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"The Cursed Land" is the name of a Johan and Peewit comic where the Smurfs appear. The title refers to the Smurfs' land, known by that name at that time and is the basis for the animated episode "The Cursed Country".

Plot Summary

A group of entertainers arrive to The King's castle to make him feel better from a depression. No act manages to raise the King's mood, and lastly the ringmaster shows a creature he ensures is unique, but results to be a Smurf; the ringmaster bought him for two coins to a guy who found him at the road. Since the law states that a slave can buy his freedom if he refunds his own price, Johan gives to coins to the Smurf to pay the ringmaster.

The King feels better due to the curiosity the Smurf causes him. The Smurf tries to explain why did he leave the Cursed Land, but since he talks in Smurf language, nobody understands him, save that he talks a lot about "the smurf-smurfing smurf". However, Johan deduces something bad happens in the Cursed Land, so he decides to go there along with Peewit. The King decides to go with them to finish his boredom, but this constantly delays them.

Johan, Peewit, the Smurf and the King go to Homnibus' house to have him transporting them to the Cursed Land. Homnibus has a cold and fever, and uses his crystal ball to find what is "the smurf-smurfing smurf" but he can only see the Smurf Village destroyed and Papa Smurf chained. The effort tires the sick Homnibus, so he cannot transport them there. Johan decides to go to the Cursed Land at dawn, and in the meantime Homnibus makes Oliver guide them to the guests room. The following day, before Johan and Peewit leave, Homnibus gives them a magic wand that makes water sprout if it's hit against the ground while saying "alakazam".

Johan and the others have to pass through a forest, until reaching a swamp. When Johan tries to cross, he's trapped in quicksand, but Peewit and the King rescue him with a log, and they all continue their way on a raft. Later they have to cross the desert and find that the wand just makes salt water sprout. At last they find a river where they drink, and cross icy mountains until finally reaching the Cursed Land, where Peewit throws the useless wand away.

The Smurf Village is destroyed and there's no trace of the Smurfs, and everybody soon finds what is "the smurf-smurfing smurf": a fire-breathing dragon. The dragon captures the King and carries him beyond a hill.

Some distance away, the dragon arrives with his master, a man named Monulfo. When the King claims that Johan and Peewit will come to rescue him, Monulfo sends Chamusquina, the dragon, after them. Johan, Peewit and the Smurf who came with them manage to hide from Chamusquina and find a cave. Inside, they find the other Smurfs, who Monulfo is forcing to mine diamonds. When Monulfo leaves, Johan and Peewit leave their hiding and the Smurf rejoins the others. The Smurfs tell the whole story: Monulfo arrived with his dragon to the Cursed Land and destroyed the village to scare the Smurfs, then he trapped Papa Smurf and threatened to behead him if they didn't obey him and get him diamonds Johan and Peewit seek for Papa Smurf in the cave while the Smurfs keep working to act normal. Peewit gets lost and Monulfo captures him, while Johan finds Monulfo's lair at the cave, where there's a fortune of diamonds. Monulfo tries to ambush him, but Johan defeats and ties him.

Monulfo guides Johan to the dungeon, where Papa Smurf, Peewit and the King are freed. Papa Smurf rejoins with the Smurfs. However, nobody can leave the cave, since Chamusquina is awaiting them at the exit. A Smurf finds another way out that's too small for the humans, but allows the Smurfs to find food. A Smurf brings what he believes is quince, but actually is poppy, which gives Johan the idea of having the Smurfs bring more poppy to make it soup in a cauldron and leave it at the exit for Chamusquina, who gets asleep after eating it.

The dragon is too dangerous to let him wake up, but he's invulnerable to any weapon. Papa Smurf considers the alternative is to take away his fire-breathing ability, so Johan sends Peewit to get back the magic wand. When Peewit brings it, Johan cuts a splinter tha keeps its magical properties, but can be handled by a Smurf. After not finding volunteers, Papa Smurf gets inside Chamusquina's mouth with the small wand, but Chamusquina wakes up and Monulfo orders him to attack. Luckily, Chamusquina now can just spit water... and a successful Papa Smurf. After becoming a water-breathing dragon, Chamusquina gets tame.

The Smurfs begin with their village reconstruction, and Johan, Peewit and the King leave on Chamusquina's back, with Monulfo as a prisoner. Papa Smurf gives them Monulfo's diamonds, but they are too heavy to carry them.

On their way back to the castle, Johan and co find the entertainers from the beginning, and Johan sells Chamusquina to the ringmaster for two coins, as a compensation to the bad business that was losing the Smurf. Later, at the castle, the King accuses Peewit of having been playing with the magic wand. Peewit pretends innocence, despite the castle being flooded.


  • Homnibus had transported Johan and Peewit before to the Cursed Land in The Smurfs and the Magic Flute.
  • This is the last time the Smurf language is used in the almost untranslatable way of the first few times. Since the following appearance of the Smurfs in The Black Smurfs, words in "smurf" become easier to understand by context or by the rest of the corresponding phrase.
  • Originally, the reason that humans couldn't reach the Smurf Village was due to the dangers in the way to the Cursed Land. This explanation disappears in later stories.
  • First appearance of the Smurf who would be later known as Dopey Smurf, though Peyo likely just used him as a throwaway gag and didn't make it into a running gag/character feature until the Smurfs began to get their particular names and personalities. His place in the cartoon adaptation of the episode was given to Clumsy Smurf.
  • Oliver is removed from the cartoon adaptation of this story, due to budget restraints.