The circus bodoni
The Bodoni Circus
Original titleLe Cirque Bodoni
StoryPeyo, Gos
ArtworkPeyo ,Willy Maltaite
Year of publication1969 (serialized)
1971 (album)

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The Bodoni Circus is the fifth story from the Benny Breakiron comic book series by Peyo. The story is written by Peyo and Gos, with artwork by Peyo and Willy Maltaite.

Plot Summary

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There is a circus in Vivejoie-La-Grande. Benny Breakiron acquainted with Mona Bodoni, the daughter of the owners of the circus. Which turn out to be poor. Benny wants to help them. With its enormous power he revived the circus. Since then, The customer becomes famous, and the circus is expanding and earning a lot. That does not even miss Florini. He is the owner of another very large circus and he would like to buy Benny for their circus, but he refuses. Florini literally thrown out by small Benny.

Some time later, a journalist interviewed Benny. He takes photos of Benny lifting a car. The pictures appear to serve for extortion: the car show in question could suggest a crime and the photos that Benny or the circus anything with crimes related. A blackmailer, the pictures show and she promises only to indicate the Bodoni's as they pay $100,000. They suspect that Florini back there and they are looking for him. However, he claims there is nothing to do with it and even gives the amount provided Bodoni and Benny one season comes to work with him. A confession is signed and Benny is effective for Florini's work.

The blackmailer, Scraper appears to have been sent to well Florini. Scraper get the originals of the photos and to pick up the $100,000 in exchange for the film. He receives the money, but keep it for yourself. Moreover, he makes it clear that Benny secretly Florini committed fraud. Benny goes looking in Florini's office, the safe opens with his strength and find copies of the photos. Evil he goes to Florini but Scraper meanwhile steals the confession, the only thing that connects to Benny and Florini. Thus he can Florini blackmail.

Florini runs quickly to his desk, but Scraper is gone. Benny and Florini go to chase Scraper, but he appears to have been moved. His ex-landlady knows that he is now in Eldorp, but she has no address. Benny returns to Bodoni and they go together to Eldorp, where Florini already arrived. Mona and Benny go to investigate and find out the address of Scraper. A spy from Florini has however also heard, but Steven and Mona are faster. Benny takes Scraper and the money off. Florini's men try to take it yet, but Benny beats them up. Then he suddenly becomes cold and loses all his strength. Mona flight it up in Scrapers new home. They climb out the window. Mona, who is a tightrope walker, Benny takes on the shoulders and runs on an issue between the house and the next house. There they can escape their only pursuer: Florini.

Later, Benny and Bodoni go to Florini and give him back the money. He becomes agitated and Bodoni proposes together to build a larger circus instead. However, Benny returns to Vivejoie-la-Grande and quit the circus. The directors Bodoni and Florini should look for another strong boy.

Publication and Other Media

  • 1969 - Serialized in Spirou magazine, issues 1647 to 1675.
  • 1971 - Album published by Dupuis.
  • 1997 - Album published by Le Lombard.