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"The Angels" (Les Anges) is a "Johan and Peewit" short story created by Peyo and only appeared in the magazine Spirou in December 1957. The story was created to celebrate Christmas.

Plot Summary

On Christmas Eve, Johan and Peewit are returning to the king's castle, but they are surprised by a snowstorm and are forced to take shelter in a house where a poor family lives. One of the girls in the family tells them about their family. She said that their parents went to the village to look for work and left them alone at the moment. Since they are poor and their parent is away, they cannot make Christmas dinner and prepare Christmas gifts. Though their life is difficult, they assure themselves that the angels were watching over them. After listening to her, Johan and Peewit go to the village and bring wood, supplies and new clothes for children, then help prepare the meal. Later, the children's parents come home, and are very surprised to see the supper ready and a purse on the table as a gift. The family is very happy. but when the girl wants to thank Johan and Peewit, they have quietly resumed their way already.

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