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You may also be looking for the episode that goes by this name.

Sweepy (original French name Schtroumpf Ramoneur) is a character of the Smurfs 1981 cartoon show who has appeared in the episode "Sweepy Smurf". He is the village chimney sweep who's responsible for cleaning the soot out of every Smurf's chimney, much to the chagrin of his fellow Smurfs since Sweepy doesn't prepare them ahead of time for his visits. He speaks with a British accent. In the comics, he is easily identified by his wearing sooty black Smurf hat and jumpsuit and a dark red scarf; in the 1981 television series and the Grandir avec les Schtroumpfs comic book collection, he instead wears sooty black Smurf pants while his hat and dark red scarf remain intact.

He is easily identified by his wearing sooty black Smurf hat and pants and a dark red scarf. He carries around a telescopic sweeping tool that he uses like a vaulting pole to reach the chimneys of his fellow Smurfs' houses, although sometimes he uses a ladder. The other Smurfs view him as lucky.

His character was voiced by Don Messick.

Smurfs' Village Game

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He also appears in the main village region in the Smurfs' Village where his hut can be purchased for 30 Smurfberries. Once he is placed, the player can tap on the dirt in the village to call Sweepy to clean it up and give XP after cleaning it.

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  • Sweepy along with Vanity in the 2011 Smurfs movie, Tracker, and Marco in the cartoon show are the only Smurfs to have British accents.
  • His personality and mannerisms are based on Bert from Disney's Mary Poppins.