bickering and also going on adventures together. The two will often pair up, and in some episodes in Season 9, the two will be working together or leave the group to go find some adventures of their own.

Snappy (at first) only cared about the more troublesome side of Baby Smurf (though he might have been jealous), but Baby longed to befriend a Smurfling (hoping to someday be accepted into the group) and was nice to Snappy, even getting him a present from far away. This made Snappy change his mind about Baby and he stopped telling the other Smurflings that he was trouble. It is sometimes hinted that Baby was accepted into the Smurfling group.

Smurf Videogames

Snappy´s house

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Smurfs' Village

In the game, Snappy's hut is on the Island. The walls are orange and the roof is yellow. His hut gives you daily XP when placed near Slouchy's house and extra XP when placed near both Slouchy's and Sassette´s house. His hut costs 2500 coins.

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  • Like Sassette, he was one of the Smurflings who was sent back into time with the other adult Smurfs in Season 9.
  • He plays the drums and can be seen giving drumrolls in few episodes.
  • His character was voiced by Pat Musick, who is the mother of voice actress Mae Whitman.
  • Snappy was one of the two Smurflings who appeared in a Smurf Magic Berries cereal commercial; the other being Sassette.
  • Snappy has a New Generation Smurf Figure.
  • In the episode, "A Fish Called Snappy", he is turned into a fish by the water sprite, Sirene.