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The original comic book name of this race, Schlips, redirects here.
NOTE: All following information relates to the Swoofs of the 1980s cartoon show.

The Swoofs were a fictional alien race created by Papa Smurf using a magic potion and/or spell that he used to make Dreamy believe that he traveled to another planet in "The Astro Smurf" and "Dreamy's Pen Pals".

The Swoofs vaguely resemble Smurfs, though with long black hair (with the exception of their leader Grandpa Swoof, who wore white hair as well as a white beard and moustache) and green skin with an off-tone ring around their mouths, possibly indicating tribal paint or caveman-like facial hair growth like the male characters in The Flintstones. They wear yellow loincloths (with the exception of Grandpa Swoof who wears a red loincloth, and Swoofette who wears a yellow tunic). They live in huts within a mountainous region and usually brandish spears, indicating that they may possibly be hunters or warriors.

The Swoofs were first created when Dreamy built his spaceship around the time of his birthday to fulfill his birthday wish of travelling to the stars, and found out that his ship was unable to lift off. Papa Smurf came up with the plan of transporting Dreamy and his spaceship to an extinct volcanic mountain that only Papa Smurf knew about, and then had transformed himself and his other little Smurfs into Swoofs while Dreamy was still asleep. When Dreamy awoke, he had encountered the Swoofs when he was walking around inside the mountain, believing he was on another planet. Though they were hostile at first, Dreamy had discovered that the Swoofs were friendly and hospitable -- even to the point where he desired to stay with them forever. Papa Smurf as Grandpa Swoof decided to put Dreamy through various tests in order to persuade him to go back home, and even though Dreamy had passed the tests, the final test -- having to live the life of a Swoof -- made Dreamy decide to return back home. With Dreamy asleep again in his spaceship, the Swoofs transformed back into Smurfs and returned back home to the Smurf Village with Dreamy.

When Dreamy decided to travel to the planet of the Swoofs for a second time, Papa Smurf again had himself and the other Smurfs transformed into Swoofs, but this time only had the village changed through the use of stage props into the mountainous region of the Swoof Village. However, because Brainy was unable to complete the complicated spell that was used to transform the Smurfs into Swoofs, the Swoofs transformed back into Smurfs a bit too soon, causing Dreamy to see for himself the reality that the Swoofs didn't really exist.

In the episode "Good Neighbor Smurf", Papa Smurf is briefly transformed into Grandpa Swoof when Brainy decides to tinker with his chemicals during his stay in Papa Smurf's house.

Smurfs Village Game

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The Swoof's Planet appears in Smurfs' Village as an actual location rather than an illusion, with the Swoofs depicted as an actual species living on the planet as opposed to Smurfs changed through Papa Smurf's magic. The location becomes available after the player reaches Level 22 and completes a series of missions leading up to the eventual arrival of the Smurfs on the Swoof Planet.

The Swoofs use their appearances from the comic, but with black beards instead of white (Grandpa Swoof's

A swoof in the Smurfs' Village game

beard color was not altered as it was already black in the comics.

The following speciality Smurfs and Swoofs can be made to live on the Swoof Planet:

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The Swoofs were originally called Schlips in the French version of "The Astro Smurf" and had orange skin with white rings around their mouths instead of green skin. Also, Swoofette does not appear in the comic books. The Papercutz reprint of the comic book story changes their skin color to green to reflect their appearance in the cartoon show, while the Smurfs Village app game keeps them orange but darkens the rings around their mouths.