Recordsmurf title card
The Chief Record Smurf
Date of First Airing11/19/1983
Directed byRay Patterson (supervising director)
Oscar Dufau
George Gordon
Carl Urbano
John Walker
Rudy Zamora
Story byTedd Anasti
Title Translation of
The Chief Record Smurf
FrenchLe Schtroumpf à mémoire
SpanishLa mejor memoria de la aldea
GermanDer Hauptrecordschlumpf
ItalianLa Formula dell'invisibilità
DutchDe Breinsmurf

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"The Chief Record Smurf" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

In Papa Smurf's laboratory in the Smurf Village, Papa Smurf is busy working on an invisibility formula with Brainy doing the mixing and Clumsy doing the mopping of the floor. Papa Smurf recites to Brainy the ingredients needed for the formula: 2.6 bat toenails, 3.9 dandelion spores, 7/10 of a warthog's wart, and then a pinch of witch hazel. Brainy tries to carefully put the ingredients together, but one of his attempts causes the beaker he's using to vanish, which makes Papa Smurf tell him to be more careful since this experiment is very important. Clumsy wonders what Papa Smurf is making, and Papa Smurf tells him that the invisibility formula will allow the Smurfs to fool Gargamel forever. Brainy says that the formula requires precise measurements and fastidious timing, but Papa Smurf just wants Brainy to be more careful as Brainy puts another beaker over the burner for another try.


Looks like Brainy wasn't the only one Smurf who is smarter than the others...

As Papa Smurf goes through the ingredients again, Brainy tries to faithfully mix them all together with the right amounts. However, Clumsy in his mopping bumps into Brainy, causing him to dump more witch hazel into the mixture and creating an explosion that knocks Clumsy out. They check to see if he is all right, and Clumsy opens his eyes and tells them that his head feels a little dizzy. Papa Smurf looks and sees that his notes for the formula are all ruined, saying that his memory isn't what it used to be. Surprisingly, Clumsy says that he knows the ingredients of the invisibility formula and recites it almost word-for-word. Brainy wonders how Clumsy is able to remember the formula, and Papa Smurf suggests that the accident has given Clumsy perfect memory. This means that he can remix the formula immediately, although Brainy is rather cautious about trusting Clumsy's memory for anything.

Out in the forest, Gargamel is busy setting up a trap for the Smurfs. He hoists up a barrel of molasses unto a tree branch that he has set up his Trickle Trap on and pours it into the box from which he will release it. Gargamel tells his cat Azrael that not only will the molasses stick the Smurfs in their tracks, but it will also make them taste delicious, laughing at the very thought.

Soon Papa Smurf has the invisibility formula properly mixed and is ready to test it out. Brainy is still voicing his opinions about relying on Clumsy's memory when both he and his friend see that Papa Smurf has vanished before their eyes. The village leader sees that the formula works, and now reasons that because Clumsy will always be able to remember what was stored in his memory, he could transfer all the knowledge from his books into Clumsy's memory by simply reciting them to him. Then Brainy and Clumsy see Papa Smurf reappear, which he explains that the invisibility formula only works for a short time, but with Clumsy's new memory, he will able to make up more of the formula whenever they need it.

Gargamel now has his Trickle Trap ready and is waiting in the bushes near the tree with a trip rope in his hand, ready to pull it when the Smurfs come passing by and release the molasses right on them. He pulls out an ear horn to listen for their activity, as Harmony blows his own horn to summon every Smurf before the speaking mushroom for Papa Smurf's latest announcement. The village leader tells his little Smurfs that his invisibility formula is a success and he couldn't have done it without the help of his "noble assistant". Brainy believes Papa Smurf is talking about him, but in fact he is talking about Clumsy, who appears in view of his fellow Smurfs for Papa Smurf to show off his invisibility formula.

Papa Smurf explains that the explosion in his laboratory has given Clumsy perfect memory, and that now he has memorized all his spells and formulas, including the invisibility formula. He then suggests to his little Smurfs that Clumsy can do the same for them: Handy can have Clumsy remember his building plans, Farmer can give him his planting schedules, Poet can have him memorize all his poetry, Greedy can feed him all his recipes, and Smurfette can have him catalog all her flowers. Every Smurf is now singing the praises of Clumsy's new memory, which Gargamel finds himself singing along to before he realizes what he is doing and stops before the singing does. Nonetheless, the evil wizard is pleased to know that the Smurfs are nearby, and that he will be waiting to pour his Trickle Trap on them, when they will be singing for his supper.


Clumsy Smurf is now the centre of attention!

Back in the village, Clumsy is now put to work as the Chief Record Smurf as the Smurfs feed his head full of information. Poet gives Clumsy all his poetry, Greedy gives him all his recipes, Smurfette has him sniffing all the flowers to recognize each of them by their scent. Soon Clumsy finds himself so full of information that he needs to take a break, saying that it's no longer fun being a genius. Smurfette tries to console him with the fact that he can now save his fellow Smurfs time, reminding him that he has now memorized Papa Smurf's new invisibility formula. This gets picked up by Gargamel, however, who now ponders on what he can do with the formula once he gets his hands on it. He and his cat hide in the bushes as Clumsy and Smurfette pass by the tree with the Trickle Trap set up. But as Gargamel pulls the cord, the Trickle Trap chute turns and the molasses pours right on him and his cat. Still he manages to get the drop on Clumsy and Smurfette, and he is now ready to take them back to his lair in order to make Clumsy reveal the secret of the invisibility formula.

Brainy sees this while safely hiding behind a rock and then goes back to the village to warn Papa Smurf. This makes the village leader fearful that if Gargamel finds out about the invisibility formula, they will never find out where he is coming. He now calls for Hefty and Farmer to join him.

In Gargamel's hovel, the wizard is preparing a little something that will help jog Clumsy's perfect memory called "babble bath" and sticks the Chief Record Smurf into it, with Smurfette warning Clumsy not to tell Gargamel anything. However, Gargamel gets a complete history lesson from Clumsy as he sits through listening to the Smurf talk about his life and even one of Gargamel's failures. Soon, as Papa Smurf and some of his little Smurfs close in on the hovel, the wizard finally has the invisibility formula revealed to him. This means that they will have to work fast in order to rescue Clumsy and Smurfette and keep Gargamel from using the formula. As he starts making the preparations, Papa Smurf and his little Smurfs get a drop of invisibility formula to turn them invisible so they could create some distractions while Brainy goes to pull Clumsy out of the "babble bath" and Hefty cuts a hole in the sock Smurfette is kept in. However, the formula doesn't last for long, as they soon pop into view and flee for their lives. Gargamel at this point doesn't care that the Smurfs have escaped, since he tells them that he now has the formula.

Safely out of Gargamel's reach, Papa Smurf is glad that the invisibility formula works, and Farmer says it's time for Clumsy to help make more. But then they see that Clumsy no longer has any memory of the formula, which makes Papa Smurf realize that the "babble bath" has washed Clumsy clean of all memory. This makes Smurfette worried that only Gargamel now has the formula, but Papa Smurf tells her that there's nothing to worry about, because he has altered the recorded formula so that it now reads "a pound of witch hazel". Soon an explosion takes place in Gargamel's lair, and the evil wizard is left in a daze reciting what he knows of the invisibility formula.


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