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Who is the mysterious snowbeast? Is he friend or foe?

"The Abominable Snowbeast" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

At the village dam, Papa Smurf has a group of Smurfs pulling a rope to lift up a log to its walkway when Brainy shows up and tells Clumsy to hold on to his tool box. As he does, he lets go of the rope and causes the other Smurfs to be pulled up to the pulley while the log falls down on Papa Smurf's foot, causing him great pain. He tells his little Smurfs that he needs the snowflower pollen in his laboratory to reduce the swelling. Brainy tells Papa Smurf that he will go get it, then he tells Clumsy to go get the pollen or Papa Smurf will never forgive him. Clumsy goes and gets the pollen, but on his way back Brainy takes it from Clumsy's hands. As they both approach the dam, Clumsy trips and knocks over Brainy, causing the jar of pollen to slip out of Brainy's hands and sail over the other Smurfs' heads before it falls into the water. This makes Papa Smurf really upset, but Brainy assures Papa Smurf that he can go get some more snowflower pollen. Papa Smurf tells Brainy that there's only one snowflower that grows once a year, and since it should at that point now be in bloom, the only place they can go to get the snowflower is on the top of Ice Mountain.

Soon a team of brave Smurfs have a sled all packed up and ready to go to Ice Mountain. Papa Smurf warns them not to pick the flower but only get its pollen so that it can continue to bloom. Brainy tries to slip out of the group heading to Ice Mountain, but he doesn't escape. As Hefty tries to assure a now-fearful Brainy that there's nothing to worry about, a white furry creature watches the Smurfs cross the snowy tundra. Eventually Smurfette gets the funny feeling that they're being watched even as the creature accidentally dumps some snow on them.

Soon Smurfette spots the snowflower on top of a snowy peak. As the Smurfs pull their sled closer to the flower, they fall into what is a very big footprint made in the snow, which makes them more fearful. They climb out of the footprint and up the snowy peak to get to the flower, but Hefty says he can't get any higher. Smurfette offers to go up with some Smurf to lift her up and so she is able to reach the flower to get its pollen. But some snow gives way where her free hand rests and Smurfette ends up falling off a cliff while the rest of the Smurfs tumble back down. As the maiden Smurf continues to fall, a hand catches her. She sees that the hand belongs to a giant white snow creature.

The other Smurfs, thinking that Smurfette is gone forever, decide that they will honor her final wish by taking the snowflower back home to Papa Smurf. Unfortunately, though, they are stuck in a gully that they can't climb their way out of. Brainy fears that they are trapped, but Hefty tells the group to keep calm and that they need to let Papa Smurf know that they're in trouble. Clumsy suggests that they could send up smoke signals. Soon enough, Papa Smurf is alerted to the sight of smoke signals coming from Ice Mountain. Realizing that his little Smurfs need him, he commands the others to bring him a sled.

Meanwhile, Smurfette is being taken to a cave where the snow creature sets her in a place of honor and places a crown of ice on her head. But Smurfette doesn't like being held prisoner by him and throws the crown to the ground to make it shatter. This makes the snow creature very sad, so Smurfette tries to comfort him the best way she knew how. The snow creature tries to be friendly to Smurfette by giving her a bit of his fur to wear to protect her from the cold, and some snow served on an icicle for something to eat. But still Smurfette is wishing for Papa Smurf to be there.

The other Smurfs at Ice Mountain, who are gathered around a fire, also wish for Papa Smurf to be there as well when the snow creature returns. They try to escape, but again they can't climb out of the gully. The snow creatures steps on the fire and gets his foot burned, causing him to get really angry. Hefty decides that they should make a stand, so the other Smurfs pelt the snow creature with snowballs, but that only makes him angrier. As the Smurfs try one last time to escape the creature, Papa Smurf and his team of Smurfs reach the spot where the snowflower used to grow, only to find that the other Smurfs have been swept away by a snow slide. Papa Smurf fears that the worst has happened, but soon he hears their cries for help as the snow creature has them cornered with no escape.

However, the snow creature's attention is diverted as he hears Smurfette's cry for help, as she being left alone in the cave is being menaced by a giant spider. As the snow creature heads back into the cave to deal with the spider, Papa Smurf and his team of Smurfs join with the others to collect the snowflower and to help rescue Smurfette. She turns out to be grateful for the snow creature's second rescue, but soon the other Smurfs find the snow creature and chase him deep into the cave where they now have him cornered. Smurfette tells the other Smurfs to stop, that the snow creature meant her no harm and was simply lonely for someone like her to stay with him. Papa Smurf assures the snow creature that he and his little Smurfs mean no harm, and as an act of kindness he heals the snow creature's swollen foot with the snowflower pollen. He then tries to reason with the snow creature that Smurfette belongs in the Smurf Village as the snowflower belongs in the icy mountains, and like the snowflower, there's only one of her. The snow creature, however, shows that he has a whole garden full of snowflowers growing in his cave. After the Smurfs get the amount of pollen that they need, Smurfette promises the snow creature that she will come to visit him as she and the others head back to the Smurf Village.

Upon their return, the rest of the Smurfs don party hats as Papa Smurf greets the brave Smurfs by saying he is so glad that they are home. As Greedy gets more and more food piled on him faster than he can eat, Jokey offers Papa Smurf one of his "surprises" which explodes upon opening. Papa Smurf realizes that despite it all, he is so glad that things have returned to normal.