Tailor Cartoon
Tailor Smurf
Voice ActorKip King (Cartoon Show)

Randy Powell (2011 Movie)

First AppearanceSeason 2
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show
CGI Movie
Name Translation of Tailor Smurf
FrenchSchtroumpf Tailleur
SpanishPitufo Sastre
GermanZwirni Schlumpf
ItalianPuffo Sarto
GreekΡαφτάκος (ράφτης)

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Tailor (original French name Schtroumpf Tailleur) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show from Season 2 up until around Season 8.


He is the village's chief clothes maker who makes and repairs all the clothes that the Smurfs wear. He is usually identified by the pins that he wears in his Smurf hat and by a tape measure that he drapes around his neck.

Role in the Village

Tailor has one of the important jobs in the village. He's the one who makes the clothes for all the Smurfs. He's also one of the busiest because he has to make new clothes for Smurfs like Baby Smurf (as he keeps outgrowing his clothes) and Smurfette (for she is rarely satisfied with the dresses she already has). He is always seen working on something and rarely has time to do other favors. As a sort of running gag, Tailor tends to see ordinary white Smurf clothes as "very distinguished" and creates new lines of clothes that don't look anything different from what the Smurfs normally wear, though he and most of the Smurfs tend to treat them as though they are actually different. The Smurflings, when they first appeared, eventually took Tailor to task about his view of Smurf clothes and developed their own personal style. This change in style also affected some of the Smurfs such as Handy Smurf, who in later years of the comic book series would wear blue bib overalls, and Farmer Smurf, who would wear green overalls and a straw hat. In the comic books, Tailor tried Wild Smurf out with wearing ordinary white Smurf clothes, but after seeing how uncomfortable they made him feel after wearing them, Tailor made a loincloth for Wild Smurf that suited him just fine.

Tailor is usually friendly and cooperative with his fellow Smurfs as long as they appreciate what he does. He does get annoyed with Brainy Smurf because of his complaining and annoyed with Vanity Smurf because of his choosiness. He does have a limit towards how much complaining he can tolerate. He once quit on all the Smurfs in "A Float Full Of Smurfs" because they kept complaining about the costumes he made.


Tailor has no known "Best Smurf Friend", but he is well-respected. He is willing to help out at times, like when he helped Hefty Smurf with his "Smurfette Disguise" in Smurfette for a Day, but since he's busy measuring others for new clothes, he will turn them down at times.

Tailor shows sympathy for Smurfette, like when he made her a new dress because she wanted one earlier and he couldn't stand seeing her so sad (She turns down the dress though, in favor of a new one she got from a disguised Gargamel).

When Grouchy wandered off in anger, Papa mustered a search party of Smurfs concerned for this. As Grouchy had last been seen in Tailor's shop without getting the proper specs, Tailor volunteered to help saying "I must find Grouchy"; volunteering namely out of concern for unfinished work.

Tailor was, at first, irritated with the Smurflings because they ended up choosing different clothes, instead of dressing like the adult Smurfs, but he warms up to them. This is evident in episodes such as "Cut-Up Smurfs" when he shows sympathy for Sassette after seeing her cry, taking away her damaged doll for fixing later and even making her paper dolls to play with in the meantime.

In the movie

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Tailor has a short in-universe appearance in the 2011 Smurfs movie during the end credits when he stitches up a copy of the green M&M plush toy that Grouchy Smurf has fallen in love with.

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  • Tailor's accent is supposed to be a reference to immigrants that came to America and worked as tailors for a living.
  • His character was voiced by Kip King.
  • Although he is sometimes seen measuring other Smurfs, they never seem to grow.