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This article is about the episode featuring Gargamel's impersonation of a baby Smurf. For the episode in which the real Baby Smurf first appears, see Once In A Blue Moon.

"The Baby Smurf" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.



Gargamel uses a spell that turns him into a Baby Smurf to get into the village and Smurfette finds him in the forest.


Gargamel is in his castle, stirring a pot. He cackles, "It's nearly done, Azrael!". Azrael shows no interest, simply yawning and resting. He is alarmed by the blast from Gargamel's potion, but then falls asleep. Gargamel heads out in the forest, where he finds a smurfberry patch. He pulls out a basket and shrinks it, and then he spills the potion on himself. It turns him into a baby Smurf, and, after checking himself, he imitates crying.

Gargamel as a Smurf

Smurfette is picking flowers when she hears his crying. Questioning what Baby is doing in the forest, she finds him and takes him home. Clumsy asks Brainy Smurf where baby Smurfs come from, and Brainy pretends he knows, scolding Clumsy. Smurfette states that the baby is cute, but Hefty says otherwise, and Brainy calls him "kind of ugly". Gargamel angrily babbles at Brainy. Smurfette tells Brainy that he is not ugly, just different, and Vanity agrees. Handy says that he thinks he's "very smurfy", and that he is going to make him a present.

Smurfette finds Gargamel

Jokey almost offers an exploding gift box to Gargamel before realizing his next victim is a baby, instead sitting on the box until it detonates. The Smurfs go off to get their own gifts for Baby, leaving Grouchy and Smurfette. Grouchy says that he hates Baby Smurfs, and Smurfette looks away. He then tickles Gargamel's chin and says, "Coochy-coochy-coo". Gargamel mutters "Garga", and Smurfette looks back, so Grouchy crosses his arms and clears his throat. Gargamel pulls out a vial of the antidote potion, and Smurfette states that is his naptime.

Smurfette begins to make smurfberry juice for Gargamel. When she turns her back, Gargamel says in a baby voice, "Smurfberry juice? Yuck!" He pulls out the antidote, but Handy arrives, so he puts it away and smiles. He then frowns when Handy shows him the cradle that he built for him. Handy picks him up, and he drops the potion. Handy starts singing a lullaby to him, and he begins to cry and yell. Clumsy arrives with flowers, but he bumps into Handy and they both fall down onto the cradle's speed lever. The cradle swings faster and faster as Gargamel wails. Greedy Smurf brings Baby a cake, but Gargamel launches into it. He then snarls at Handy, "You miserable -- I mean, goo-goo.". Greedy smiles and says that Baby likes his cake, Gargamel giving him a scowl.

That night, Grouchy and Papa Smurf both agree that they have seen the baby before. Grouchy tickles Gargamel, who snarls, "Don't touch me!", much to Grouchy's disbelief. They leave, and Gargamel pulls out the potion, but Smurfette yells, "What's Baby drinking?" and takes it away. She smells it, says it smells like poison, and pours it out of the window. Gargamel furiously snarls, "Why, you empty-headed -- Oh, I mean, uh, goo-goo.", almost exposing himself once more.

Papa Smurf research in his books but finds nothing on baby Smurfs. He then falls asleep. Gargamel sneaks in and fails to steal another antidote, instead choosing to take juice from the leader's rare Cactus Petrificus -- using it to petrify Smurfs everywhere. Poet Smurf writes a poem about the incident, but he is then petrified. Papa, Smurfette, and Grouchy manage to escape, so Gargamel steals a different potion and uses it to build a bomb. Papa finds his cactus broken in two and reveals that Baby is Gargamel, just as he suspected. Meanwhile, Gargamel finds Lazy sleeping in the well. Lazy wakes up and asks, "Baby, what are you doing?". Gargamel responds, "I'm blowing all of you vile little Smurfs to smithereens!".

Lazy realizes Baby is Gargamel!

Papa Smurf soon unpetrified all of the Smurfs including Lazy, who casually warns, "Papa Smurf, Baby's got a bomb", before pointing to the well. Gargamel laughs, "It won't be long now!". He then cackles, "3... 2... 1... And presto! What happened to that miserable bomb?". He falls into the well's bucket, asking, "Where's my bomb?". The Smurfs eagerly look on as the bomb detonates, shooting Gargamel back to his castle. Azrael chases him around but stops upon discovering that he is Gargamel. Gargamel turns himself back to being human again, but when he is turned around, it is revealed that he still has a Smurf tail, making Azrael laugh.


  • The second time Brainy's petrified form appears, his pose changes to one of him lecturing with his eyes closed.
    • In the last group shot of the petrified Smurfs, this pose remains the same except for his eyes being open.

Background Information

A VHS Smurfs tape advertising the wrong Baby Smurf episode

  • The real Baby Smurf would appear two years later in Season 3's premiere episode "Once In A Blue Moon", where, like the fake Baby Smurf, the real Baby Smurf would be voiced by Paul Winchell (and also by Julie McWhirter-Dees).
  • Some import DVDs and European VHS tapes which feature this episode erroneously feature Studio Peyo artwork of the real Baby Smurf in a pink hat and a sleeper to advertise this episode.
  • This is the first time that Gargamel transforms into a Smurf in the cartoon show.