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See The Smurf Tattler for the cartoon show version of the village newspaper.

The Daily Smurf (Original French Schtroumpf A La Une, translated as Smurf Main Page) is the name of the Smurf Village newspaper that is published by Reporter Smurf in the comic book story "The Reporter Smurf". The name of the newspaper may change depending on what language the story is translated in.

According to the text of the newspaper's first issue, Reporter Smurf handles much of the writing and editing, Handy is the press manufacturer, Greedy handles the printing, and Painter does the illustrations. Smurfette evenutally became a contributor with her romance stories, and an anonymous Smurf (seemingly Weather, since he uses his signature frog-and-ladder) submitted weather reports. Drummer is assigned the duty of distributing copies of the newspaper.

The newspaper was in operation up until Reporter was doing stories about "Smurfette's secret love" by snooping into her private life and making an insinuation that Chef Smurf was her secret love, when he spied him making a clandestine meal delivery to her door since she was unable to go out in public because of the snooping. When the readers decided that they weren't going to support Reporter writing stories about Smurfette's private life, the paper's readership dwindled, and Reporter turned to spying on Gargamel to find out his plans for capturing the Smurfs in order to get new stories. During his snooping, Reporter was captured by Gargamel, but was purposely allowed to escape with false information about the evil wizard coming up with a formula that would allow him to find the Smurf Village. The Smurfs who believed this story returned with Reporter to Gargamel's castle to foil his plans, only to find out that the wizard has actually created a glue which he used to capture the Smurfs. Only Reporter escaped to tell Papa Smurf what has happened, who then came up with the idea of publishing a special edition of the newspaper with an article about a disease the Smurfs were carrying that could turn humans who come into contact with them into toads. Gargamel didn't believe the story in the paper at first, but when he saw that his captive Smurfs all had green spots on them and that he also had red pustules forming on his face, he was eventually forced into releasing the captive Smurfs so that he could be spared the transformation, only to find out after releasing them that the red pustules on his face was red paint. From that point on, Reporter had ceased publication of the newspaper.

Notably in the debut issue below the main editorial, an article talks about the attempt to bring money into the Smurf Village being a failure, which references "The Finance Smurf".

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