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The Black Arrow is the 7th Johan and Peewit comic book created by Peyo in 1957.

Plot Summary

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In the vicinity of the King's castle, passing merchants are constantly being attacked and relieved of their goods and money by a gang of robbers who avoid capture every time. Determined to put a swift stop to this, the King plans with his knights, headed by Sir Johan and Count Tremaine, to lure the robbers into a trap by sending a special charge of armed soldiers disguised as merchants.

While on a mission with Johan to deliver a golden cup as first prize at a tournament, Peewit unwittingly helps a member of the gang of robbers drive away some attackers. As a result, he and Johan are recruited into the gang. Johan tries to take advantage of the situation by luring the robbers to the disguised soldiers, but the chief of the robbers is already aware of the trap. It appears there is a traitor in the castle who has been informing the robbers all along via messages attached to black arrows sent to the chief. The latest message identifies Johan and Count Tremaine as the knights in charge of planning the trap, but the traitor has a proposal: the robbers must infiltrate the tournament to assassinate Tremaine, who is participating. Johan and Peewit are caught intercepting this message, and are forced to flee for their lives. They arrive at the tournament just in time to save Tremaine from being killed.

To unmask the traitor, John writes a letter that supposedly comes from the robbers and gives it to the King and the other knights. According to the bogus message, the robbers have decided to come clean and reveal the hiding place of their spoils. Two of the knights, Lord Bancourt and Lord Mycroft, suddenly disappear: they are the traitors. They go to the robbers followed by Johan and company, and as a result the whole gang is captured.


  • The story was based on an earlier story of the same series titled "The Attack of the Castle" (L'Attaque du Château), which was published on Le Soir in 1947.